How to pump up the ass at home: 9 best exercises for berries at home

Training buttocks at home

Training buttocks at home

Each girl dreams of a big, round and elastic ass. Most girls envy the perfection of rounded forms of stars such as Kim Kardashian or Beyonce. How did they achieve this? Was this a gift of mother-nata, skillful work of a plastic surgeon or a pumping by Botox? The "buttock boom" began with the ass Jennifer Lopez, but over time the size of the fashion trend was simply huge, like Gopgy Azalia and Niki Minaz, for example. Will ordinary exercises for buttocks help at home to achieve such excellent results?

Is it possible to pump the ass at home?

We have excellent news for you and it is that it is possible to get the ass of the desired form, and it does not depend on genetics, as many believe. Of course, you are lucky if you have such a gorgeous ass from birth, and if not, then you have a chance, get such buttocks at home.

People who are sitting throughout the day have weak muscles of the buttocks. Perform strengthening exercises at least 2 times a week to give the buttocks a beautiful appearance and return the elastic form.

Probably, many of you have heard such an expression "You will not get such a ass, as you wish, just sitting on it smoothly."

Without a doubt, it is true, as you need to download the ass. The main muscles in this area are large, butorous, are among the most important in the human body. And they deserve special attention.

Buttocks consist of three muscles: a small jagged muscle, medium and large. Big Muscle Muscle is the largest in the human body. All three are very important and involved in the main types of human activity, such as walking, sitting and maintaining good posture.

Because of the weak buttocks, other muscles suffer, which can lead to injury. Strengthening the muscles of the buttocks will help your body function better, and will also bring you some moral and aesthetic satisfaction, will return the elasticity of the ass. How to make the ass beautiful?

Top 5 best exercises for hips and buttocks from Catherine Usmanova

In this article, we picked up 9 major and most effective exercises for girls who will help to pump up the buttocks at home for a short time. This complex of exercises for the buttocks can be performed at home and with minimal equipment. Perform at least three any exercises on the buttocks, then your training will become really effective and strengthened. Exercises for priests at home are very diverse and simultaneously simple in execution.

Effective exercises for buttocks at home

1. Superman

Exercises Superman

This exercise is simply created in order to pump up the ass quickly, it also works as hardships, which is important to protect your back and its normal functioning.

Worked muscles: lower back, buttocks, back surface muscles

  1. Lie on the belly, pull forward, feet together and lie on the socks. During the exercise, keep your neck and spine neutral.
  2. Strain the muscles of the press, breathe and raise your hands and legs up at the same time as high as possible. At this moment, tighten the muscles of the buttocks for 1-2 seconds.
  3. Return to the starting position.
  4. Perform a 2-3 approach to 10-15 repetitions. Between approaches, rest 30-60 seconds.

Let's complicate the exercise

As soon as you feel that you are ready to complicate the exercise, add a little weight to pump muscle mass in the field of the buttocks occurred intensively. Take a dumbbell in your hands or place an ankle weight. Perform the same steps as above.

2. Breeding bridge

Exercise berry bridge

The bridge is one of the most effective exercises to study the muscles of the berry. Even without adding weight, the posture and amplitude of this exercise will make feel stronger. You were looking for information on how to make an elastic ass, which is the answer to your question.

Works muscles: buttocks, rear surface hips, caviar

  1. Lie on the floor back, bend your knees at an angle of 90 о. Step must stand completely on the ground, hands on the sides of the body with palms down.
  2. Inhale and mind your heels to the floor, lift the thigh up, strain the muscles of the buttocks and the rear surface of the hips. The upper part of the back and shoulders lie on the ground, the body should form a straight line from the knees to the shoulders.
  3. Hold in this position for 1-2 seconds and return to the starting position.
  4. Perform a 2-3 approach to 10-15 repetitions, resting between approaches 30-60 seconds.

Complicate the exercise

To make this exercise for the buttocks at home harder, try to perform it on the phytball. In the original position, place your feet on the ball, the back should be completely on the ground. Perform the items described above.

Another option of this exercise is the bridge on one leg, pumping muscles when performing this exercise option occurs right in front of the eye. Take the starting position, only one leg leave in the air. Perform the steps described above, then change your legs.

3. Steps on the steppe with the knee raising

Successing on the platform

Such a functional exercise, like steps in the steppe, helps to develop a sense of equilibrium and improve the coordination of movements, and also aimed at working out legs and buttocks. Such exercises for raising the tone of muscles of the buttocks are especially popular among stars and are found almost in all fitness classes. Try to avoid swinging from side to side.

Required equipment: Bench or step height to the knees, to conveniently take steps.

Worked muscles : buttocks, rear surfaces of the hips, quadrupping muscle

  1. Stand in front of the bench.
  2. Step on the step right foot, push off the heel of the left leg and lift the knee up.
  3. Lower the left leg down, then return to the starting position.
  4. Perform 10-15 repetitions to the right leg, then as much on the left in 3 approaches. Rest 30-60 seconds between approaches.

Let's complicate the exercise

If after 3 approaches you do not feel much fatigue, then add to the dumbbells in your hands. Perform the same items that are described above. If this is a morning charge for the muscles of the buttock, then the dumbbells leave on the second half of the day.

4. Crossing attacks (dazes "Revurans")

Cross slacks for training buttocks

This is not a ballet activity, as you may seem when performing this exercise. How ridiculous it did not look, its effectiveness is checked by experience. In addition to the four-headed muscle, this exercise is aimed at working out medium-sized muscles, which help to remove the thigh to the sides and turn it inside and out.

Enabled muscles :Four-grade muscle, berry

  1. Stand straight, legs on the width of shoulders, chest forward, hands bent in the elbows in front of you.
  2. Make a step back as if you fall so that the right leg is behind the left. Bend the leg in the knee. Right knee must be located behind your left knee. Bow is tense.
  3. Focus on the left heel and return to its original position.
  4. Do the same with the left foot. It was 1 repetition.
  5. Perform 4 approaches to 15 repetitions, rest between approaches for 30-60 seconds.

Let's complicate the exercise

Exercise with dumbbells.

5. Mahi back bent feet

Mahi foot back on the floor

This exercise is aimed at working out the muscles of the buttocks. Muscle lift occurs during the first two weeks, subject to regular execution of this exercise. Keep your back smooth during its exercise, the stomach must be touched. Try to take and raise a bent foot as far as possible, not involved in the process of the pelvis and spine.

Worked muscles: Buttocks and rear surfaces

  1. Stand on all fours. The spine and the neck must be neutral throughout the exercise.
  2. Raise the right leg bent in the knee, up. Keep the stop smooth and strain the muscles of the buttock when the leg is upstairs.
  3. Lower the leg and return to the starting position.
  4. Perform 15 repetitions for both legs in 3 approaches, rest for 30-60 seconds between approaches.

Let's complicate the exercise

To complicate the exercise, add an ankle weight so that the muscle pumping happens faster.

6. Squats

Squats with their own body weight

These are the most popular exercises for elastic buttocks in our list. Sitting - very effective especially for beginners, as it is not related to weight lifting, it can be performed anywhere, so you will not have to go to the gym specifically for this, you can simply pull the ass at home.

  1. Source position: standing, legs on the width of the shoulders.
  2. Pull your arms in front of yourself and sneeze.

7. Squate with brand leg back

squatting with a mumathy to the side

A very simple type of exercise for priests at home and another variation on the theme of squats. The difference from ordinary squats is only that the muscles of the back surface of the hips are involved due to the lead's leads back.

  1. Source position: standing legs on the width of the shoulders. Follow squat.
  2. Stand up and remove your leg as it is possible back.
  3. Return to the original position and make the same for another foot.

Let's complicate the exercise

Try to perform this exercise with dumbbells in your hands to speed up the pumping of the muscles of the buttocks.

8. Plyrupritesia

Sitting Pliera

  1. Put your legs on the width of the shoulders, the feet are divorced outside, put your hands on the waist.
  2. Then make squats. Try to keep your back smoothly, and head straight.

9. Squash with a movement to the side

squats with a leading leg aside

  1. Source position: standing legs on the width of the shoulders.
  2. Sit down, then stand up and take the foot to the side to as much as much as possible.
  3. Return to the starting position. Perform the same for another foot.

Let's complicate the exercise

Perform this exercise with dumbbells in your hands. Full charge for the buttocks, the muscles of the hands and legs is provided to you.

So, these were the most effective exercises to increase the buttocks at home. We now turn to a more detailed and specific training scheme.

30-day training program for strengthening muscles buttocks

Want to get a "appetizing" ass at home and in just 30 days?! Then we went. Below is a scheme of training, which is designed for a month, only on the ass and only for girls. This is a program is a real charging for muscles. The most effective exercises for the buttocks you will select yourself by the method of trial and errors. The result you will see in a week of training. No accommodation, no hiking in the gym, all exercises at home can be performed and at a convenient time for you. First you need to choose 5 exercises that you enable in this program. Naturally, the type of exercise can be changed, but their number remains the same, and this is the main rule. How to pump up the ass at home:

Days Training
Day 1 Make 6 approaches each of your chosen exercise.
Day 2. Perform 10 approaches for each exercise.
Day 3. Make 6 approaches for each exercise 2 times.
Day 5. Perform 5 approaches of each exercise 3 times.
Day 6. Make 10 approaches each of the exercises.
Day 7. Perform 8 approaches of each exercise 2 times.
Day 9. Perform 9 approaches each of the exercises 2 times.
Day 10. Make 6 approach each exercise 2 times.
Day 11. Perform 5 approaches of each exercise 4 times.
Day 13. Make 7 approaches of each exercise 3 times.
Day 14. Perform 6 approaches of each exercise 2 times.
Day 15. Perform 5 approaches of each exercise 5 times.
Day 17. Make 9 approaches each of the exercises 3 times.
Day 18. Perform 5 approaches of each exercise 3 times.
Day 19. Make 7 approaches each of the exercises 4 times.
Day 21. Perform 10 approaches of each exercise 3 times.
Day 22. Make 8 approaches each of the exercises 2 times.
Day 23. Perform 8 approaches of each exercise 4 times.
Day 25. Perform 7 approaches of each exercise 5 times.
Day 26. Make 6 hiking of each exercise 3 times.
Day 27. Perform 9 approaches of each exercise 4 times.
Day 29. Make 12 approaches of each exercise 3 times.
Day 30. Perform 10 approaches of each exercise 4 times.
4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 days break.

P.S. One approach consists of 5 repetitions.


Strengthening the muscles of the buttocks, you will improve your posture, emphasize your femininity and a slim silhouette. It will also be easier for you to cope with such everyday tasks, such as walking for long distances and the stairs up. You only need to find time for training, choose the best exercises for the buttocks from the list we offer and not forget well and eat right. And soon you will become a happy owner of elastic buttocks at home.

Basic mistakes in pumping priests

How to pump up the buttocks, remove the halifa and not to scatter quadriceps

If you decide to train the buttocks in the gym, look at the video about how to do it right.



How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategyIt is worthwhile "How to pump up a round and tighten the ass at home?", And thousands of links will appear before your eyes.

You will even be offered miraculous complexes, as quickly at home to pump Brazilian buttocks for the month, 1- 2 weeks or even ridiculous 5 days.

Please do not believe these sweet promises! No need to blindly trust the information that supports your delusions. We are talking about sites and publics in which you exercises are given, from which you for a month will throw out what we had for years (no, do not throw), money from stretch marks, which will evaporate from your body (no, they will remain) and ask to deliver like Figure (which you put).

The bone is wider will not lie and promise what is impossible. We do better: We are talking to the truth! Let's deal with our Popes and household conditions.

Is it possible at home?

How really and is it possible to make the ass more quickly at home? If you work with weight, and not according to programs from sites in which the fitness section has been felt between the sections "Food" and "Fashion", consisting of 5 exercises "on the house rug", then the answer: sure !

However, a serious increase in the volume (desirable "pumping") is not a conversation, it's more likely to acquire a tone and a pleasant appearance. In the hall more alternatives and, accordingly, the result will be "cooler".

But: if you buy a set of dumbbells and the bar, then there will be no difference.

In general, before going to the room, it is useful first to learn how to work without burdening: understand how the muscles need to feel. Training at home - the foundation of progress in the hall . If you learn in squats, Mahah without weight feel your buttocks, then imagine what effect will the burden give you?

Some are squatted 60 kg, and tell them a banal "boody", and they cannot communicate "Muscle Brain" With which you will not achieve the result, almost absent. In addition, you will prepare morally to the hikes in the hall!

How to effectively tighten your leg muscles, buttocks and hips: exercises

What exercises are needed to quickly pull the buttocks and feet to a girl or a man? In fact, their choice is not so small, as many consider.


No opportunity to go to the hall? Go to a sports shop, buy a set there dumbbells And squish at home. Capture is the best exercise to quickly roll up at home a large buttock muscle. Houses are lying weight Husband / Pope / Brother - Great, grab it! Do not want to spend money? Simply simple: fill 2, 5 or even 6 liter Water bottles And quiet with them.

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy
20 kg dumbbell set

It does not matter if you are died at home with a barbell or dumbbells. It is important that you do it with weight . Tighted ass = work with weights! It does not matter if you want to pump up the buttocks in the hall or at home, the main thing is to do exercises qualitatively and constantly. And, by the way, it is unlikely to succeed.

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy
Giray 20 kg with rubberized bottom not to excite neighbors 🙂

How to squat a girl at home: Stand straight, legs - on the width of the shoulders or slightly wider, hands with dumbbells - along the body. Rear (approximately in step from ourselves). chair or bench (no need to put a high bar stool, do not chit). A little leaning forward, start squatting.

Take the pelvis back as if you want to sit on a chair behind you behind you. As soon as you touch the edges of the edge of the chair, stay for 1-2 seconds and then climb. The edge of the chair should not be higher than your hips when you come down to their parallels with the floor. If the chair is high, take another or just dried to the parallels of your hollow with the floor.

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

Choose SMUMO-style squats Since this is the best option for giving the shape of the buttocks.

How to squint home so that the load goes to the buttock : Stand straight, feet spread wide, socks unfold out. Dumbbell, bottle or girc hold in front of me. Having rejected the pelvis in the greatest time, go down to the sat down at least before parallel the hips with the floor (better below), hold for 1-2 seconds in this position and return to its original position. In the initial position, do not straighten the knees "in the castle". Let them be slightly bent.

Do not confuse "Plie" with "Sumo" ( Squats sly. What is better: plie or soumo? - Here is the detailed execution technique). With PLIL, you try to keep the housing strictly vertically, with soumely it is tilted forward so that the load lay more on the buttocks, and not on the inner surface of the hip.


If you are not satisfied with the option with dumbbells or bottles, then buy Rubber loops / ribbons , they are with a large enough effort on stretching, so they are pretty hard in them. This is a very cool topic for home training.

We advise you to immediately buy a set of several loops with different weights, although, of course, the emphasis should be done not on the size of the burden, but on the safe technique of execution (it, by the way, is the same as in the classical version of the exercise data).

Moreover, with loops, you can even perform buttocks, butorous bridge, dead craving! In short, the monotony will not interfere in the way, how to pump up the ass at home

Do not like this option? Then buy or do at home yourself Sandbag (sand bag) . Yes, bag with sand.

This overseas word denotes a projectile that is a bag, with bags filled with sand, it has a floating center of gravity, which allows you to load a wider range of muscles than with exercises on the simulator or a barbell. It would seem that the simplest projectile, but few people comes to the idea of ​​raising sand bags for the development of force, muscle mass or fat burning. And in vain. Credinal with appearance bag can become a serious test even for an athlete.

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy
Budget, heavy Sandbug by 20 kg

Personally saw the option when a woman herself made a similar bag, filling it with a filler for a short toilet 🙂 and some use Tent. or simply put on the backside backpack with something heavy inside . Looking yes, lick!

Is it possible to pump up the initially flat back of the house only squats - no, as in the gym! For the development of berium muscles, you need a large, integrated work that includes different: basic and insulating exercises.

Squats "into a precise" or lunges with dumbbells

One of the most effective ways of "rounding" buttocks, which literally makes the biceps of the hip. It is advisable for beginners to do this exercise only with its own weight: first learn the technique, and only then grab the burden!

In order to adjust the equipment, make attacks in front of the mirror, otherwise you can even regret the trauma of the hip or knee joint. They heal oh how long!

You can perform attacks in loop :

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

Stand straight, the back should be straight, the blades are reduced, the hands are omitted along the body, and the look is ahead. The feet should stand exactly under the hips to mentally you could spend a straight line: the middle of the foot of the foot - the knee - the thigh - the shoulders - the ear. On the breath, take a step forward with the right foot.

Keep the case direct, evenly distributing the body weight between the footsteps. Lowering exactly down, a little more by carrying the body weight to the foot standing in front. The thigh right leg should be parallel to the floor, and the left knee - barely touch the floor. And now check in the mirror, whether three straight corners of 90 degrees were formed: in the right knee, between the thigh and the torso, and in the left knee.

If these three corners are, it means that the lunge turned out! It is very important to make a rise from the heel ahead of the standing leg, without tilting the body forward and not helping the foot retractive back.

Article on the topic : "Fucks back or Bulgarian lunges"

Try to feel how the rear surface of the hip and buttocks work. It is with their help you must be lifted. Organize repetitions in the approach: first do everything on one leg, then another.

Romanian thrust with weighing

An excellent answer to the question of how to make hips is wider, and the ass is a beautiful house with a minimum of inventory. Technique with dumbbells / Gray / sand in principle the same as in a bar But the technique of performing Romanian thrust with an expendler / rubber / loop should be voiced.

Stand on the gum by two legs in the middle of her. Grasp the tape ends so as to feel resistance. Bend forward, pulling back the pelvis, keeping the legs as straight as possible, and the back of the back straightened and flashed in the lower back. At the bottom point, feel how the muscles of the back surface of the hip stretch. We will return to the start of the buttocks.

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

Walking in the city

Divide the power cardio. This is the most remarkable exercise, how can you pull the sagging ass! If there is a track: great, just set a decent slope, and not 3%, but somewhere 9-12%. If not, then there will be excellent replacement Walking on the stairs .

Lifting on the step platform, box or bench

There is such a chip - an approach to the platform (STEP-UPS). They use the berical well enough, however, remember: hypertrophy (increase in volume) without add. There will be no burdens!

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

The main thing in the exercise - step . What he is higher, the greater the orientation on the buttocks. Stand in front of the platform, put one leg on it. Controlling movement, push out the second foot from the floor, cut to the one that on the platform - and immediately return it to the floor.

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

Important : The foot is put on the surface of the board of the whole foot, the saggings of the heel or fingers should not be!

Do not lose balance, perform the exercise rhythmic. Subsequently, for complications you can hang on your feet Utyales or take into hand dumbbells . Options to diversify classes on the step-platform heap:

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

But remember that at least classes in the steppe are less percussioned for the joints than running and jumping, but if you are worried about the knee joints, the exercises in the steppe can be aggravated by this problem. So if something hurts, it is better to give up the step platform!

"How to cope with pain: the analysis of collagen additives for joints"

Jagged bridge

Bridge You can also perform with different weightlifiers. The weight in this case is put on the lower abdomen. The technique will be as follows:

Lie on the floor, the back should be pressed to the floor, the legs bent in the knees. Hands pull along the body, palms are directed down. Lift up the pelvis, slightly "twisted" and resting his heels to the floor. Then slowly lower and as soon as the tailbone slightly touched the floor, push the pelvis up again.

You can easily use the rubber tape and in the buttock bridge and to fix it in different ways:

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

By adding an elastic band in this exercise, you add more loads to the muscle not due to the addition of weight, but by static. This means that your muscles will work more, since the load will also be dynamic (movement down - up) and statistical (retention of gum in stretching).

Little Secret: For a better result at the top of times 10 are twisted and cast your knees. Believe me, buttocks will be just bitter!

As an option for complications, it is not focused on the floor, but in the step, a shop or sofa.

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

You can also perform a bridge and on Fitball : Source position - on the floor, legs on the phytball, hands stretched along the body. Remove the ball with heels and eggs and slowly raise the buttocks, straining with the press. Hold in this position for a couple of seconds, return to the starting position.

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

Feeding legs with rubber ribbon

Yes, even such a simulator can be replaced with ribbon! Rent a ribbon through the feet of the cabinet, the battery section or other reliable "fasteners". Ends Take it around the ankles. Lie on the floor stomach down so that the tape is slightly stretched. Enclosure Lift on the elbows, press the floor to the floor. Powerful movement tighten your heels to the buttocks, and then slowly return to its original position.

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

Broken Mahi.

The simplest exercise for elastic priests and so-called. The top of the buttocks. In general, from the point of view of anatomy, it is absolutely incorrect expression, but Popomakhi. Really help in the construction of Madame I sit.

Become, pick up the head of the chair and make mahs back and side. You can get up on all fours. The main rule: No need to throw a leg, trying to make exercises quickly. Remember, in domestic workouts it is very important to work out the muscles slowly. Do not rest at the bottom point of Mach, just delay for 1-2 seconds in a stressed state and then throw the leg up.

Best of all, of course, perform Mahi legs with weights or with a rubber band. Stand on all fours. One end of the tape is firmly fixed in a convenient way for you. Another end to securely secure on a foot or ankle. Treat the leg back to the maximum reducing the buttock muscle.

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

How long?

How long can the buttocks of the house be made more? And in general, is it possible to pump up or tighten the buttocks to the girl quickly at home: for a month or a week or 10 days)? Let's just consider how many workouts on the buttocks (and on the feet at all) you can do in 1 week and month. Classic training mode - Monday / Wednesday / Friday. One or two of them - training of legs + buttocks: and in a week or 7-10 days - 1 or 2, and for 1 month we have 4 (8).

Every month you can build up about 150 gr. muscles under favorable conditions. But how much of these muscles go to the buttocks? .. This does not know anyone: it all depends on the genetics and your diligence (exercise techniques, for example, the depth of squats).

In general, not to reason for a long time: even if most of this muscle increase - the mass of the legs (and the women usually happens), then if you distribute 150 grams on both legs. Muscle tissue, it turns out that every foot has become "bulky" for 75 grams. Now take 75 gr. Any meat and feel his size! Further, mentally distribute this amount of meat on your foot and buttock. Well, how?

Week, 10 days, month of workouts at home is a meager term, if we are talking about the speed of muscular growth, especially in women. For the sake of 1-2 kg of meat, you will have to train 1-2 years. In general, everything is real, if tired! For whom it is long, call Kim Kardashian 🙂

Training plan

How to train at home to have an effect? We recommend the following plan and periodization of workouts (this is only for the legs! Do not forget to add Ex. For back, chest, hands, press):

  • №1: Heavy leg training - cried + buttock maugh, Romanian + attacks.
  • №2: Lightweight - cried, buttock bridge + lifts to the platform + Mahi.

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

What is needed from the inventory?

  1. Rubber tape. .

    For stretching the muscles of the body after power and fitness training ( Stretching before, during and after training: how not to harm muscle growth? ): Increasing the mobility and flexibility of muscles and joints.

    Stretching allows you to increase the elasticity of muscles and joints. Right and effectively stretched muscle less at risk of injury and painful sensations.

  2. Dumbbells .

    We have already offered you an option of 20 kg of collapsible dumbbell in a squat point, but if you think that 20 kg is not enough, then choose 50 kg set

    How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy
    Set for strength training - 50 kg

  3. Rope

    The rope, or how fashionably began to be called in the Skipping clubs, is suitable for workout before starting the main home exercises, and for a separate cardiography. It is important to remember that during jumps the legs should be together, and the elbows are plugged as much as possible to the body. You should not rotate the rope with the shoulders, but with the help of hands.

    Important moment - with excess weight jumping contraindicated: Sick your joints .

  4. Phytball

  5. Suspended training loop

    How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy
    Maxim. Weight benefit: 130 kg.

    Train yourself throughout: Thanks to the belt, with which the loops can be fixed on the crossbar, gates, swings, wood, but most importantly, houses with door ! It is only important to follow the instructions for fixing the loops and always check whether the carabiner snaps into (see how you need / do not need to be done).

  6. Homemade dumbbells

    How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

  7. Step-platform or stepper

    How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy
    View in Store

    Typically, the platform height varies from 10 to 30 cm. If you think that the platform is needed only to fans of step aerobics, then no. With this simple simulator, you can effectively perform pushups, stretching, warm-up and exercise with light dumbbells.

    As a warm-up, use the elementary movement "Beysik Step" - walking at which you walk on the steppe as on the usual stairs. It is important that during this lifting the back was smooth, and you did not bounce.

  8. Weights on feet

    We advise you to buy weightlifiers not the easiest, as you get used to the load very quickly, and in a month your half-kilogram weights will seem useless money. Better to take Weight weights from 1.5 to 5 kg .

    There is another moment, which in the occupation of the house will help to increase weight of weighting agents:

    How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategy

    If your shell's weight stopped for you to seem serious to you, you can do the same manipulation, just putting your dumbbells to your feet. And the head opening back will immediately seem not so easy exercise.

Important moment: buying with benefits in online stores. This service will help you:

Everything is tested on yourself Cashback is indeed returning up to 30% of the purchase why would not save?

How to pump up the ass at home: 8 super exercises + step-by-step strategyLetyShop.


Useful video: Swing the buttocks at home

If despite all your efforts, Madame is sitting you not please you, then you obviously do something wrong. Read the article: "Why not growing ass: 7 frequent errors in training the buttocks" . Good luck to you and beautiful pop!

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How to quickly pump the buttocks at home?

Want to pump up the buttocks without leaving home, but do not know how to achieve it? List of better exercises for buttocks at home are looking for in this article.

The title of the article is the most advertising and simply "screaming" about what to read it costs 🙂 Of course, I would call it somehow more modest, but about hypertrophy of the jagical muscles, for example, few people want to read, because not everyone knows that This is the same thing that girls are commonly implied: "How to quickly increase the ass at home?" .

Since from the point of view of the anatomy, there is no such part of the body as a "ass", but there are quite adequate "buttocks", all the same, with your permission, I will often use this term.

I have already written a full-fledged material about the anatomy and the structure of buttocks. Now it remains to write as this very "anatomy" lead to the "proper form". And, as I assume, many in this place will be added: "It is preferably at home, without excess equipment and even better without any effort to fulfill the last item, I do not guarantee you, but the two previous things are quite real.

Main secrets for training berries at home

In principle, the secret is only one and, if you should be honest, it is not a secret, but an obvious fact. But about him, for some reason, too often forget.

Everything is simple: If you want to pump up the buttocks , I swing the buttocks. Neither legs, nor back, but buttocks. The most common error is the exercise at the expense of other muscles or for other muscles. For example, you decided by anything to increase the buttocks at home and began to embody with furious zeal (well if correctly). But during the workout you feel, mostly quadriceps (the front of the hip) and the next day you also hurt the best legs. So you train a few weeks ... or months ... Then you start squatting with dumbbells or some other burdens, because everyone knows - to enlarge the buttocks in the volume you need to squat with weight. After some time, you may notice that the quadriceps has changed noticeably, but the "Pop" is not so "beautiful" as I would like. Perhaps you even say that the legs "swaw", that you do not like it at all. So you will come to the main issue that most girls who have ever wanted to improve the rear view:

How to increase the buttocks without igniting the legs?

The answer was already: do the exercises that use, first of all, buttocks. For example, most types of squats (not all !!! But most) the main load will focus on foot. For this reason, I believe that squats are far from the most efficient tool for training the buttocks. I do not say that they do not need to do it at all, I speak only that you should not make the main emphasis on them.

There are quite a lot of insulating exercises for the buttocks that will make an invaluable contribution to the formation of your figure.

Exercises to increase the berries of the house

Below I will list the exercises for the jagged muscles, which, for mine, the look is well suited for training at home and do not require bulky equipment.

Of course, this list is not final and not the only possible. Rather, it is most beloved for me exercises and the most applied in the format of domestic workouts. Since the number of existing exercises is huge, it is confident, this is not the last selection for training the buttocks of the house I will publish.

1. Fucks

Fucks, from my point of view, a very successful solution for training the berry muscles. Among other things, at this exercise, I noted one important feature: the execution of the attacks helps "raise" the buttocks, make them higher.

But there is one nuance - execution technique. There is a lot of its options, and very often, the emphasis is transferred to quadriceps. Therefore, your task is to perform the lunges, you learned how to feel the jagged muscles. So you will "kill two hares": you can not only increase the buttocks at home, but also work well a quadriceps. Those. Quadriceps in any case is involved in this exercise, but it is precisely the "first violin" or "second".

Varias variations There are a lot. Below are one of the most used and efficient, in my opinion. Exercises are presented in the order of increasing their complexity. And please do not forget that a detailed description of the implementation technique is below each video.

How to quickly pump the buttocks at home?

2. Lifting pelvis (berry bridge)

This exercise refers to insulating. And this means that all your efforts will definitely focus in the "right place." As with the attacks, the lifting options for the pelvis (or in a different buttock bridge) are very much, but they are all effective. In the video below, the execution is shown as well as a shop on the street and a special box in the gym. But it does not prevent anything from you as a support of some kind of furniture items, for example, bed or chair.

How to quickly pump the buttocks at home?

3. Touching on the end

This exercise is not so often performed, but its effectiveness to increase the buttocks, in my opinion, is indisputable. If you do it correctly, then the buttocks, in the literal sense, will burn hello. My clients simply hate lumping onto the end, because it is really very hard. But the effect is excellent. Use any steady surface of the house, on the street or in the hall as a support. As the height is adapted, the support can be increased.

How to quickly pump the buttocks at home?

4. Mahi feet

All sorts of mahi legs and leads are the most popular exercises for the "priests" who know, probably, every girl. But their variations also have a lot. And although many are skeptical about such exercises, they really work. And if you are too easy to perform them - just put on the thigh elastic ribbon suitable for you degrees of elasticity and the load will significantly increase.

How to quickly pump the buttocks at home?

5. Lifting legs from a strap on straight hands

This exercise is definitely not the lungs and involves not only the buttocks, but also many other muscles, including the press. The better 🙂

How to quickly enlarge the buttocks at home

It will be more correct to ask: how fast can the buttocks of the house be increased? Before answering this question, it is better to clarify some nuances to not come out that I, for example, promised you a super effect for a month, and you did not get it.

Firstly, all these exercises are really aimed at giving tone to the buttocks and their rounding, but if you are from the nature of a very thin physique and it was always difficult for you to gain weight, then these exercises will most likely give you an impressive effect. If you feel about this category of people, then to increase the "ass" with the help of exercises, you need to do it very hard, with great burden. Those. It is best to do this within the gym, as there is a large selection of simulators and equipment for power training.

The same applies to people who want to "pump" indeed "impressive forms." You also need to deal with additional burdens, as this is the only way (in combination with a certain type of food) to achieve significant muscle growth.

But if you want to improve the appearance of the buttocks, give them roundness and elasticity, then these exercises with regular training will have the necessary effect. You really notice significant changes. How fast? I think that if you exercise training from at least 6 exercises from this list in the mode of 3 approaches 15-20 repetitions twice a week with a break in a few days, 80% of you will see the difference after a month .

Try to attend your training session at least one variant from each group of exercises described above. For example, one option of attaches, one option of lifting the pelvis, etc. Choose from them variations that match your training level, combine exercises, try more complex variations and the result will not make yourself wait. The main thing is to remember that during the exercise you should feel the buttocks. If this is not - it means you need to adjust the execution technique.

Food for increasing the buttocks

So, what nutrition is needed for the growth of the buttocks? In any fitness edition, yes and on this site, too, you at least once, "bloody" for information that in order for the muscles to grow (but this is meant by the phrase "to increase the ass"), a surplus is necessary, i.e. oversupply calorie. This "iron" rule and it is indisputable. On the other hand, it is known that in order to lose weight, on the contrary, the deficiency is needed, i.e. Lack of calories. Which also does not cause logical inconsistencies. But here is the trick, most girls want to simultaneously lose weight, and pump the buttocks. Once again, I clarify that the first process needs a lack of calories, and for the second oversupply. And it is clear that the two of these processes cannot flow at the same time. Therefore, on the one hand, it is completely true that it is impossible to lose weight at the same time and it is impossible to pump up the buttocks.

But this is if it seems largely, or if we consider a question from the point of view of fitness and bodybuilding as professional sports. Those. If your goal is to significantly increase the buttocks and generally gain muscle mass, then you must first work with burdens and in parallel with the calorie surplus (and the priority for carbohydrates in the relationship of the BZH), and then (if necessary) during A certain period of time to get rid of excess fat, which is most likely to appear during the previous period, as it is impossible to "force" all the calories we obtained only for muscle growth. Most often, the percentage of fat content in the body will increase with them.

The same path also applies to example from the previous chapter: if you are very thin, then for a set of mass (in our case an increase in the berium muscles) you need to eat with a significant oversupply. Although it is quite possible that it is to lose weight later and not need a small increase in the percentage of fat in the body, along with an increase in muscle mass, you will only benefit. But such "happy" little. What still do to those who want at the same time and lose weight and increase the volume of the buttocks ?

The fact is that mostly the girl under the phrase "pump ass" still do not mean "pump up the ass of huge sizes", but just want to improve her shape and give roundness. And it is this effect that is very realistic to achieve with the help of the exercises listed above. Because in any case, when the muscle regularly works (this means that you regularly "exercise") it improves its form, acquires tone and elasticity.

I have periods when I am mainly engaged in a few months in a row at home or on the street and, accordingly, without simulators. And with such training, I get the desired effect for the buttocks even when my main goal is to lose a bit. Therefore, 100% sure it works. Based on its own training, I developed a home training program

I sincerely hope that this material helped you answer the question "How to increase the buttocks at home" and dispelled possible myths or misunderstanding some of the sides of this topic.

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This material is dedicated to the most burning theme among girls. Namely, how to pump the buttocks, ass, buns, peach ... As soon as they do not call the most attractive part of our body. After reading, you will know, at the expense of what the growth of the buttocks occurs. The basic principles and secrets that no coach tell you about. I also sip the diet for the effective growth of your priests and give an example of a training program.

And most importantly, we will analyze the most common mistakes in working on the buttocks. You will know how to pump up the ass and at the same time do not dig up your feet. But for a start a little theory ... Yes, it is just boring rules, but without them you will not come further.

3 main components of the growth of the berry

There are 3 main components on which success depends - this Training, food and rest (recovery) . All this is closely related to each other and does not work separately. I will give an example.

  1. If you train, but you will not eat right - there will be no result. Training launch future muscle growth, and growth itself depends on the quality of nutrition and recovery.
  2. If you eat right (and for muscle growth, you need a calorie surplus), but you will not train, you just quickly stretch. Expanded calories just nowhere will go.
  3. If you train and eat right, but at the same time sleep for 3 hours, then there are no big priests again. Muscles grow during rest. It is necessary to sleep for 7-8 hours and not an hour less.

Here is the most important secret: food + training + sleep = Big 🍑

The training themselves will not bring you the desired result, even if they are signed by the best coach. Training This is just 30% of your success, 60% is meal and 10% - Sleep .

Nutrition - Main Muscle Growth Factor

For muscle growth, or rather, to restore muscle tissues after training and their subsequent growth, the correct ratio of macro and micronutrients is needed. The first includes carbohydrates, proteins, fats. Second - vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The first are the source of energy. The second - participate in the assimilation of food and the implementation of all metabolic processes.

Makronutrients: fir proteins Carbohydrates

  • Proteins - This is the material for the construction of muscles.
  • Carbohydrates - This is a source of energy for construction.
  • Fat. - Play a role in the production of hormones and transmission of nerve impulses.

Also, fats are a good source of energy (when they are cleaving, it is released 2 times more energy than when protein and carbohydrate cleavage).


Proteins are divided into animal (meat, bird, fish, eggs, dairy products) and vegetable origin (nuts, legumes). The main part of your diet should be animal proteins (70-80%) .

In the vegetable protein, there is little protein, while it is also poor quality (there is no full-fledged amino acid composition). Therefore, being a vegetarian and dream of a big pope is complete nonsense. And in general, there is a vegetarian not useful for health.


Fats are also divided into rich, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Most of the diet should be Monounsaturated fats. This is peanuts, olive oil, olives, avocado. Saturated fats are creamy oil, fatty cheeses, sour cream, eggs, oily meat. Polyunsaturated fats are represented by two species - Omega-3 (fatty varieties of fish, linseed oil, chia seeds) and omega-6 (sunflower oil, soybean oil, nuts, seeds).

There are also so-called translations that need to be avoided. Margarine, most confectionery products (candies, cakes, cakes), semi-finished products, fast food is all transdury.


Carbohydrates are simple (fast) and complex (slow). First include all sweets, some fruits and dried fruits. We do not need them if you do not want your ass hidden under the layer of fat. We are interested only as the second. These are cereals (not fast cooking), pasta from solid wheat varieties, vegetables, greens, fruits with Low Gues . When splitting, they give energy the body gradually, providing a stable and long sense of saturation.

Using vegetables and fruits, pay attention to gi. Avoid products with a high glycemic index, that is, with which it is more than 40.

The benefits and harm of a particular carbohydrate depends on the glycemic index (indicator of the splitting speed and increase blood sugar levels). This indicator you can find in tables gi products.


The fiber can be attributed to complex carbohydrates. It is mainly contained in vegetables and greens. From the other carbohydrates, the fiber is characterized by the fact that it does not provide the body with energy. It participates in digestion and is necessary to maintain the normal level of blood sugar.

For muscle growth should be the right relationship of BJ:

  • proteins - 1.6-2.4 g per kg body weight,
  • Carbohydrates - 3-4 g per kg body weight,
  • Fat - 1.5-2 g per kg body weight.

Remembering for the mass is very important to comply with the relationship of BPU and consume only products we need. First you should not add too many carbohydrates to the diet, start with 3 g. With carbohydrates - you need to be careful. If there are a lot of them, together with the muscles, fat weight will increase. If there are few them, the muscles will not grow. You need to look for a golden middle. An even more detailed about food for mass can be read here.

It is impossible to fry. It is best to cook and cook for a couple, in this form the nutrients are preserved as much as possible. As for the baking and making on the grill, it is often not recommended to prepare food in such a way.

Sample Power Plan

  • First breakfast (complex carbohydrates + proteins + fats)
  • Lunch (complex carbohydrates + proteins + fiber + fats)
  • Dinner (complex carbohydrates + proteins + fats)
  • Early dinner (complex carbohydrates + fiber + proteins)
  • Late dinner (proteins + fiber)

A break between meals 2-3 hours. It is impossible to do big breaks, it is very important for weight.

Before bed, you can eat low-fat cottage cheese or drink a serving of casein.

After some time, we make a visual test:

  • If the ass grows at a minimum of fat - the power plan is left unchanged;
  • If muscles grow and together with them fat stupor - we reduce the volume of carbohydrates;
  • If the muscles do not grow - add carbohydrates (+ 1g per kg of weight).

What to eat before and after training :

  • 1.5-2 hours before training (complex carbohydrates + protein + fats),
  • After training (protein + fiber + carbohydrates).

If for some reason you could not eat, you can drink a heiner. The main thing is not to train on an empty stomach! More specifically, that you can not eat before training, you can read here.

Training for growth of the berry

To start a little anatomy. Our ass consists of Big, medium and small buttock muscles. Large, as the name itself says, is responsible for the volume. Do not confuse roundness and tightness with volume. The average jagged muscle will not give a large volume, but will make the form of priests more attractive. Training with a small buttock muscle allows you to achieve a larger volume at the top.

There are still internal muscle groups. We will not deepen in anatomy, as to create a beautiful priest, we need to train only greater, middle and small buttock muscles.

How to pump up and do not pump legs

Many girls are afraid to throw their legs, namely quadriceps. Almost all exercises on the buttocks of legs to some extent included in the work. Therefore, it is impossible to fully isolate their work. But you can minimize the load from them and concentrate it as much as possible on the buttocks.

In front of you 5 most important rules . Read attentively!

Rule 1. Watch the case.

The look directed in front of you, never look around or under your feet during exercise. Watch the stops to be with each other, and the housing remained unchanged. Be sure to live your buttocks at the end point. It is very important!

Rule 2. Stone breathing.

Exhale do at the time of the greatest muscular effort, and inhale, at the moment of the least effort. Example, squats with a barbell. Inhale - during the squat, and exhale - on the rise, when the voltage in the jagged muscles is the largest.

Rule 3. Follow the pace.

Never hurry. Exercise must always be performed with a certain tempo, which we denote the following numbers - 2/0/4/1. (seconds).

  • 2- weight lifting speed
  • 0- Pause at the top point
  • 4- weight lowering rate
  • 1- Pause at the bottom point

For example, take squats with a barbell. 2- lifting speed (moment as much as possible), 0- pause at the top point, 4- Speed ​​squats, 1- Pause at the bottom point. Numeral 0Means that the pause does not need to do.

Why is it important to follow the pace? Our muscles contain mechanoreceptors (ending of sensitive nerve fibers that react to mechanical impact). The choice of the right pace is more important than the choice of greater working weight.

From the example it is clear that the longest stage occurs at the time of squats. It is this stage that is responsible for the next muscle growth. The fact is that The longer you omit the weight, the more microtrams are formed in your muscles which are the cause of their growth during the recovery period. The second pause at the bottom point (the moment of maximum stretching) will allow connecting tissues to relax and the entire load will fall on the muscles.

Rule 4 follow the mental bond "Muscles-Brain".

What do you think muscles work? From physiology, we know that all actions and processes in our organism are regulated by the work of the brain. The muscles are reduced only because they did a signal from the brain. Muscle is just the performer, but decides the brain. As soon as you in the hands took the dumbbells, the brain assesses which effort will need to do.

How does the mental bond "Muscles-Brain" affect the growth of muscles? You most likely noticed that experienced bodybuilders are very focused during the exercise. This is because they think about the target muscle that works at this moment. Performing an exercise, do not be distracted. Feel how your buttocks are reduced and imagine how they grow.

No need to take the most maximum weight and violate the technique for this reason. With a smaller weight, you can force the muscles to work as much as possible to failure. This is the most important rule. At one time, I also ignored this item, but it was not right ... As a result, my legs grew faster than the pop.

Rule 5. I study the technique.

The ideal than you do the exercise and the mental connection is developed, the better your buttocks will grow faster. Start working with empty bodybar. At first, from and to explore the technique, learn to concentrate and only then go to the progression of the scales. You must learn to feel your muscles and should understand that you download.

How to choose weight to load the buttocks maximize

The muscles constantly need stress to grow. Without weight progression, the growth of the buttocks is possible. Therefore, lead Diary Training And every time you write, with what time you worked. Gradually, every new workout is progressing the load in all exercises.

Stage 1.

For example, on the first day, you crossed with a bar of 20 kg to 8 repetitions for the working set (not including warm-up). We pick up the weight so that 8 repetitions it was the most that you could do in one approach. The next day you have to do 9 or 10 repetitions without changing weight. As soon as you come to 12 repetitions, go to the next stage.

Rest between approaches up to 1 minute. This is enough so that you are restored, and your muscles are not cooled.

Stage 2.

Now you need to increase progress in the scales. That is, now you add 1-2 kg. And you start working with a new weighing on 8 repetitions. Gradually, every training session increasing the number of repetitions to 12. It reached this mark, add weight.

Do not rush to increase weight if it is big for you, no buttocks will be included in the work, but other muscles. As a result, your legs will grow faster than Pop,. Even worse you will get problems with your back.

And so, when you learned the foundation base, we can start training.

Plan of training on the buttocks

1 day (heavy training, focus on the buttocks)

  1. Squats with a bar / in melt - 4 sets, 8-12 repetitions,
  2. Half legs with high leg formation - 3 sets, 8-12 repetitions,
  3. Attacks - 3 sets, 8-12 repetitions for each leg,
  4. Romanian thrust - 3 set, 8-12 repetitions,
  5. Major bridge in mit / with a barbell - 3 sets, 8-12 repetitions.


Hoom feet


Romanian traction

Jagged bridge

I will reveal one secret: if you want to have a big ass, be sure to train your back. If the muscles of the back are weak, you just can not properly perform exercises with high weights in such basic exercises, like squats, Romanian traction, etc. As for the workout of the back, it is discussed in detail in this article.

2 day (back, chest, hands)

  1. Pull-ups in gravitron - 3 sets, 12-15 repetitions,
  2. Hyperextension - 3 sets, 12-15 repetitions,
  3. Rod rod in the slope - 3 set, 12-15 repetitions,
  4. Rods are lying - 3 sets, 12-15 repetitions,
  5. Hands of dumbbells lying at an angle - 3 sets, 12-15 repetitions,
  6. Reverse pushups from the bench - 3 sets, 15 repetitions,
  7. Exercises on the press (twist, plank, lifting legs in Wiste ...). You will select those that you like more.

Tightening in Gravitron


Rod rod in the slope

Rods Lyzhima

Hands of dumbbells lying at an angle

Reverse pushups from the bench

3 day (easy training, isolation on the buttocks)

  1. Return gakk squats - 3 sets, 12-15 repetitions,
  2. Squats in block - 3 sets, 12 repetitions,
  3. Leg opening in crossover / block - 3 sets, 15 repetitions,
  4. Lead opening up (in the simulator / with weightlifiers) - 3 sets, 15-20 repetitions,
  5. Breeding legs in the simulator - 3 sets, 15 repetitions,
  6. Footming in the simulator - 3 sets, 20 repetitions,
  7. Exercises on the press (twist, plank, lifting legs in Wiste ...).

Reverse gakk squat

Squats in block

Feet in crossover / in block

Footheading up

Breeding legs in the simulator

Footming in the simulator

In a heavy training, it works with a maximum weight, on easy - with a smaller weight.

Is it possible to pump the buttocks at home

To pump a large ass at home is unrealistic. Maximum you betray her more tagged. But if there is no possibility to go to the hall, then it will be better than doing nothing.

Ideally, for domestic workouts, get a collapsible barbell or at least dumbbells from scratch to 15 kg. Expanders, weightlifiers will also be very by the way. Children, bottles and other stupid devices to pump up the ass will not help!

1 day (focus on buttocks)

  1. Squats - 3 sets, 10-15 repetitions,
  2. Attacks - 3 sets, 10-15 repetitions for each leg,
  3. Romanian traction - 3 set, 10-15 repetitions,
  4. Broodical bridge - 3 set, 10-15 repetitions,
  5. Exercises with an expander.

2 day (back, chest, hands)

  1. Push-ups from the knees - 3 sets, 15-20 repetitions,
  2. Dumbbell thrust in the slope - 3 set, 15 repetitions,
  3. Hand breeding with dumbbells standing - 3 sets, 15-20 repetitions,
  4. Inverse pushups - 3 sets, 15-20 repetitions,
  5. Exercises on the press (twisting, plank, etc.).

3 day (focus on the buttocks)

  1. Drops - 3 sets, 10-15 repetitions,
  2. Bulgarian attacks - 3 sets, 10-15 repetitions,
  3. Romanian traction - 3 set, 10-15 repetitions,
  4. Foothead in up
  5. Exercises with an expander.

For how much you can pump the buttocks

Before you start working on yourself, I want you to throw any stupid hopes from your head. Remember Pumping the buttocks for a week or a month will not work! As it will not be possible to pump up the ass at home! Maximum you betray her more tagged. If you want to significantly improve your shape, then set up for a long way and regular training in the gym. You have not seen a single bodybuilder who pumped up the mountain muscles sitting at home. Well, really?

By the way, not only girls are loved to download the ass. Sometimes I notice that some men are glad to train their fifth point. If you are a guy and now you read all this, you can safely take this material for an example ..

Here, actually, everything. Before you complete management, how to pump up the biggest ass. All in your hands!

Exercises for buttocks will help to pump muscles, make them strong and elastic, provided that they are regular. Do insulated exercises help, you can read in this article. The study of this musculature will help make forms with expressive and volumetric. Do not think that one or two workouts will make the owner of enviable silhouette. Training should be intense and regular in order not to simply bring muscle mass into the tone, but also to give the desired forms of this part of the body.

Top most effective exercises on the buttocks

Exercises for priests can be performed at home or in the gym. Efficiency will depend on the correctness of the execution. Each exercise must be experienced, understand how the muscle works in it that needs to be worked out.

Newcomers should not try to make a large number of repetitions and approaches. In the first training sessions, it is important to master the right technique. Only after that you can gradually increase the load. Regular training, the principle of gradual increase in the load and the right technique - these are three bases on the way to elastic buttocks.

On a large buttock muscle

Large buttaging muscle not in vain received such a name. This is the largest muscle of the jagged area, is superficially, so it affects the relief of this part of the body. It covers the rest of the muscles, it holds the main function of the extension of the limbs and holding the body in a vertical position.

Therefore, when working out the lumbar-berched region, attention should be paid to the scramblement of a large jagical muscle. Especially if the goal is elasticity and rounded form. To pump up the benchmarking muscles, use simple, but effective exercises from the complex below.


Without attacks, it is difficult to do, if you want to increase the size of the buttocks and make a rounded form. Newbies can do an exercise without additional weighting, but if there is a little experience of performing exercise, make attacks better with a slight weight, gradually increasing it. It is not necessary to purchase special shells, you can take in your hands on a bottle with water or sand.

Exercise for buttocks at home:

1. The right housing at any point of the lounge. We take weightlifiers in the hands, they will help hold the housing in the literal position and will give the load at the same time on the top of the body.

2. Make the lunge, starting with the right leg. Left at the same time begged in the knee, but not touching the floor knee - the shin should remain parallel to the floor, the corner in the knee is 90 degrees. Then return to its original position. We continue to repeat 15-20 times, then change your leg and perform similar actions.

Mahi with straight leg + cross-mahs

Mahi with a straight foot and bent in the knee is better to do alternately, after two of these exercises, the muscles will begin to burn. Even newcomers will be able to feel the effectiveness of the complex from the first workout.

Execution technique:

1. Source position - on all fours. Back straight, body and press are tense.

2. One leg straightened the knee, we take back to the maximum height. We make several turns up, trying to increase the distance from the floor to the maximum point. We put the leg in place, repeat the movement to another leg.

3. For beginners, the base number of repetitions of 25-30 for each leg. We make 2 approaches.

4. During the last approach, the straight leg does not put on the knee, and we are on the foot, which is located on the floor. Raise up and bring to the side. Make 25-30 repetitions. For high-quality studies, it is better to combine with mahams with a bent foot, performing immediately after the last Mach with a straight knee.

Pulsating maughs with bent foot in the knee

The initial position is similar to previous options - on all fours. We raise your feet alternately, we take back, while the angle in the knee should be 90 degrees. Stop relative to the lower leg should be at a right angle. I fix the position, then we quickly try to raise the leg with pulsating movements as high as possible from the floor.

These are the most effective exercises for the buttocks. When 4-5 approaches, 30-40 times will be easily, you can use an expander for additional load.

Lift pelvis or "bridge"

The buttock bridge differs from the gymnastic exercise known from the lessons of physical education. Source position - lying on the back. The feet rest in the floor, the knees are bent, the hands are elongated along the body. From this situation, the most straining the buttocks, and the minimum - legs, it is necessary to tear the lower back from the floor. You do not need to try to do it high, in this exercise should be comfortable.

There are several complications options for advanced:

• raise the hips on one leg, the second stretched along the body;

• Raising the hips when one foot lies on the knee of the second.

You can start a complex embodiment only after the full development of basic technology.

Bulgarian fees

Very effective exercise for pumping, as well as work on body imbalances. Newbies are better to master the technique, and experienced athletes who want to diversify the workout can do it with dumbbells or barbell. To perform, you will also need a low chair, sofa or bench.

To perform an exercise, it is necessary, standing close to a bench or chair, make the highest step forward. After that, one leg must be put on the support, so as to rely on her with your fingers. The second leg is on the floor, the focus falls on the heel.

From this position, deep squats are performed so that the buttocks are approximately on one line with the knee of the leg located on the floor. Using the heel of the support leg, then you need to push the body up. For greater efficiency, it is not recommended to completely blend the leading knee in order not to remove the load from the muscles.

On the middle and small

Middle and small buttock muscles are located under great. Many newbies believe that the inner location does not affect the shape and elasticity of this part of the body. This is fundamentally incorrect, because it is the average and small butorous muscles that are more responsible for the tightness and elasticity of the buttocks.

The big muscle forms a beautiful relief, but with weak internal muscles, the impression of an inflounted balloon will be created, which is blown away at the slightest touch. Therefore, in a set of exercises for the buttocks, it is necessary to include training for medium and small butorous muscles.

"Fire hydrant"

The main load in this exercise falls on the middle muscles. To a lesser extent, the load receives a small and large muscle. In addition, the inner surface of the hip is tightened.

Source position on all fours, it is necessary to control the position of the limbs:

• Palm strictly under the shoulder joints;

• Knees - strictly under hip.

The housing during this exercise for elastic buttocks is in voltage, the back is straight, and the press is tense. On the breath of the knee at a right angle is assigned to the side for the maximum height. Ideally, it is necessary to achieve the parallels of the reserved hip with the floor. At the highest point, you must fix the foot for a few seconds, then return to its original position. For effective development, lowered the leg as slowly as possible, and at the end point do not put the foot on the floor, but immediately move to the reference.

Newcomers need to be borne in mind that it can be very difficult to raise the leg on a parallel with a floor and even attendable. Therefore, it is not worth doing this to the detriment of the technique, the thigh should rise to the maximum height in which it will be comfortable. Over time, it will turn out to do an exercise ideally, and while it is better to work out the equipment.

Foot breeding bridge

This exercise in the complex is working as a musculature of the lumbly-jagoda region. If the bridge is aimed at the development of a large muscle, then during dilution of the legs, most of the load falls on the middle and small, as well as the inner surface of the thigh.

The starting position is lying on the back, the legs bent in the knees, the feet rest in the floor, arms along the body. On the breath you need to raise the buttocks, then breed your knees to the sides, on the exhale - to return to the floor.

Try not to raise your shoulders, as shown in the picture below. This removes the load at the bottom of the body.

Hip ledge lying

A variety of exercises for the butorous muscles are used to study the middle and small muscles, where the thigh is left to the side, and not moving forward or backwards.

To perform this exercise, you need to lie on the side, the body is stretched into a straight line. With lines, it is important to keep the leg in tense, knee smooth, the socks are elongated. To increase efficiency, the rise and return to its original position is better to do as slowly, so the load will be larger.

Hip alignment standing

Mechanics are similar to the previous exercise. Source standing, hands lie on the waist. Legs are located at the level of shoulders so that when the leg dock towards the position was stable. On the breath, one leg needs to be left to the side, lifting at the maximum height, the knee is straight, the sock must be pulled to the side so that the whole leg is tense.

Side strap with leg lifting

The most complicated disgrace of the hip is lying. Suitable for experienced athletes, or those who have already mastered the side bar.

1. The initial position is lying on the side, check the body to lay on one line.

2. Depending on the physical preparation, there may be several embodiments: on a straight arm and bent in the elbow. Newcomers are recommended to perform the side bar on the elbows. The elbow is strictly under the shoulder joint, the lateral muscles will need to raise the body so that the weight is held on the hand.

2. From such a position, raise your leg up, watch the knee remained smooth, pull the sock.

For maximum efficiency, you must try to perform as slower as possible.

Recommendations for exercises and typical errors

Each can pump up elastic and beautiful buttocks. However, there are several reasons that do not allow you to get the desired result:

• improper power;

• physiological shape of the pelvis;

• irregularity;

• Incorrect exercise performance technique.

Whatever major loads have been given to the body, the wrong power will not allow to remove the fat layer and expose a beautiful relief. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully think through the diet.

Also, the physiological features of the structure of the body and form, data from nature, it is very difficult to change. In the case of very wide hip bones, it is better to work out training together with a professional coach that will help you choose the right course to eliminate individual flaws.

Errors when performing exercises

Among the most common mistakes for pumping the buttocks:

1. Lack of rest. Daily persistent workouts wear muscles, they do not have time to fully recover, more about what interval is needed between workouts can be found here.

Muscle protein is produced in the tired fabric much slower, which slows down and get results, but for muscle growth, regular loads are needed, you can find out in more detail in the article, why the muscles can be blown away. Therefore, it is recommended to perform a complex every other day, and in your free time to pay attention to another body part, for example, press. Even the most effective exercises for the buttocks will not work if the body is tired.

2. Rod. To work out muscles, you need to give them a good load, when jerked there is a short-term load, which is not enough to form a relief. The maximum slow execution of the complex will help solve this problem.

3. Insufficient straightening of legs in exercises. If in the description of the exercise there is a comment on what knees or other joints should be direct - it is necessary to clearly follow the instructions.

4. Neglecting rugs. Performing on a naked floor or laminate, carpets, without special rugs, often lead to injuries, prevent the properly to train. Therefore, even at home this attribute is necessary.

5. Not visible results. When there are no visible changes, motivation disappears. To control the results, it is better to conduct weekly body measurements, take photos to visually see how the figure changes.

Training program

The training program is not designed for daily execution. It is recommended to perform a complex, with rest at 1 day for a better effect and quick results. The program contains the best exercises for the buttocks, the execution of which will not take more than an hour of time, but will allow you to quickly pump up the Brazilian ass.

1 week 2 week

The exercise The number of repetitions in the set Number of one leg approaches The number of repetitions in the set Number of one leg approaches

Drops 152-3 20-25 2-3makes with straight leg25-30 2-3 30-35 2-3 Mahi with bent foot20-25 2-3 30-35 2-3 berry bridge20-252 30-35 2 Bulgarian drops 152 20 -25 2 Foreign hydrant 20-25 2 30-35 2 30-40 2 30-40 resilience 2 30-40 2 30-30 2 30-35 2 40-45 2Bock Plank with lifting102 15 2

In the third week, we increase the number of approaches by 1-2 in each exercise. The increase should depend on physical training. On the first day, it is better to add 1 approach to each exercise, and then closer to the end of the week add another set.

Fourth week remains the maximum number of approaches last week, but by 5-10 repetitions every exercise in the complex increases.


We suggest see how doing exercises for the buttocks for girls who are quite difficult to master the beginners. The video will help you understand the technique and quickly start working out the borodic muscles with a rapid result.

1. Side strap with foot lifting

2. "Fire hydrant"

3. Most of breeding

The rest of the complex is easy, known to many of the physical education lessons at school. Now you know how to pump up the buttocks due to simple workouts that do not occupy a lot of time. With proper nutrition, the relief of the body will very quickly acquire beautiful shapes and taut.

Want your buttocks are more touched and elastic?

What is there, everything is, but often people want to increase the sports indicators of the buttock muscles - jump above and be stronger and endless.

It seems to me that there is nothing more sexy than solid as the rock of the buttocks who look good in any pants (and not only in the leggings).

Taped buttocks of the girl

If you add offered 19 exercises to the buttock muscles in your workouts, the lower part of your body will get the best shape and becomes stronger physically that, as a result, will increase your overall performance. I will even offer you a few ideas of training with the sole purpose of achieving the latter ... Therefore, just keep reading.

Before moving directly to the description of the exercises, I feel obliged to help you understand as In fact, the engineering muscles work. It is important because your ass is not alone Large muscle.

Three large buttocks

 The structure of the jagical muscles

1. Big Muscle Muscle

And you knew that a large jagged muscle is the biggest muscle in the whole human body? Its work is to support the body in a vertical position, in this and the cause of its size and power lies.

As it follows from the name, it is the largest and most close to the surface of the muscle from the entire group of butorous muscles.

The function of a large jagged muscle mainly is the extension of the upper part of the legs (hips) - for example, when climbing squeezed. Another example of the inclusion of this muscle to work is the rise of the torso tilted forward. Imagine Mahi Gary, and you will get a good idea of ​​how this muscle works.

The extension in the hip joint also occurs during the brave of traction, repulsion of legs during running and skating, and just during the swing foot.

This muscle also participates in the turn of the legs - for clarity, imagine, for example, duck walking.

2. Middle Muscle

The middle jagged muscle is the smallest of the group of butorous muscles, located under the large jagged muscle and the sustainability of the hip joint, especially when standing on one leg. Thus, when walking or running (where the legs are involved in turn) or the rise up the stairs, there is a voltage of the middle jagged muscle to prevent the pelvis in one direction.

Moreover, the average jagged muscle (and small) is involved in the removal of the hip.

3. Small Muscle Muscle

This is the smallest of the group of jagium muscles, located directly under the middle jagged muscle. The main function is to give the sustainability of the hip joint. It works with the middle jagged muscle.

I hope that this little anatomical excursion has not confused you. In fact, it's all you need to know to perform exercises. Well, let's go to ...

19 most effective exercises for buttocks

If you fulfill these 19 exercises during training, your buttocks will be in perfect form. No need to do thoughtlessly on the simulators to achieve the result. The 12 "smart" exercises described below are the best of the best.

Exercises on a large buttock muscle

1. Highhead

Warheading back

The US Physical Culture Committee, together with the University of Wisconsin, conducted a study in order to find out which exercises are best include jagged muscles. Guess what exercise led the list for a large jagged muscle?

... This is a hip!

The graph below shows the results for other exercises on the engineering muscles (1):

Schedule of efficiency of various exercises for buttocks

How to perform this exercise:

Stand on all fours, keep your back in a neutral position, press in tension. Right leg raise up, holding the knee at an angle of 90 degrees throughout the entire movement, the heel should "look" into the ceiling, and the thigh and knee must be parallel to the floor. Lower the leg down and repeat with the left foot.


  • It is necessary to protect the back from damage. The neck must also form one line with the back - direct (respectively, you need to look down, and not up).
  • In order to complicate the exercise, add weight for each leg, clamp the girches in the knee joint or perform this exercise with the help of a special simulator.

2. Mahi Gire

Mahi Gary with two hands

The famous spinal surgeon Stewart McGill has shown that Mahi Garya is not only an excellent exercise to drive a large borodial muscle, but also the safest exercise for the back.

If I wandered on a deserted island and only one exercise could perform, I would surely chose Mahi Gary. It is so useful.

How to perform this exercise:

With a straight back and stress center, lean forward and take the weight with two hands. Put the legs just wider widths. Hold a small slope to the knees, and TAZ assigned back. Then quick movement straighten up and pull the weight in front of myself, keeping the stomach and buttocks.

Remarks: The movement should go from the hip joint when returning to the vertical position. Lower the weight between the legs and repeat the battle movements the required number of times.

3. Deep squats

Deep squats

A study published in the journal of Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research showed that compared to shallow squats and squats to parallels with a floor, deep squats use the greater buttock muscle, especially in the concentric phase. (3)

It is logical, since the lower you go down, the more we stretch (and thereby include in the work) Bratic muscles. Shallow squats more use the muscles of the thigh, and not buttock muscles. Therefore, go down to the full work of a large jagged muscle for the full work.

How to perform this exercise:

Put the bar on the shoulders (the top of the trapezion), look straight, straighten your chest, the legs are slightly wider than the widths of the shoulders, the socks are turned slightly to the sides.

Strain the muscles of the abdomen and assigned the pelvis back and down (as if sitting on the chair), make the fifteen on the heels, and keep your back right throughout the exercise. Rise, pushing out the heels from the floor and squeezing the buttocks.

4. Stanning traction


Range traction is not just a good exercise on the jagged muscles, but also one of the best on the development of the lower body. Obviously, you need to try to perform it correctly, because you can get a serious injury with incorrect technique or with bringing to the muscular failure.

How to perform this exercise:

Take the rod so that it is opposite your knees, over the feet. Feet should be on the width of the shoulders. Holding a rod with a medium grip, flicker in the hip joint, make sure that the back is straight, and the stomach is tense.

Lower the pelvis and bend the knees, twist the blades and keep your back straight, then rise, making focus on the heels.

After the rod rises over his knees, with confident power movement, output the hips a little further.

Lower the barbell, bent the hips and sending it to the floor, but make sure that it is close to you to reduce the excessive load on the back.

5. Romanian Range Tract

Romanian launcher

This exercise differs from the traditional variety of traction in that the legs are more or less fixed during the rod lifting. The knees should be slightly bent, but this is more traction exercise, in which the muscles of the back surface of the thigh and butorous muscles are involved. It is likely that it is even more aimed at the rear surface of the hip, but it also needs to be developed to increase the overall performance.

How to perform this exercise:

Keep the bar at the thigh level straight grip (palms down). The shoulders should be omitted, the back straight, stomach is intense, and the knees are slightly crushed. This is the starting position.

Lower the rod down, reducing the pelvis back as far as possible. Keep the bar close to the body, looking right in front of yourself and not lifting the shoulders. Lower until you feel that the rear surface of the thigh is completely stretched - usually just below the knees.

At the bottom point, squeeze the buttocks and with the help of the back surface of the hip, start climbing.

6. Buttage bridge with knitted knee

This is a more complex version of the basic lifting of the pelvis from the floor, but I like it more, as it opens the bending muscle of the thigh and maintains the jagged muscles to work.

How to perform this exercise:

Lie on the floor and bend your knees. Raise the left foot from the floor and press it to the chest. This is the starting position. Relieving on the heel of the right leg, take off the pelvis from the floor. At the top point, lock, then return to the starting position. At the end of repetitions on the right foot, do the left foot exercise.

7. Rises


Rises are similar to squats on one leg. In fact, many oriental weightlifters besides the squats are increasingly performing raises due to their effectiveness in the development of muscles of each leg without excessive spin voltage.

How to perform this exercise:

The lifting can be performed as a barbell on the shoulders and holding dumbbells in the hands. I will describe how you need to do the exercise with dumbbells.

Stand right and take the dumbbells in every hand. Lower the shoulders down, and your hands strain. The upper part of the body should be almost fixed.

Put the heel of the right foot per box or bench. Climb the bench by carrying the weight on the right heel. Return to the original position and repeat on the left foot.

8. Raise pelvis with a barbell

Breeding bridge

Raise pelvis with a barbell is perhaps the best exercise on a large buttock muscle. It includes it to work much more intense than squatting with a barbell or a rain thrust due to the four unique characteristics of this exercise:

  1. Raise pelvis with a barbell - this is mainly an exercise for the extension of the hip
  2. The most difficult part of the exercise is at the highest point, which highly activates the extension of the thigh
  3. Knees bent during the exercise, so the rear surface of the hip does not turn on to work
  4. The knee joint is practically not involved in the exercise

This exercise also loads the back less than squatting with a barbell, as the rod is not on the shoulders, and holds before the hips. Therefore, raising the pelvis with a barbell is extremely useful for people who have suffered injuries.

How to perform this exercise:

Sit right in front of the bench. Put the barbell on the hips. To protect the femoral bone, you can use a soft gasket. Then lie the blades on the bench.

Start raising the pelvis, distributing your own weight between the blades and heels. At the top point, make a small pause, then return to the starting position.

9. Feet opening in the block

Footheading in crossover

These exercises are not prerogative of Cindy Crawford training. Having a shock absorber - an excellent exercise on the entire group of the butorous muscles by virtue of the large corner of the leg leads.

How to perform this exercise:

Attach the shock absorber to the ankle of the right leg. Stand up to the load crash face at a distance of the half meter and shake hands beyond. Bend a little knees and strain the buttocks. Slowly assigned the working leg back, resisting the stress of the shock absorber, then return to its original position. Make the required number of repetitions and change the working leg.

To use the entire group of the buttock muscles, turn the left-handed foot to the left.

10. Side squats on one leg

"Raisin" of this exercise is that the leg is assigned to the side. Thanks to this body weight shifts on working leg and buttock.

How to perform this exercise:

Stand up with the right foot on the box or bench, left to the side, without touching it by the floor, then make squatting on the right foot. Make focus on the heel and go up, including the work of the buttock. Make the required number of repetitions and change your leg.

11. Bulgarian lunges

Bulgarian split squats

One of the most complex, but at the same time useful exercises on all groups of muscles of the upper part of the legs, and not just on the buttock muscles. Try to put the entire foot on the bench behind you, and then stand only to the toe. You will feel a huge difference.

How to perform this exercise:

This exercise can be performed both with a barbell on the shoulders and keeping in each hand to dumbbells. I will describe the technique of performing Bulgarian attacks with dumbbells.

Stand your back to the bench and make sure that you are at a sufficient distance to execute the fall. Make sure that the knee of work legs does not go to the sock. Put one of the legs on the bench and take the dumbbells into each hand. Sunday until the rear knee is almost touched by the floor, and the work hip will not be parallel to the floor. Then push off the heel of the front leg and return to its original position. Make the required number of repetitions and change your leg.

Exercises for the middle jagged muscle (and small)

Since the muscle fibers of medium and small butorous muscles have different location and attachment points from a large jagged muscle, and also turn on to work under a different angle, then the functions they perform others.

Their main role is to stabilize the pelvis and the relief of the thigh. The following exercises are just aimed at this.

12. Lifting legs

This is an excellent exercise for heating the berous muscles, which also helps learn how to hold the pelvis on one leg. It is mandatory for athletes, in particular for runners.

How to perform this exercise:

Stand up one foot on a slight elevation - for example, a step. Lift the opposite thigh and pelvis, hold for 3-5 seconds. Then slowly lower to the floor. Repeat the exercise before the feeling of fatigue (usually 1-2 minutes), then change your leg. Make sure that the working foot is straight, and the shoulders do not roll over side.

13. Hip Hip Lying On Side

Do you have a maturity of a tibial tract? In most people, yes, and the reason for this is the muscles formed - "the thigh's wide fascia fascia - which is located in the upper and lateral part of the legs, just below the femoral bone.

During training on the jagged muscles, you need to make sure that the exercises that you perform will maximize the engineering muscles, and not the thigh's wide fascia. Since these muscles are very close, you need to understand the anatomy well to distinguish them.

Good news is that the study published in Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy has shown that along with the stretching of the hips and raising the pelvis, the disgrace of the hip lying on the side is one of the most effective exercises that will use the average magnificent muscle With the minimum incorporation of the thigh wide fascia. (four)

Perhaps when performing this exercise, you will look ridiculous, but what's the difference! The main thing is very useful for strengthening the middle and small buttock muscles.

How to perform this exercise:

Lie on the left side, putting his head on the left hand. Take the thigh about 45 degrees, and knees bend 90 degrees. Make sure the hips and knees hold together. Start to remove the thigh upper leg up, while watching the feet together, then return to its original position. Make the required number of repetitions, then flip over the other side.

During the exercise, do not unfold the case along with the thigh.

14. Squats with an expander

This exercise will help you nail more efficiently. Many people traumatize their knees during squats because of the wrong technique, which can lead to more serious problems, such as a break of an anterior crucible bundle.

Since the shock absorber is put on slightly above the knees, it helps to include middle and small buttock muscles into operation and prevents the knee extension. Learn to perform this exercise first with your own weight, and then add a shock absorber.

How to perform this exercise:

Put the shock absorber on the feet, slightly above the knees. Keep your head and breasts straight, the legs are slightly wider shoulders widths to feel the shock absorber tension. Strain the muscles of the press and lower the pelvis back and down (as if sitting on the chair), holding the weight on the heels and squeezing as low as possible. Keep the shock absorber voltage using the operation of the jagium muscles so that the knees remain parallel throughout the exercise.

Return to its original position, pushing out the heels from the floor and holding the buttocks with elastic, and the knees are parallel.

15. Side strap with foot lifting

This is a more complex version of the side plank, aimed at developing the muscles of the center and the berous muscles. Pretty nontrivial exercise, during the execution of which you will feel that it is much easier to perform it on one side than on the other. The 2009 study showed that along with various exercises on the buttock muscles, the discharge of the thigh lying on the side - that it is most useful for the development of the average butorous muscle, it is most useful for the development of a medium-sized muscle. (five)

How to perform this exercise:

Lie on the left side, put the elbow right under the shoulder, the legs should be straight, feet together. Strain the muscles of the center and raise the pelvis up, forming a straight line from the ankle to the shoulder. Then lift the upper leg, while not bending the knee. Delay for 3-5 seconds, lower the leg, repeat. After the required number of repetitions, turn over the other side.

16. Power Step with Expander

The easiest way to understand how this exercise looks like is to imagine a zombie that goes from side to side. It looks funny, but then your buttocks will burn in a matter of seconds.

How to perform this exercise:

Tension the shock absorber around the ankles. Make sure the voltage is sufficient, even when the legs are on the width of the shoulders. Holding the legs straight, step to the right (straining the right buttock) and smoothly pull up the left foot. Continue to step up the necessary amount of repetitions (or a certain distance), then to the left.

17. Touch the sock in the slope - the knee-forward

This is an exercise that I once performed with my footballers. It is focused on the development of stability when the knee is moving forward to the chest, which is why I recommend it to everyone who is engaged in running.

How to perform this exercise:

Standing in the original position on the left leg, lean forward, pulling the right leg back, the back is holding smooth, and the muscles of the center are intense. Touch the right hand left sock. Then, turning on the work of the jagged muscles and the rear surface of the hip, still standing on the left leg, return to its original position and output the right knee in front of the breast. Delay for 2-3 seconds, then repeat first. The latter is very important for this exercise, so do not hurry. Make the required number of repetitions, then change your leg.

18. Circle foot in a vertical position

Since this exercise is usually performed during a warm-up, you probably wonder what is the jagged muscles. But do not worry, make several circles or perform them faster, and you will feel the inclusion of the buttocks to work.

How to perform this exercise:

Stand up on my left leg, right slightly lift from the floor and start drawing it small circles from the hips first in front of yourself, then on the side, finally - rear. Perform 3-5 circles clockwise and counterclockwise under each angle. The buttock muscles of the support leg will work on maintaining the stability of the pelvis, so try to stand straight and without swaying.

19. Walking in the "Bridge" position on the ball

Additional exercise, which involves both sides of your back at the "cross" movements. In fact, when the jagged muscle works on one side, automatically turn on the operation of the muscles of the lower back from the opposite side. It also happens while walking, running or lifting the stairs. This is an excellent exercise on these muscle groups, which, plus, also looks beautiful.

How to perform this exercise:

Put the ball under the head and shoulders as a pillow, stretch your hands to the sides and strain. As in all exercises with the ball aimed at developing sustainability, it is important to make sure that the thighs are raised, and the body forms a straight line from his knees to the shoulders. Strain the buttocks and start moving to the left, you must feel like in particular the right buttock and the bottom of the back on the left side.

4 Recommendations for the construction of a proportional body

In any training, it is important a variety of exercises. Therefore, you do not need to choose the only exercise from the list above and perform it to the loss of the pulse. It is better to include them several.

Each muscle consists of various fibers that are included in the work at different moves. Performing a number of exercises on the tedious muscles, you can use all of them.

Given these facts below, 4 recommendations for the choice of exercises for training are presented. As a rule, you need to make sure that:

  1. Included at least one type of exercise on a large buttock muscle
  2. A number of exercises on squats are included.
  3. Included exercises on becoming
  4. Included exercises aimed at developing stability that activate the average and small buttock muscles

3 workouts that give the right form of the buttocks

Now that you know the best exercises on the jagged muscles, you can present three ways to lay them in full-fledged training on creating a form, strengthening and maintaining your buttocks.

I gave the name of each workout on the basis of its main goal:


KP - "The number of repetitions", implying that you need to choose the optimal weight to perform the proposed number of repetitions

Training 1 - Athletic Development

The purpose of this training is the development of force and endurance. Therefore, you do not need to hurry when performing exercises. Instead, try lifting a heavier weight with a smaller number of repetitions. Rest 1-3 minutes between approaches and repetitions to possess the maximum when performing each of them.

Perform two approaches before going to the next exercise. Rest 1-3 minutes between approaches.

  • Mahi Garyami - 10 kp
  • Ranan traction - 6 kp
  • Deep squats - 6 kp
  • Hip align standing on hands and knees - 10 kp on every leg
  • Raise pelvis with a barbell - 6 kp

Training 2 - shape and tone

This training was created for those people (especially women) who want to achieve elastic buttocks that ideally look in any jeans.

  • Raise the pelvis from the floor with the knee pressed to the chest - 10 KP for each leg
  • Power step with shock absorber - 10 steps one way
  • Hip alignment standing on hands and knees - 10 repetitions for each leg
  • Rises - 6 kp
  • Romanian rodged traction - 10 kp
  • Foot recurrence with shock absorber - 10 kp per leg

Training 3 - "bulletproof" back

This training should be part of a common training plan for each of us due to the importance of exercises aimed at developing stability, which, moreover, increase overall performance.

Based on the title, this training is protecting the back, as all three buttock muscles include work. Remember that the jagged muscles are a "press" for the back, so the more healthy, the better, especially if you spend most of the day in a sitting position.

  • Raise and lower legs - 10 kp per leg
  • Hip discharge in position lying on the side - 10 kp per side
  • Circle foot in a vertical position - 3 circles (at every angle) for each leg
  • Touch of the sock in the slope - the knee-forward - 10 kp on each leg
  • Squat with shock absorber - 10 kp
  • Raise the pelvis from the floor with the knee pressed to the chest - 10 KP for each leg
  • Walking in the "Bridge" position on the ball - 5 KP for each leg

What to do next?

I hope that you liked the detailed guide to perform exercises on the jagged muscles. All you need to do to achieve the result is described above. If you are satisfied with this article, share it with three friends.

You can become a hero for your friends, helping them to pass the way from "sagging and flat ass" to the feeling of pride for being seen in the mirror. In addition, the presented exercises can also save many people who have known to you from the problems with your back. Be a good friend and share love.

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Developed jagged muscles are beautiful and helpful. Participating in almost every movement, they help to fix posture, remove the burden on the spine, reduce the risk of pain in the lumbar and joints. Periodic training of the house with effective exercises on the buttocks increases the power indicators, thanks to which you feel much more confident. But, most importantly, your figure acquires elegant outlines and appetizing forms at home, in front of which it is very difficult to resist, and most often it is absolutely impossible!

Group of target muscles: large, medium and small buttock

A large rhombid muscle in women is the most noticeable among the others, since it is located on the surface and "shelters" the rest of the muscles. Its main functions are beyond flexion and extension, body fixation, index adjustment. The average lateral muscle can be visible, if you look at the side, but in size it is much smaller, although it has a number of no less important functions: allows you to remove the legs back, rotate the thigh inside and out. It is impossible to distinguish a small buttock muscle, but her training is necessary, because it is responsible for the work of the hip joint. Weak small muscles lead to the omission of the pelvis, which, in turn, visually reduces the buttocks.

Target muscle groups

Target muscle groups

Breed Musculature

Buttocks Musculattsians allow us to run, jump, squat. They are able to carry large loads and distribute them to protect the joints from overvoltages. The buttock muscles participates in all sorts of driving movements: turns, slopes, rotations. The weakness of these muscles reduces the efficiency of the entire body. Therefore, to train and load the buttocks are necessary, even if you do not have time for a simulator room. Most exercises are easily amenable to self-study at home.

10 best effective exercises on the buttocks: form your training program at home (video)

In order for the home fitness as efficient as possible, first of all, basic exercises should be performed. These include various types of squats, lunges, bridges. Such exercises include a large number of muscle groups, thanks to which the body is developing proportionally. If you are new to this area, or have not been trained for a long time, we strongly recommend starting training with our own weight (without dumbbells and weights).

1. Classic squats for women.

This exercise is known to everyone, but not everyone is familiar with the implementation technique. To eliminate the risk of injury, stretching, use the following squat algorithm:

  1. Rack: Feet wider than shoulders, Socks Expand to the sides.
  2. The position of the hands may be invariant: behind the head, on the belt, ahead, on the chest. The main thing is that the selected pose allows you to maintain balance throughout the exercise.
  3. Straighten your back, begin to squat, pulling the pelvis back.
  4. Your knees and socks must be on one parallel line.
  5. Do not lower your head, watch your breath: down - inhale, up - exhale.
  6. Make 3 approaches of squats 15 times.
Target muscles

Appliances squats

2. Squakes "Plie".

This type of squatches came to the sphere of fitness from ballet. An unusual leggings may appear to girls uncomfortable, but when compliance with the technique, this exercise is 100% forces the work of the buttocks, thigh quadriceps, leading the muscles of the thigh, caviar and the muscles of the lower back. If at home you have a dumbbell or a weight (you can replace it with a water bottle), turn on gradually additional weights in the squeezes "Plie". Exercises with weight faster activate muscles and develop them efficiently.


Execution with burden

Execution technique:

  1. Put your feet on a wide rack and expand them so that your knees look at the sides.
  2. Socks should also be directed opposite.
  3. Keep hands in front of you (palms in the "lock").
  4. Start omitting the body, pulling the pelvis back.
  5. As soon as you start feeling burning in the jagged muscles, straighten the housing.
  6. IMPORTANT! Buttocks are not relaxing, keep them in a stressful state.
  7. We recommend to make 3 approaches of 15-17 repetitions (break between approaches 30-40 seconds).

3. Fucks forward

Simple, but incredibly effective exercise, which is also included in the "base". Having mastered his technique, you irrevocably include the growth of the berical muscles, since the attacks are aimed at pumping a particularly large and medium muscle. When performing (after several workouts with its own weight), you can make drops with dumbbells or bottles. But do not use too large weight, increase the load slowly, first of all listen to your body!

Active muscles

Expandment technique

Ideal technique:

  1. Hands remove on the belt, straighten your back, straighten your shoulders.
  2. Hold your head straight (or a little up).
  3. Make a step forward and start lying on one knee.
  4. Pay attention to the front foot: the corner in the knee joint = 90 о, Knee and Stop must be on one parallel.
  5. We raise the case, transferring the center of gravity to the back leg.
  6. Do not forget about the breath: the prison is inhale, the initial position is exhale.
  7. Every time we change your legs. Approaches for each - 3 times, the number of repetitions is 12-15.

4. Mostik

The bridge is aimed at working out the buttocks and honey. In addition, it perfectly involves the ion-colored muscles, spinal extensors, the cortex muscles (responsible for stabilization of the pelvis and vertebrae). The bridge is an excellent multipurpose exercise for training at home, which allows you to adjust the weight, develop the muscles of the press, buttocks and hips, to strengthen the hip joints.

Jagged bridge

Proper technique

  1. Lie on your back, bend your legs and put the feet a little wider shoulders.
  2. Hands are removed along the body so as to touch the floor palms (sofa, rug).
  3. With the focus on the entire surface of the foot, raise the pelvis as much as possible.
  4. Then smoothly lower it in its original position.
  5. The optimal number of sets: 4, the number of repetitions is 15.
  6. Between the approaches, make a holiday for 20-30 seconds.

There are several types of bridge: with phytball, from bench, with extra weight. For a diversity, alternate various variations of the bridge in their workouts so that the body does not have time to get used to the same load. Replacing one equipment exercise to another, but alternative will make your muscles work much more efficiently.

Instead of Fitbol, ​​you can use any other support: a chair, a sofa, bench. The goal of the execution of the buttock bridge is to stretch the muscles with a berry group and lead them into the tone. In addition, simple movements of the pelvis perfectly remove the stresses from the lumbar department and lead blood circulation.

5. Walking on the buttocks

This exercise solves several problems at once: Extra weight removes cellulite, increases immunity, normalizes the operation of the stomach and intestines, increases the mobility of the joints, eliminates the pain in the spinal and lumbar departments, restores the tone in the body and, of course, strengthens the tumor muscles. Thus, you not only lead the body into a good physical condition, but also improve your health.

Options for walking in buttocks

Strive for perfect techniques!

Features Exercise:

  1. Sit on the floor, use a gymnastic rug for comfort.
  2. Straighten your legs and keep them in a relaxed state.
  3. Hands bend in the elbows, plump slightly to the body.
  4. Start moving around sitting on the buttocks, including the work exclusively butorous muscles.
  5. One approach is 5 repetitions (small distances forward or to the side). Total perform 3-4 approaches.

6. Mahi feet

If you have overweight and you are aimed to get rid of it, then the training should be dynamically. Include in your program Mahi legs. This exercise burns fat in the field of beeder, strengthens and develops buttocks. For comprehensive and uniform load, combine various types of exercise: Mahi back, mahu on the sides, maugh bent and straight leg.

Mahi one foot

Embodiment: Exporing Palm

  1. Loku on the floor (with or without a rug), make focus on straight hands (another option: focus on elbows).
  2. Keep your back straight, do not bump in the lower back.
  3. Put the legs on your knees.
  4. Start raising one leg up or remove it to the side, keeping the case in statics.
  5. Change your legs in times.
  6. If the exercise is given to you enough, use weights.
  7. Number of approaches: 3 15 times per leg.

Option 1: No weightlifiers, on straight hands.

Option 2: with extra weight, on elbows.

7. Stool exercise

This static exercise does not require a huge amount of energy, but it effectively operates in several directions: strengthens the jagged muscles, normalizes blood circulation, stabilizes the pressure, returns health to the joints and ligaments. You can perform a "chair" to any free time from work or include it in the training program of the buttocks.

Muscles that use exercise

Proper technique

  1. Stand near the wall, put your feet on the width of the shoulders.
  2. Shovels, squeeze to the wall, shift along the body.
  3. IMPORTANT! Palms during the exercise should touch the walls, you can not put hands on your knees!
  4. Slowly go on the invisible "chair", forming angle in the knees 90 о.
  5. Hold in this post to the highest possible time.
  6. Make three approaches.

8. "Bike"

To purchase the desired forms, someone needs to lose weight, and someone, on the contrary, to rest. Exercise "Bicycle" is suitable for any case, it dynamically includes the work of the press muscle and buttocks, eliminates cellulite deposits, improves the structure of the skin. In addition, the "bike" tones the body and strengthens its immune system.

Bicycle execution option

Operation of muscle press and buttocks

Observe the following exercise technique:

  1. Lie on the floor, remove your hands behind the head or put them along the body.
  2. Raise your legs, slightly bent in the knees.
  3. Start making movement like a twist of pedals on a bike.
  4. Smoothly change your legs, keep the body static.
  5. Repeat the exercise 3 times to 30-40 seconds.

9. Lyzhka's leg lifting on the side

To make the small and middle jagged muscles work, it is necessary to carry out the leg lifting (one or immediately two) from the position of the lying on the side. The exercise is aimed at working out the muscles hips, the press, the calbal and the cambal muscles. The lifting can be performed instead of morning charging, they will help get rid of fat at the bottom of the abdomen and on the sides, as well as speed up the process of growth of the buttocks.

Active muscles when performing the lifting:

Active muscles when performing the lifting

Proper technique

Option 1. Close one foot.

  1. Lie the side, shoggle your hand into the elbow and put under the head.
  2. Make an emphasis on another hand so that when performing an exercise does not lose balance.
  3. Start raising one leg up, and then smooth it smoothly.
  4. Repeat the exercise 10 times per leg.

Option 2. Rock up two legs.

  1. The initial position is the same: the hand that first supported the head, straighten and put on the floor.
  2. Start raising both legs up.
  3. Smoothly lower and lift them for 10-12 times in 4 approaches.
Working of femoral and buttock muscles

Technique implementation

10. Climb knees on the stomach

With the help of knee lifting, we make a bright focus on a large jagged muscle and hodges. This exercise can be performed with straight or bent legs, lying on the floor or on a bench, with weights and without. Choose an optimal option for yourself, which will make your buttocks "burn". Do not forget about the respiratory technique: when picked up the legs, do inhale, when returning to its original position - exhale.

Initial position

Climbing knees

  1. Lie on the stomach, remove the hands under the head.
  2. Keep your shoulders and torso in a relaxed state.
  3. Turn into work exclusively bottom: legs and buttocks.
  4. Bend the legs in the knees and lift them up.
  5. Smoothly lower, repeating the exercise 10-12 times in 3 approaches.

Video - option lifting with a support on the bench:

Immediately before training, do not forget to make a workout. These can be various aerobic exercises or cardion. After intensive load on the feet and buttocks, it is useful to do stretching exercises and flexibility.

From your purpose, be it a slimming or a set of mass depends on the inclusion of certain exercises in the training program. In order to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, use dynamic exercises: bike, mahs, walking on the buttocks. If your goal is to dial a lot, give preference to statics. Nevertheless, in both cases, for intensive workout, the buttocks do "base", gradually increasing the load using sports equipment (weightlifiers, dumbbells, weights) or by adding approaches and repetitions.

Beautiful buttocks are the part of the body that is causing especially close attention of men and women. If for someone it is a secret, then women also stare on men's ass and just the buttocks are the part of the body that women assess when choosing a sexual partner. Well, about the beauty of the female fifth point and there is nothing to say. It is enough to see how guys behave when they see a beautiful female ass. No wonder all interests the question of how to make the ass is more sexy. Well, today we'll figure it out.

Hey! Today will be an article on a sports topic. How to quickly pump the buttocks? How much can the buttocks be supplemented? What are the most effective exercises to give the shape of the jagged muscles? Today I will consider many of these and other issues, giving you many practical advice on this topic.

Articles with exercises for buttocks:

Anatomy of Yagoditz

Anatomy of the buttocks is a very important question, because We need to know how the muscle works to pump them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The muscles of the buttocks are belonging to the muscles of the back surface of the hip and are involved in the strain of the body, as well as the movement of the legs back and to the side.

Anatomy of Yagoditz

As can be seen from the picture, then almost the entire volume of the buttock occupies a large jagged muscle (Lat. Gluteus Maximus). Therefore, the appearance will be more dependent on its form.

Functions of a large jagged muscle:

  1. Strong torso.
  2. Take a foot back.

Average (lat. Gluteus Medius) + small (gluteus minimus) Buttock muscles are located at the top of the buttocks and almost completely covered with a large jagged muscle.

Functions of medium and small buttock muscles:

  1. Take a foot to the side.

That's all the anatomy, friends. As you can see, everything is simple.

Since we started talking about the anatomy of the buttocks of the girls, let's wonder what the forms of the buttocks are in the girls.

What are the forms of buttocks from girls

Before proceeding with training, you need to understand what is required to change itself.

So that the buttocks have purchased a beautiful form, it is necessary to hypertrophore them (enlarge) highly damaged work with iron.

Most women have a problem in this, since a sedentary lifestyle leads to their declarations and accusation. Buttocks are the same muscles that will look so-so, if they do not deal with them.

Yes, there is a correction for genetics, someone's originally ass will look much more beautiful, because It is genetically, it will be more rounded, for example, with a smaller waist than another girl, but more beautiful to make buttocks can every girl, just in varying degrees.

Just here we are with you and get on you forms of berry muscles.

Many also need to eliminate cellulite and excess fat deposits. Without proper nutrition, it will naturally do it. To the transformation of your body, we will approach complex, systematically.

I will not ship you right away at once and at the same time, let's in order.

When choosing exercises, it is necessary to take into account the form of buttocks. This innate quality (genetics, if you want), it will not be possible to change it, you can only squeeze the maximum of what the mother was awarded.

There are four main types of women's buttocks, each has its own features in training.

What are the forms of buttocks from girls

  • Square buttocks look flat, they lack volume on the sides. Classic squats are suitable (for increasing the total muscular mass of the buttocks), side maughs with burdens, Bulgarian cried, need stretching for stretching muscle fascia. By the way, be sure to read the article on my blog about how to make a stretch .
  • The round shape of the buttock is ideal. The muscles are uniformly developed, so the ass looks round. It is recommended to maintain the shape of squats. Most girls with such a form to grow muscle mass of the buttocks, and in general, it is not difficult to bring them into a form, such a form grows perfectly from almost any exercises. I advise squats, Bulgarian cried.
  • Pop Candy or an inverted triangle. At the bottom more than the volume than top. Such buttocks can blame, but also this form perfectly led to growth and looks perfectly in a couple of months of regular training (here, of course, much depends on the total amount of fat in the body). To tighten the muscles of priests with the shape of the "turned heart" also need strength exercises, such as squats, Bulgarian cries, leads to the crossover to the top to work perfectly to work the upper part of the buttocks.
  • Inverted triangle. Such ass is found from thin girls. It is characterized by a disadvantage of the volume below. To give a rounded form, exercises with additional burdens (as, however, and with other forms of the buttocks, there is nothing new). To fix this form of priests, it will be necessary to try both in terms of workouts and in terms of food (needed a surplus caloric content due to complex carbohydrates by 200-400 kcal from the point of reference). Exercises are perfectly suitable squats, attacks (Bulgarian sat), the dead traction.

Now let's talk about how much you can pump the jagged muscles.

For how much you can pump the buttocks

For how much you can pump the buttocks

If you wish and competent training, you can pump the buttocks very quickly! Of course, much depends on the state of your body "on the start". If you, for example, weighed 120 kg, then whatever your buttocks would not be, they will not be visible behind the layer of fat. Here is an article about How to lose weight quickly .

And the process of the development of the buttock muscles is not very different from pumping the muscles of the rest of the body and obeys the same growth rules as all the muscles, namely:

  1. The progression of the load (should grow the volume of workout). Perhaps the main rule, because Muscle makes no sense to increase if the load does not grow.
  2. The load should fall exactly to the target (you need to learn how to feel the muscles that you want to develop).
  3. Required recovery (fractional power 3-5 times a day + sleep 8-10 hours).

That's all. What the scrupulous you will comply with these rules, the faster you can pump up your buttocks. It is not as difficult as it seems.

Buttock muscles quickly respond to the load, because It contains a rather large amount of mixed muscle fibers, which means that growth will go, in almost any range of repetitions. But for girls, especially for newcomers, I advise at least 12-15 repetitions in each approach to:

  1. Improve the exercise technique (feel so that the load falls exactly to the target).
  2. Take the maximum number of different muscle fibers.

How to quickly pump the buttocks

It is possible to quickly pump up the juicy buttocks only if you give the load needed to grow, load the buttocks, not legs or back, and also to restore it well (to eat 3-5 times a day + sleep 8-10 hours).

We need the shortest + the most effective way, so the training will be directed to the simulator room, because This is logical.

You can endlessly to jog on aerobics, or go to the pool, but you will receive the most beautiful and juicy buttocks only from bodybuilding and fitness classes. Because this sport is directed to this - change the shape of the muscles!

This is logical. After all, if a person wants to learn to quickly run, he goes on an easy athletic, because It is directed to it, and not to throw the kernel. So I do not understand why people want to make themselves beautiful buttocks, but go to aerobics, which does not give the necessary load for growth? Rave.

Now consider the most effective exercises for the development of your buttocks.

Deep squats

Deep squats with a barbell on shoulders are the best bodybuilding exercise and the number one exercise for the development of sexy buttocks.

Need deep squats, i.e. Such so that your caviars are imprinted in Biceps Booter. You need to squat not up to parallels with the floor, but below!

Execution technique:

  • Source position - legs put a little wider shoulders, the feet are slightly unfolding out, the back is completely straightened, the torso is tense, the head is slightly raised;
  • squat very deeply as possible;
  • The back is always straightforward (use weightlifting belt);
  • move back, up do not start in inertia ("beating" up), and slightly pass the pause at the bottom point;
  • Increase the weight on the rod only when put the right technique, not earlier;

First, it is better to press with an empty vulture opposite the mirror. Rate the depth of the squat with different layout of the legs and choose the most optimal option for yourself.

Dead Target

Dead craving - This is an awesome exercise for the development of the hip biceps and buttocks. One of the best.

There is a kind of dead traction, when we are not lowered by the bar, but I lower it up to the middle of the legs, it is called Romanian taiga. In fact, this is the same exercise, but the Romanian thrust, in my opinion, more concentrated loads the buttocks and the rear surface (biceps) of the thigh.

I will not additionally write about Romanian craving, you will be sorry for me (by the way, it is she depicted in the picture from above), because The performance technique is distinguished by the fact that the rod does not fall on the floor, and stops in the middle of the legs.

The main thing, put first the correct technique of performing this exercise, and then increase weight weights.

Try to perform this exercise very slowly! Stay at the bottom point for a couple of seconds, thus tightening the negative phase.

Execution technique:

Dead craving

  • Source position - stand straight, holding a rod stretched on the elongated hands, pull the shoulders back, get back in the lower back and raise the boobs upstairs;
  • Start moving from the fact that you slowly assign the pelvis back, but save the deflection of the lower back;
  • Go away until the pelvis moves back! It is very important! Otherwise, further you will fall only at the expense of the spine (biceps hips are turned off), and this is not good. The rod drops to about the middle of your legs, you will feel stretching in biceps hips;
  • Start back from the pelvis! Serve it forward. Without impact of legs! Only pelvis! This is the difference from the brazing traction;

Split-cried (Variables)

Blinds with a barbell on the shoulders

This is an exercise that concentrated affects this muscular group! It raises your jagged muscles very intense! Do not overdo it, develop buttocks evenly with other muscles so that there is no disproportion.

Vasses are three species:

  1. With a step of foot forward.
  2. With foot pitch back.
  3. With leg pound in side.

With leg pound forward This is the most classic option. And we will perform it.

Execution technique:

  • Source position - back straight, rod on shoulders, chest a little forward;
  • Make one foot step forward and bend your knee leg until the thigh of this leg is parallel to the floor;
  • Knee the other legs to lower almost before touching the floor (but do not touch, it is possible to be injured from constant blows about the floor);
  • Torso Always keep directly, do not deviate back, in the side or forward;
  • Perform the desired number of repetitions for one leg, and then go to another leg;

Mahi feet

Mahi legs are a cool version of an insulating exercise and an effective way to swing up the ass. You can perform them from the standing position, keeping your hand for the support, or lying on the floor. Mach forward, back, to the side, straining jagged muscles.

To increase the load to the ankle, you need to tie the cargo, or perform Mahi in the crossover, as in the picture below.

Mahi feet

If you want to pump up the ass at home, then the foot lift is not made in the crossover, but standing on all fours.

Mahi are performed by the foot bent in the knee. It is necessary to raise it at the expense of the tension of the jagical muscles. In the lower position of the knee to the floor, do not set until the required number of repetitions is performed.

Warheading back

You can use such special devices as weightlifiers (sold in any sportswear), or it is elementary to climb water bottles.

Mahi feet back

Training program for buttocks

Well, as usual, I will give several specific recommendations on the preparation of the training program for this muscle group.


If you are a novice, then only deep squats are enough for the growth of the berical muscles.

  1. Deep squats: 3-4 approaches x 10-15 repetitions;

This is really the best exercise for the development of berium muscles, as well as in bodybuilding in general. Although I generally against specialization On one muscular group, if you begin.

For beginners, it is better to work According to this program . No need to think about specialization in the ass.

If your level of preparation is already high enough, and you want yourself an outstanding ass, then for you the next set of exercises.


For advanced athletes, we will do all three of the world's exercises that we disassembled the article.

  1. Deep squats: 5-6 approaches x 6-15 repetitions;
  2. "Dead traction": 5-6 approaches x 8-15 repetitions;
  3. Split-cried: 5-6 approaches x 8-15 repetitions;

We carry out the complex, it is starting with the squats, because This exercise is basic and it uses not only the jagged muscles (although ideally, it is necessary to achieve concentrated loading of the buttocks).

There is a variation of the execution of this exercise in the simulator Smith. There you can achieve more concentrated loading of the jagical muscles, because Movements are limited and the muscles-stabilizers are turned off.

Next comes "Dead Tract". Exercise is also basic, because Provides both buttocks and biceps of the thigh.

Third exercise conditional and basic, but stronger insulating buttocks. Therefore, I perform it at the end. In this exercise, you need to raise weight very carefully, so as not to injure your knee joints.

Range of repetitions, as you can see, unusual 6-15 repetitions. As I said above, our buttocks are filled with a plurality of mixed muscle fibers, so they are responding to the load in almost any number of repetitions, experiment that it works better on you: a low-peer (6-8) or multi-acting (12-20).

How to pump up the ass girl. conclusions

Let's, dear girls, I summon what said today in this article:

  1. Almost the entire volume of the buttocks occupies a large jagical muscle, which is why it is necessary to focus on it.
  2. Under certain conditions, it is possible to change the shape of the buttocks very quickly, not a week, of course, but for a month you can already see an effective result.
  3. The most effective exercises for priests are: squats with a barbell on the shoulders, the dead traction with a barbell and split-cried.

If you do not have the opportunity to go to the gym, then I have an article, how to quickly pump up the ass at home . Be sure to read.

In the article, I did not consider more progressive sets of exercises for the buttocks, because I believe that it is better to make more approaches on really working exercises than to dissipate efforts to different, new-fashioned exercises and jogging feet.

By the way, if you liked the article, I advise you to read the article on my blog about that how to remove ears on the hips .

Use the knowledge gained, friends. With this information, the buttocks will be hampered much easier.

P.S. Subscribe to blog updates . Further will only be cooler.

With respect and best wishes, Nikita Volkov!

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How to pump a beautiful ass

You find out how to make buttocks more thanks to our complex training! All exercises and necessary motivation are presented here, which will help you create a Brazilian ass in the shortest possible time!

As a rule, women pay a lot of attention to their buttocks. Too big, too small, too samped, too discover, sturdy or not enough. For most women, such obsession comes down to one main issue: how to make buttocks more ?

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the trip, because you go to this Brazilian paradise.

When we pay our envious eyes to Latin America, we see a completely different picture. But when we look at the portuguese-speaking part of the continent, we begin to experience real jealousy. This is because Brazilian ladies boast very outstanding ass. And it's not about the models that demonstrate swimsuits. On Rio de Janeiro beaches, you can find a large number of owners of sexy buttocks of all ages.

So what is the Brazilian secret? Are these women really have an excellent geneticist that got them from Aztec ancestors? Or is there something else? Can Brazilian beauties teach us how to make buttocks more?

Fortunately yes, quite.

Beautiful Pop

Brazilian women pay a large amount of attention to their buttocks and make an emphasis on them when they set priorities when planning training. Often they spend on 30 minutes To work on the buttocks during each workout. This zone is not developed at the end of a 45-minute session dedicated to the chest and back. All this time is intended only for buttocks.

There is no secret on how to make the ass. It is worth paying attention to common sense. To get the magnificent buttocks, you just need to work on them. But you stand with the mind to approach such a task.

In this case, this means that you need to focus on the desired zone in the process of workout instead of working on it from the case towards the case.

You must also correctly perform all items included in Program of exercises aimed at buttocks . It is necessary to work with a complete return, you must provide yourself with full load so that the desired zone began to change for the better.

You must understand that the minute pleasure of food can lead to long-lasting disappointment. Control over its diet is a decisive factor when it comes to work on any part of the body, it is especially true of the buttocks. The thing is that with this zone in women there are more problems. In this area, fat is most often postponed, in fact, this is the first place in the body, accumulating fat deposits. It is also the most prone to cellulite.

You need to know that you cannot completely remove fat from any part of your body. Controlling its food and training mode to burn extra calories, you can constantly and systematically lose fat deposits in the whole body. Special training will make your buttocks tightened, will help them find shape and elasticity, as well as gain muscle tone.

In addition, it is necessary to understand the importance of motivation that sends your thinking to achieve success. Setting goals, visualization and self-esteem are important elements that help achieve the goal.

This article will help you and explain in detail how to find the buttocks that you dream of. Here you will learn about workouts, physiology, strategies and strength of thinking aimed at creating Brazilian ass , Moreover, no matter where you were born. You can also create a comprehensive nutrition plan, which will help you get rid of excess weight and demonstrate the fruits of your hard work - sexy buttocks that you can show, appearing in an open swimsuit as often as you want.

№1. Learn about the building of the buttock

Building, Anatomy

Women's buttocks are the most attractive part of the body. Unlike other zones (perhaps, with the exception of the chest), this area of ​​women desperately seek to increase. It is also the only area of ​​the body in which the presence of strong and pumped muscles is allowed. Yes, buttocks are a solid zone of contradictions. Let's give a little time and find out what they consist of.

Big Muscle Muscle

It refers to the largest muscle group in your body and constitutes a significant part of your buttocks. Its key functions is the ability to pull out, spread out and rotate the legs. This muscle works in collaborating with a small jagged muscle so that you can perform these movements, and also sit.

Mid-sized muscle

This muscle is located on the outside of the pelvis. Her work is to maintain a pelvic area in a stable position, when you go or hold the equilibrium. Without such a muscular stabilizer, our gait would be a pate, as during intoxication.

Small jagged muscle

As it is clear from the title, this muscle is the smallest of the three and located below the middle jagged muscle. She also helps you save equilibrium.

Three buttock muscles play a key role in the general state of health, strength and endurance. But only if we work on them. In the absence of a sufficient number of necessary physical exercises, our buttocks will not be able to function properly. When we sit at the computer, watch TV or just go, this area of ​​our body does not work. Our sedentary lifestyle is guilty that we do not use the largest muscle group in the body. When we do not work on it, the tone of these muscles is reduced.

Because of this, other small muscle groups of your body also function worse and tension tightened muscles in the lower back area. Perhaps that is why performance in our society is reduced due to the voltage in this spine. And to a greater extent it is associated with the form of the beric muscles than with the weakened muscles of the back.

Also, popliteal tendons suffer from this. The injury of fallated tendons due to different incidents is the most common, and it is also associated with the weakened muscles of the buttocks.

Your buttocks should be in good shape if you want to restore the vitality of your body, strength and endurance. But they need excellent motivation so that you led them into shape. And for this, certain exercises are needed that do not relate to the easy. If you do an exercise for the buttocks, it includes other muscle groups. This is what happens when walking, running, climbing the stairs and other things. Although such exercises are useful for the legs in general, they are not directed specifically to the area of ​​the buttocks.

The form of your priests is directly related to the tone of the tumor muscles. Weak, untrained muscles appear in the form of sagging, flabby and flat buttocks. If they are in a tone and constantly strengthen, your ass will look round and tightened. And what is the difference between these two cases?


Yes, it is muscles. They give your buttocks, elasticity and beauty. By increasing the burden on all areas of this zone, you will speed up the growth of muscle cells and give your ass in the form, as well as find the answer to the question that worries all women: How do I make buttocks more?

Activate your jagged muscles

Activate your jagged muscles

Many movements performed in the gym are potentially useful for berry muscles. But only if you know how to activate them as much as possible while working. Squats, lunges, bar and push-ups can strengthen and develop your buttocks. However, many do not include such exercises in their complex. After examining them in detail, and making the focus on the desired zone during the execution process, you can completely transform your workouts, as well as your ass.

The following complex of special exercises will help you learn how to activate the zone of the jagium muscles to the maximum. This is the first important step in the desire to achieve your goal. You must feel how the necessary muscles work. Probably, at first it will not be, continue to perform such exercises every day until you start focusing precisely on the zone of the buttocks. In this case, you can remove the maximum benefit from them.

4 main exercises for activation of berium muscles

Lifting pelvis lying on his back

Lying on his back with legs bent in the knees, raise the pelvis up, leaning on the heels. During the rise, strain the jagged muscles, spine straightening muscles and popliteal tendons. You must feel the tension in the area of ​​the buttocks, do not transfer it to the bottom of the back. Hold such a static position for sixty seconds.

Lifting pelvis up one foot with a roller support

Lying on the back, bend one leg and lift the pelvis up. The second leg should rely on a special roller. Not shifting the pelvis to the side, strain the jagged muscles. To raise the bottom of the body up, your buttocks must perform the bulk of the work. No need to carry the weight on the bottom of the back. Hold the position for sixty seconds, then repeat the exercise with the other foot.

Exercise Mollusk in the position lying on the side

Lying on the side, bend the hips at an angle of 45 degrees, holding the heels together. In the motion there must be a large jagical muscle when you raise your leg. Perform the exercise for sixty seconds.

Exercise Hunting Dog

Become on all fours, then pull the left hand, while while taking back the right leg. Do not strain the spine. Exercise for sixty seconds, then repeat with the other foot.

These exercises for the buttocks are designed specifically so that you can concentrate muscle tension in the desired area. If you basically feel it at the bottom of the back and popliteal tendons, continue to do the exercises every day until you become concentrated on the zone of the buttocks. Conducting such a training every day will help you find a habit that will help your goal.

№2 The desired image of thoughts - how to develop it

The most important aspect regarding how to make buttocks is more, has no relation to the squats and other exercises on the hips and buttocks. It is not at all about how to remove carbohydrates from your diet. It is clear that all these things are extremely important. But without another essential factor, all efforts and discipline will not lead to the results.

To find Brazilian ass Your dreams, you just need to change your thinking about this issue. It may seem too simple and obvious. However, the main reason why many do not reach their goals in fitness, regardless of which part of the body they need to develop is that they are not enough decisiveness to bring the started to the end.

Interestingly, all such people tend to miss the section of training dedicated to thinking. Perhaps they believe that they do not need it, or they miss this part to move into essence rather.

This is mistake.

If you cannot develop an image of thoughts that will help you consistently execute the program of workouts and nutrition every day, you will not reach your goals.

In fact, if you do not know how to put goals correctly, you will never achieve what we thought. Few people in the world know the secrets of fitness psychology, and they include women with large buttocks. It is time and you join them.

Become an egoist

Basically, women around the world do not reach their goals due to their selflessness. They spend too much time to meet the needs of others - their children, a spouse, the boss of parents, so they simply lack energy and time to pay attention to themselves. Obviously, it does not contribute to productivity. After all, if you do not care about your health and well-being, it will lead to the worst, you just exhaust your potential.

In fact, dedicating every day the time to care about your health, well-being and happiness, you care at the same time and about your loved ones. Therefore, you should be a bit selfish and put temporary priorities, paying time and buttocks.

Think positive

If you are like most other people, then about 60,000 thoughts appear in your head every day. And these myriads of thoughts, their overwhelming majority (98%) are likely to be negative:

«I hate training "

«I can not refuse these cream cakes "

«I will never have such buttocks "

A mental conversation occurring in your head throughout the day plays a key role in your actions. In fact, most of us have such thoughts are negative and have a great influence on what we can (and cannot) achieve. But what happened if you were able to consciously control your thinking, expel the negative from your consciousness and set yourself up for positive way. Guess what exactly:

You can!

No one is able to take away your own thoughts from you, because you are controlling them precisely, and not someone else. Of course, sometimes you can't take control of all thoughts, but your actions depend only on you.

If you discovered a negative thought that invades your fruitful garden of positive thinking, we must consider it as a weed that you need to remove immediately. First, such weeds will be everywhere. But soon you will be able to form a positive environment around yourself.

Do not let yourself succumb to bad thoughts, then you can create a success foundation for yourself, which will help you achieve your goal. This will help you include the most powerful driving force from all known - human subconscious.

Work on the subconscious

Your thinking is similar to Iceberg. The part that rises above the water is consciousness and works during wakefulness, at this time you think, arguing, take information through the senses and rationalize your experience. The massive invisible part of the iceberg personifies the subconscious, which works without being based on logic. It retains automatic reflex forms of behavior, memory and adjust all the automatic functions of the body. The subconsciousness is not able to cut off or sort information, it simply takes it and acts according to it.

The subconscious works exactly as cyborg in films about the Terminator. Being programmed, it carries out a given program with ruthless determination and will not stop until it fulfills it to the end.

So, what messages come from consciousness to the subconscious with the help of commands? These are words that are repeated many times with the emotional and energy promise. All people who constantly say that they cannot do something, set themselves for failure, essentially programming their subconscious. Even if they need to start working on the exercise program, and they know how to find ideal buttocks, their subconscious will find a way to minimize every effort.

Only successfully coping with step number 2, you can program your subconscious on success. Restressing the negative from his consciousness, you find yourself in a profitable position, repeating the positive goal and directing the thoughts about it on yourself. Justifying its goal as if it was already done, you have a powerful impact on your subconscious. For example:

I'm going on the beach in thong. My buttocks are perfectly round, strong and delightful. I like them.

Repeat it more often, and your subconscious will take the rest of the work on yourself. In fact, it will turn you into a cyborg, contributing to the achievement of your physical goals, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had to find Sarah Connor.

Setting goals - the right way

Imagine a game of basketball with blindfolded eyes. You know what you need to get into the target, but you can not see it. It is clearly not defined, and your chances of throwing the ball into the ring are very dubious.

The same thing happens in life. Without a well-defined goal, the chances of achieving your ambitions will be minimal. It's all about the subconscious, which sends you automatically through the usual actions. Setting goals will help you train it to healthy nutrition, intense workouts and a positive way of living have become familiar with your body.

The most powerful system in the world dedicated to the formulation of goals includes 5 separate stages:

  1. Specify your goals: Instead of saying that you want to lose weight, tell me exactly what weight you want to lose. What percentage of fat in the body should you have? What should be equal to the girth of your biceps? Make your goal as clearer as possible.
  2. All goals should be measurable: If you cannot measure your progress, you will not be able to track it on the way to the target. When it comes to a loss of body weight, you need to use weights with the feature of the composition of your body. They will show information not only about how many kilograms you lost, but also about the number of lost fat.
  3. Your goals should cost the effort spent: Instead of limiting yourself with the goals you can achieve now, put global goals to which you really want to get closer. The big goal will motivate you to action and will help you become better. As for your dream body, find the photo where the body you would like to have ideally, and plan your goals based on this.
  4. Set the real term of achieving goals: All commercial ads promising rapid deliverance from excess weight do not indicate the difference between the loss of fat, muscles and liquids. The truth is that you cannot lose more than 1-2 kg of fat mass per week. Have this in mind when setting deadlines for your goals. Therefore, put global tasks, but make sure you plan to perform them in real time.
  5. Divide the goals on step-by-step stages: Small, really achievable tasks that replace each other on the way to your ultimate goal will allow you to divide one global goal to several mini-stages that you need to perform every day, a week or month. This will help you to constantly monitor the task. Your daily goals should rotate around nutrition and training.

In general, you need to record your goals on paper, make them specific, measurable, with realistic, tied to the achievable period, each stage should end daily on the way to a large goal in length. Next, you must put the average tasks (for a period equal to three months) and write them on the card that you need to constantly wear with you. Read the inscription on it at least 7 times a day so that you can keep our subconscious in the tone and make it work automatically.

Do not underestimate this one of the most important aspects on the way to creating large buttocks, because if you do not motivate yourself, no one else will do it! Activation of your subconsciousness is much more effective than you can imagine!

Number 3. Take the power under control

Take the power under control

Magnates Marketing were able to significantly complicate food and turn it into something not too useful. Our ancestors knew what food should be on the table of their family members, they did not know various intricate names, for example, antioxidants and amino acids. They were able to receive all the necessary substances and at the same time not to gain excess weight.

Today we feed a member of our family products that our ancestors would not even take for food. The more people interfere with the natural food production processes, the more toxic food becomes. To make products more tastier, they add substances in which our body does not need at all.

Do not eat treated products

Processed food, in particular, treated carbohydrates, carry a whole list of health problems.

Below is 10 reasons, due to which such products should be avoided at any cost:

  • They increase fat weight
  • They contribute to improving triglycerides
  • They reduce the number of proper cholesterol
  • They suppress your immune system
  • They deprive the body of the necessary minerals
  • They increase insulin level
  • They can cause reactive hypoglycemia
  • They can cause caries
  • They contribute to the occurrence of diabetes
  • They are the reason for the appearance of depression
  • Today you will stop theft of harmful processed food

How to do it:

  • Go to the kitchen and throw away (yes, it is throwing away) all sweets: cookies, cakes, donuts, desserts, sweet flakes, and sugar. Do not give in to the seduction to do the exempteration already started - just get rid of them!
  • Come past the fast food cafe. Tell yourself that they will no longer have a place in your life.
  • Buy various fruits and vegetables for money that you save, having ceased to acquire processed products.
  • Forget about the products with marks: "Light", "without fat", "with a reduced content of fats" - they are also banned.
  • Do not add refined sugar to food.
  • Avoid all artificial ingredients, start reading labels.

Exclude Sugar.

Not only processed products prevent you from achieving your goal, it also concerns sugar.

If you cannot exclude sugar use, you can never create large buttocks.

Sugar - A real silent diversionant who came in us a diet, when all the attention of society was aimed at eliminating fat. Back in the 1990s, fat became a kind of demon, which promotes obesity. Food marketers marked the labels of products with inscriptions "Light", "with a reduced fat content" and "without fat". The problem was that fat provided the products of their fragrance, without it "Light" - the products were completely tasteless. It was necessary to return the taste and what happened in the future.

Now it is known that sugar is addictive. It has been proven that it affects the same centers of pleasure in the brain to which Cocaine is valid. If something causes us is addictive, then we begin to consume more and more similar products. This leads to exceeding the permissible norm, and in order to satisfy the craving, we increase the number of such substances. When this happens with sugar, we gain weight.

One of the main sources of sugar are carbonated drinks. You know that they are harmful to you, we are also known about it. However, they have something that some cannot overcome. The average American drinks 597 cans of carbonated water per year, it is more than 1 ½ banks daily. Imagine that in the future you eat 32 pounds of sugar obtained from 597 carbon cans. Do you know that the use of sugar in such a liquid form makes your body put off fat faster in contrast to traditional sugar?

From this it is not easy to refuse, especially if you constantly use carbonated water. Caffeine as part of such water enhances its action. A sharp cancellation of soda can cause headache, this is a reaction to all toxins that have accumulated in the body as a result of your habit.

The advantages of stopping the use of carbonated water are obvious. You will begin to feel much better.

How to implement this most important task:

  • Buy a bottle, fill it with ordinary water and constantly carry with you.
  • Fill out an empty bottle with 17 teaspoons of sugar, cover a piece of paper on it with the inscription "Drink water" and put on the table. The type of sugar, which is usually hidden in carbonated water, can become a powerful stimulus.
  • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Walk every day in the evening.
  • Get rid of the source. Stop buying unnecessary products, you should not even approach such shelves in the supermarket.

The simple exception of carbonated drinks and fruit juices from its diet will allow you to lose about the pound a week. You should get angry with yourself. Do not agree to the smaller, dietary gashed drinks there is also no place in your diet.

Support the level of hydration

Your body consists of water on 50-70% Depending on your age, as well as the number of fat and muscle mass. Muscular tissue contains more water than in fat, without the receipt of water to the body, death occurs already a few days later.

Why is water vital for survival? The fact is that this is a kind of solvent, which processes other substances and spreads nutrient components throughout the body, so that each organ can perform its work. Water is necessary to remove the decay products from the body, digesting food, providing the medium for the operation of biochemical reactions, body temperature control and communication between cells so that we can perform their daily actions.

Almost 75% of water in the body is contained in cells. The rest is in plasma of blood, sweat discharge, intercellular fluid, lymph and urine. The body in which the amount of fluid flows is enough, is in a state of equilibrium. If there are too few water in the cells, they simply die if the amount of water in them exceeds the norm, it contributes to the damage to the muscles. In order to create and maintain a liquid balance in your body, there are special substances called the electrolyte.

Electrolytes are mineral compounds that dissolving in water are converted into electrically charged particles, called ions. The main electrolytes are sodium, potassium and chlorine.

Under normal conditions, the fluid inside the cells contains more potassium than sodium and chlorine. In a liquid medium outside the cell, on the contrary, more sodium and chlorine than potassium. The cell wall is a semi-permeable membrane, through which some substances can pass and others do not pass. Water molecules and small minerals pass through it freely in contrast to larger molecules, such as proteins.

The process, due to which potassium and sodium flows can function freely, is called sodium pump. If it is stopped, then sodium will accumulate inside the cells, this substance attracts water, therefore, the more sodium in the cell, the greater in it and water. As a result, without the process of sodium pump cells, the cell will simply break and die. A similar process that works is measured, prevents such an imbalance.

If you do not get enough water, your body will quickly give you about it. The first sign is thirst, the second is to reduce urination. If you do not pay attention to these signals, the fabric will begin to rear. Try to drink more water, and your body will work much more efficient.

How to solve this problem:

  • Pick up a suitable water bottle. For example, you can stick to it inspirational stickers. In other words, you should make friends with her!
  • Drink water directly to meals.
  • Drink water, marking each action of your day when you get up, leave the house, sit down at the table or go for lunch.
  • Freeze lemon slices and orange and use them as ice cubes.
  • Put yourself a goal - completely drink all the water bottle before you leave the office.

Increasing the amount of water consumed increases your level of energy, relieves fatigue, removes toxins, improves the complexion, makes you more physically and contributes to the loss of adhesive mass. Brazilian women also use this advantage to make their buttocks more.

Nutrition for muscles

Strong, round and elastic buttocks consist of pumped muscles. In order to develop them, it is necessary to increase the use of protein, which is their basis and the second most important component in your body after water. Protein is responsible for the formation of muscle tissue. To make your buttocks more, you must eat products with a protein content to restore the muscles after exercise.

The protein is contained in red meat, pork, bird, fish, eggs, dairy products, tofu and to a lesser extent in plant food. It will also be useful to include protein cocktail in the diet, which can be drunk immediately after workout. Ensure that protein products make up at least 70% of the total daily protein consumption. Micronized whey protein in powder is faster supplies protein into blood and muscle tissue cells.

To get a daily protein rate every day, take 1 gram for each pound of weight of your body.

№4. Training for Yagoditsa

Training for Yagoditsa

Brazilian ass look perfectly round, elastic and tightened. But such buttocks are created by persistent and hard work. But which one?

Power training

Yes, it is the power training, it is their Brazilian beauties that are fulfilled. This is not about squats of several types that are included in the overall training program. They train with iron shells, focusing primarily on the specific zone of the buttocks.

Rods and women are quite difficult to combine together, according to some people. This is because some women have a subconscious fear of becoming too puffed and unfulfilled. The good news is that it is unlikely, even if you very much. Special power shells are designed to create the body you wish to find. And if you need large buttocks, then with the help of strength exercises you will be able to create them, but this will require certain efforts.

The female body contains only 10% testosterone, in contrast to the male, this substance is responsible for increasing muscle tissue. The number of muscles that you really can create is strongly limited. If you do not resort to steroids (which we do not recommend taking), the strength training will not turn your body into the pile of muscles. They will help you create sexual, strong and elastic buttocks.

Power training vs Cardio

Power training vs Cardio

Since Dr. Kennet Cooper introduced the concept of "aerobics" in the early 1970s, real debates broke out between fans of power training and Cardio. From the onset of boom of sports, in fitness centers, a gender division was formed on the basis of these two types of training, which is still preserved to this day. Go to any gym in North America, Europe or Oceania and you will see a clear border.

Women can be found in the chamber for Cardio, they run a jog, walking or rowing with lightweight intensity and relatively low resistance. Men, of course, occupy an area where iron is. Women - Cardio, Men - Power Training, Everything happens this way.

If you are not in Brazil's gym.

There women came to the conclusion that Cardio training does not help find the desired form . It is capable of exercise with burdens that increase your endurance and make muscles stronger. If you want to create large buttocks, you will need strong and hardy muscles.

This means that Cardio is no longer there in your workouts? Not certainly in that way. In addition to the formation of beautiful buttocks, you will most likely want to remove excess fatty deposits from them. Although you cannot remove fat from a certain part, the specific type of cardio exercises helps burn calories in all of your body, which is of great importance to achieve your goal. Most of the cardio exercises include the work of the legs, and the high-intensity cardio affects the form of buttocks.

Our usual training will include a mixture of cardio exercises in an intensive pace and strength training. In combination with a focused weight reduction program that we will show you, you can get rid of fat and find a beautiful Brazilian ass, which we dreamed about so long.

Exercises with burdens 101

If there is a secret of finding perfectly round buttocks, then this is the power training. They allow you to control your body, get rid of excess fat, save and increase additional muscle mass. Below are 4 reasons proving why power training will help you achieve your goal faster in contrast to any other way:

  • Power training intensively burned calories
  • Power workouts allow you to change the form of your buttocks (muscles)
  • Power workouts increase strength and endurance, in addition to the strong buttocks look sexy
  • Power training increases flexibility in the area of ​​the pelvis and hips

Before you take for iron, it is important to know how fast it is necessary to train to achieve your goal. Here are three principles with which you need to familiarize yourself, because they constitute the basis of your routine of strength training.

Overload as progress : As a rule, you must have a personal record that needs to be performed during each workout. If you constantly exceed it, your body adapts to it. The reason for the overload can be a minor increase in resistance, which means that you make one or two additional repetitions and reduce the rest time between approaches. In any case, you need to strive to exercise better than last time.

Training intensity : Performing an exercise, you are unlikely to want it to be too simple or vice versa is too heavy. If you are difficult to fulfill the last 2-3 repeats in one approach, you will feel the severity in the working muscles, as the blood supply will increase in this area. These are the last two and most difficult repetitions that are the most effective.

Pace : Here we are talking about the speed of repeats during the workout process. Any exercise consists of two parts: the lifting phase (concentric) and the decrease phase (eccentric). Studies have shown that both phases are equally effective for building and forming your muscles. Extensive training includes two seconds to perform the concentric part of the movement and four seconds per eccentric phase. Performing resistance during the decline phase, you will give the muscles to a greater load.

Proper technique lifting

Proper technique lifting

The gym is an excellent place where you can gain health and good physical shape. But if you do not know what you are doing, training can turn into a whole spectrum of trouble. Around a lot of heavy shells, and you can't just take the first to get a training session. First of all, you need to know how to correct the lifts. Here are the basic rules that will help you overcome the first training.

Capture rods: There are three types of capture intended for dumbbells, rods and simulators with handles. Entered (from above), supinated (bottom) and mixed grip (one hand). During the capture from top to bottom, your palms should be directed down, and thumbs are parallel to each other. With supinated capture of palms directed up. All three grits should be closed, that is, the fingers must completely wrap the projectile. The opposite of this is an open seizure in which the thumbs are not involved. It should be avoided using open grip, as the projectile can slip out of the hands, especially during weight lifting. The width of the capture varies depending on the specific exercise you perform. At the same time, for most of them, the standard is wider than shoulders.

Rod rise: It is imperative to master the correct technique of lifting the floor rod. You must comply with the following rules:

  1. Before the rod, legs are located on the width of the shoulders in parallel floor. Socks should be slightly deployed out.
  2. Tighten your stomach and straighten your back, then go down to squat in front of the barbell.
  3. Grasp the projectile closed grip, hands are located on the width of the shoulders.
  4. Look up and make sure your back is direct, not rounded, shoulders should be turned back, and the chest is aimed forward.
  5. Holding the barbell closer to the body, slowly climb to the standing position. The strength of the rise should go from the hips, and not from the back.

Breath: Do not hold the breath while working with burdens. In fact, you should just breathe naturally. Each approach needs to be performed on exhalation and return to its original position on the breath.

Safety technique

Loading rods: It is amazing, but many people forget about gravity when changing the weight of the rod. Raising the barbell in the bench lying, some newbies decide to change the weight. They remove the disk from one end, not paying attention to the fact that the rod will raise unevenly. Such carelessness can deprive a person standing nearby. Total: When you take off the disk from one end, you need someone to remove it and on the other hand. Always load the rod evenly.

Blocking rods : Before performing the approach, make sure that the discs are firmly fixed at the ends of the rod. Check them out again between approaches, as they can easily unscrew during the lifting process.

Use your instructor help: If you do not have a training partner, ask the instructor to help you. He must stand in front of you and be ready to progress you when you will perform a lift.

Do not rely on the impulse: Works should perform specific muscles, and not the power of inertia or severity. By losing weight on the expense of four, stop for a moment, and focus on target muscles using them for lifting. When you work on a simulator with a weighing stack, you must maximize the necessary muscles in the work during repetition.

Keep the housing and spin straight: This will avoid swinging while driving, will prevent the deformation of the lower back and give an additional training to your press.

How to make buttocks more - at home

How to make buttocks more - at home

Fitness specialists (who make money at the desire of women to make buttocks more) would really like to convince you that such a goal can be achieved only in the gym. Well, it's time to forget about this myth forever.

The gym can be comfortable, and also significantly motivate visitors. But they can also become a serious problem when it comes to the time you need to spend waiting until a suitable simulator or equipment is free. In addition, many women simply cannot afford every day to roll out of the house.

You can organize a very efficient training for the buttocks at home. But for this you have to invest in the necessary equipment. You will need:

  • Pad for exercise
  • Phytball

You always need to pay attention to how your muscles feel during the exercise. Muscles must work most intensively. You need to concentrate all the time and make movement correctly from the first to last repetition.

Home Training for Butturs Depends on body weight when resistance exercises. In other words, you use your own body as a burden, because it is the main and often the most efficient training projectile.

This training should be spent 3 times a week in different days. Other days you will deal with Cardio for 6 minutes, this training is in the Cardio section for the buttocks.


Workout: As a workout workout, perform the movements presented in the Activation of the muscles. We bring them again:

  • Lifting pelvis lying on his back
  • Lifting pelvis up one foot with a roller support
  • Exercise Mollusk in the position lying on the side
  • Exercise Hunting Dog

Make 4 repeat for each exercise, keeping muscle tension for 30 seconds.


1) Captured with body weight on the bench

  • Before the bench, which should be at the knee level, legs are placed slightly wider shoulders.
  • Cross your hands on the chest, touching the tips of the fingers to the opposite shoulder
  • Deep breathe when you go down in the sat, buttocks are directed backwards. Your knees and spine must maintain a neutral position. Sit on the bench, and then return to the starting position. Tightly compress the buttocks during the lifting.

Perform 3 approaches from 15 repetitions.

2) lift pelvis up one foot

  • Lie on the back, legs stretched out, hands are located on the sides.
  • Stripping the heel, lift the other leg, bent in the knee, as above. Do not burn the lower back, only buttocks should participate in the work.
  • Hold the leg at the top for 2-3 seconds.

Perform 3 approaches from 12 repetitions.

3) Planck

  • Lie on the rug face down
  • Lift the body up, leaning on the elongated hands (elbows should not be bent)
  • Your body must form a straight line
  • Strain quadriceps, abdominal press and buttocks.

Hold in this position for 60 seconds.

4) Bulgarian split squats with body weight

  • Be in front of a bench, put hands on the hips.
  • Put the right leg on the bench behind you
  • Squat down while the right knee will not touch the floor
  • Return to the starting position.

Perform 2 approaches of 15 repetitions for each leg.

5) Lifting legs lying on the side

  • Lie on the side, straighten your legs, one must lie on top of another. Drove the head with another hand.
  • Holding the leg straight, lift it up. Hips should lie straight. Feel the tension in the buttocks.
  • Return to the starting position.

Perform 3 approaches from 20 repetitions for each leg

6) Deep cried with body weight

  • Stand straight, legs on the width of the shoulders, socks should be slightly unfolded, crossed your hands on the chest.
  • Run down in a complete satisfaction, keeping your back straight
  • Squeeze the buttocks in the process, then return to the starting position.

Perform 3 approaches from 15 repetitions

7) foot lifts on the phytball in the lying position

  • Lie on the phytball face down, your hands and legs should be located in parallel to the floor.
  • Open your feet from the floor, then strain the buttocks and lift your legs as high as possible.
  • Hold in this position for 2-3 seconds, then lower your feet back down

Perform 3 approaches from 12 repetitions


Performing such training for the buttocks for 6 weeks, you will noticeably improve their appearance. It is necessary to determine in advance the number of approaches and repetitions. For the first week, start with one, then go to two during the second week, for three in the third. For the fourth, fifth and sixth weeks, add approaches and repetitions in accordance with your progress.

Magnificent buttocks in the gym

Although your body is quite capable of providing you with everything you need for intensive workouts, the gym has a large variety and number of exercise options and the potential for further development. The following 2 workouts will provide you with both. They are fully concentrated at work on the buttocks, which, as you remember, form the largest muscle group of your body. This means that working on this zone, you will also burn extra calories.

You need to do in the gym 2-3 times a week with a break for two or three days between training. These days you will do Cardio, which will be told in the next section.

How to make buttocks more: training a

Workout: As a workout workout, perform the movements presented in the Activation of the muscles. We bring them again:

  • Lifting pelvis lying on his back
  • Lifting pelvis up one foot with a roller support
  • Exercise Mollusk in the position lying on the side
  • Exercise Hunting Dog

Make 4 repeat for each exercise, keeping muscle tension for 30 seconds.

Training A.

1) deep goblet-squats

Deep goblet-squats

  • Stand straight, legs on the width of the shoulders, socks are slightly deployed out.
  • Hold one dumbbell at the chest level. Keep your back straight and look up.
  • Run in full, deep cried. Make sure your body is in a vertical position. In this position, the hips should be below the knees.
  • Relieve your knees in the process of movement
  • Return to the starting position

Perform 1 approach from 15 repetitions during the first 2 workouts, increasing the amount of up to 3 approaches at the end of the week 3. Gradually increase resistance.

2) Romanian Range Tract

  • To symmetrically hold the bar, grab it down at the distance of an elongated hand.
  • Then lean forward, your housing must remain stationary, and you should feel the tension in the drop-down tendons.
  • Return to the starting position, tightly squeezing the buttocks.

Perform 1 approach from 15 repetitions during the first 2 workouts, increasing the amount of up to 3 approaches at the end of the week 3. Gradually increase resistance.

3) Rocking Giri

  • Before the projectile, bend your legs in the knees to take up it. Raise her up, feeling how the muscles of the back and popliteal tendons stretch.
  • With effort, you rock the weight so that it takes place between the legs and then back. A push must come from the hip area.
  • Hands should remain straight in the process of movement, do not need to raise them.
  • Straighten your back and housing after performing the required number of repetitions.

Perform 1 approach from 15 repetitions during the first 2 workouts, increasing the amount of up to 3 approaches at the end of the week 3. Gradually increase resistance.

4) lunges with body weight near the bench

  • Sit back to the bench, legs stand on the floor.
  • The shoulders should be based on the bench during the lifting, the push comes from the heels. Raise hips and buttocks up.
  • In the upper position, your hips should be located at an angle of 90 degrees to the floor.

Perform 1 approach from 15 repetitions during the first 2 workouts, increasing the number of up to 3 approaches at the end of the week 3.

5) bridge with a barbell

  • Sit on the rug, pull the legs straight, the rod must be located above them
  • Lie on your back and bend the legs in the knees.
  • Take the bar to balance the position
  • Repulscing the heels from the floor, lift the hips up, holding the barrel with hands at this level
  • Return to the starting position

Perform 1 approach from 15 repetitions during the first 2 workouts, increasing the amount of up to 3 approaches at the end of the week 3. Gradually increase resistance.

How to make buttocks more: training in

Squats with a barbell on the shoulders

1) squats with a barbell on the shoulders

  • Put the bar for your shoulders. Arrange the legs just wider than the shoulder level.
  • Keep your back and housing straight, lift your chin up. Strain the press, bend your legs in the knees and go down to the critic. Feet should be located in parallel floor.
  • To avoid excessive knees, do not dare too deep. Staying in the critic, hold back straight.
  • Relieve the heels from the floor to return to its original position.

Perform 1 approach from 12 repetitions during the first 2 workouts, increasing the number of up to 3 approaches at the end of the week 3. Gradually increase resistance.

2) walking

  • Choose a pair of light dumbbells (2-5 kg) and put them in front of them, you should be space for about 9 feet.
  • Become between dumbbells and lean down to make grip
  • Raise the dumbbells, hold them while driving, keeping your back and housing right
  • Make a big step and lunge. In the process of movement, concentrate on the engineering muscles to achieve maximum effect.
  • Stripping your feet, keep walking with attacks on a given distance

Perform 1 approach from 15 repetitions during the first 2 workouts, increasing the amount of up to 3 approaches at the end of the week 3. Gradually increase resistance.

3) Rises on the bench with dumbbells

  • Take a couple of dumbbells
  • Stand in front of a bench with a height of about 3-6 inches. Put the right leg on it, the left left on the floor
  • Stand on the bench, pushing out the heel from the floor
  • Other leg sock should touch the bench while lifting
  • Return to the starting position by holding the right leg on the bench
  • Repeat several times for each leg

Perform 1 approach from 15 repetitions during the first 2 workouts, increasing the amount of up to 3 approaches at the end of the week 3. Gradually increase resistance.

4) Handscaping to the side on the cable

  • Adjust the weight of the simulator
  • Put on foot mount
  • Go from the rack to the cable tension formed
  • Transfer the weight on the right leg, while taking the left to the side
  • Hold in this position, feeling the tension of the muscles of the inner surface of the thighs
  • Return to the starting position
  • Repeat movement for another leg

Perform 1 approach from 15 repetitions during the first 2 workouts, increasing the amount of up to 3 approaches at the end of the week 3. Gradually increase resistance.

5) Mollusk in the position lying on the side

Lying on the side, bend the hips at an angle of 45 degrees, holding the heels together. In the motion there must be a large jagical muscle when you raise your leg. Perform the exercise for sixty seconds.

№5 Cardio for buttocks

Cardio for Yagoditz

Your workouts on resistance are aimed at creating elastic and beautiful buttocks. But if you have fat deposits in this zone, then all efforts will be in vain. Cardio training is designed to get rid of excess fat.

What type of cardio best helps burn calories? This issue was discussed for decades. However, a number of recent studies could clarify him a little and prove that a short-term cardio session (for example, a sprint on the track) has more advantages compared to a long-term training (such as walking on the treadmill). Such exercises not only burn more calories in the process of their execution, but also extend the work of your metabolism, which contributes to burning fat within 24 hours, even when you just watch TV.

Fast Cardio or Hiit (highly intente interval training) will be able to make you much even rustier. An additional bonus is that it will significantly reduce the workout time. In fact, in this program you will work only for 6 minutes.

Hiit for Yagoditsa

Follow these simple steps to workout to create large buttocks was the most efficient:

  • Choose exercises that allow you to work with maximum speed and for a short time (quick run on the track, cycling, using a rowing simulator and other options)
  • Make sure you have a timer before your eyes, or invite a partner
  • Make a slow 2-minute warm-up
  • Perform a run for 20 seconds with maximum intensity (you can imagine what Doberman chasing you!)
  • Relax within 10 seconds
  • Repeat the process by dividing it on 8 approaches
  • That's all!

So that the training is effective, you need to maintain the intensity of the sprint. You can slightly slow down the speed during the two or three recent approaches, but in general the speed must be kept at the maximum level.

It is hard work, but also short-term. In just 6 minutes you can pass an incredibly useful cardio training, the effect of which will last throughout the day.

All trainings described above must be performed three times during the week. Ideal for this, Monday, Wednesday and Friday are suitable.

Good luck!

№6. Your beautiful buttocks in the future

Beautiful buttocks in the future

Congratulations. Now you are armed with all the necessary knowledge that will help you create an ideal Brazilian ass. But this is not enough. If you enter 78% of readers of fitness books, then learn this information and ...

You will not do anything with her !!!

Do not like them.

Use all tools that are now at your disposal to create the body you deserve.

It is quite difficult to engage in fitness all your life. We are busy, we have many other things, so it is easier for us to return to the old habits, those who contributed to the current appearance of your buttocks that you so desperately want to improve. The following tips will help you save motivation.

1) Dedicate family members

By turning on the fitness into the lifestyle of members of your family, you will make them the most useful gift from all possible. Raise them from the sofa and go out to walk on fresh air. Ride together on bikes, arrange a hike combined with a picnic. Instead of allowing your children to spend time at computer games, buy them a soccer ball!

2) do not take criticism seriously

Sometimes you will meet people who are negligible, and perhaps and critical, will refer to your desire to make buttocks more and improve the shape of your body. Do not worry. Their criticism is the cause of the uncertainty that you are happy, as you do what you think needs to do.

3) focus on present

Focus on present

If you look at your global goals from the side, they may seem frightening or even unattainable. You will not be able to create an ideal Brazilian ass after one or two weeks of training. Keep motivation and continue to do the same. You need to focus on present. Put for yourself a short goal: workout, daily meals and cardio.

4) accept mistakes

Sometimes you will certainly allow mistakes. It may be a busy working day when you drive around the city and cannot resist not to look into McDonalds. Or, perhaps, you skip a couple of workouts. Do not attempt to correct the situation. Just come back to your usual schedule after a day.

5) sometimes indulge yourself

Put the goal to be done within a month, and then arrange a small rest. Your goal can rotate around your workouts, a fat mass level or a power plan. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that your reward should not be concentrated on food. Buy yourself a disk or book, this is a great way to motivate.

Performing this program will encourage you to constantly do fitness. You will find a sports figure, as well as legs and buttocks that have dreamed of, and also noticeably increase your endurance. You will have a huge amount of energy, the mood will improve significantly, and self-esteem will take off to heaven. You will look great and feel great. Now that you know how to achieve your goal, you have left to take the first step!

Our program for creating large buttocks is able to completely transform your life, ... but only if you take the first step to action and continue hard work. After all, what's the point of achieving goals and stop. Get more advantages to achieve goals and move forward - this is the essence of life.

Good luck, good health and success!

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