Old Russian simulator "Rule": reviews of doctors, design, classes, contraindications

Simulator Rule Reviews Doctors
On the Internet, a huge amount of information about such a hobby, as a rule simulator. Reviews of doctors suggest that without a deep and broad survey of the body, any exercises associated with physical exertion cannot be started. However, many are inclined to the fact that healthy people work on such a simulator may well benefit.

On the Internet, a huge amount of information about such a hobby, as a "rule" simulator. Reviews of doctors suggest that without a deep and broad survey of the body, any exercises associated with physical exertion cannot be started. However, many are inclined to the fact that healthy people work on such a simulator may well benefit.

Of course, this method will not replace anyone and under any circumstances (and if they say or write that someone has removed the hernia of the spine The simulator "Rule", the reviews of doctors are unanimously called for not to believe), even as medical care, it cannot be . Nevertheless, the people are very strong to heal as unconventional methods. For example, a person on the Internet is making documents from medical institutions (which happens often for promotional purposes), of which it is clear that it refused from the planned operation on the spine, fully replaced by the miraculous simulator "Rule". Reviews of doctors sometimes accompany such statements and explain where positive results come from.

Wellness stretching

Many experts share the view that for wellness stretch marks this method is not just good, but also necessary. What is the "Rule" Valves Slavic simulator? Reviews of doctors watching training and well-being of patients noted that the adaptation itself surprises a uniquely wise simplicity of performance and a variety of impact on the body. With its help, the spine, bundles and joints are gently ruled, force and endurance develop, and for the prevention of many diseases, this means is effective. After stretching, even a person's voice varies, becomes deeper, stronger. What can we talk about posture and gait? In addition, all note the improvement in mood, the appearance of cheerfulness, lightness. Not in vain, the simulator "Rule" gathering in such a huge amount.

Simulator Rule Reviews Doctors

And indeed, the ancient Slavs used this method for healing not only the body, but also the souls. In our opinion, almost everything related to the relationship to life has changed. Entry, life, types of communication, even the images of the body movement became others. People have become more closed, the attitude towards their body is very often ignorant (and those who are playing with the help of fitness and other modern and fashionable ways with the help of fitness and other modern and fashionable ways, and those who frankly waved their hand to all that it concerns). And because of this relationship, people appear in people who are not described in the chronicles (and there is almost everything, to the last household trivia). Diseases appear due to the fact that a person loses harmony with life, he seems to burn out from the inside and becomes indifferent to everything that is happening. People worked out with stretch marks on the simulator "Rule", the reviews wrote amazing. The effect of classes was just fantastic. They changed the world weight.

Ancient Russian simulator

"Rule" (emphasis on the second syllable) will not direct an alcoholic or drug addict. Any deviation from moral and physical norms will necessarily interfere with the simulator, until the person is free from him. And wonderful way to some such liberation comes. The world is now, at first glance, very highly civilized, but in fact he only mastered material technologies, but he does not work with spiritual yet. That is why our educated world feels a certain need for other knowledge - secret, even sacral, because only their help can really be corrected. And there is such an opinion that many people share that the Old Russian simulator "Rule" helps such knowledge of getting, and with them and return lost health, and fill the world around the world deep peaceful peace.

Simulator Rule Reviews

You just need to read the reviews of those who succeed. Judging by the language, according to the exceptional sincerity of the stated stories, these people are not lying. Of the many cities in the country they write "Rule" engaged on the simulator. All learning was passed on all, it is impossible to independently start classes, because quite serious injuries can happen (the torture gun of the punch is arranged according to the same principle).

People write about the relief that is felt after the first lessons. They say that the state of the flight, in which all the muscles of the body are missing about the many deepest sensations that did not come after any other occupations (and almost all responding or athletes, or bodybuilders, who know their body well and carefully). This in rare cases people are sophisticated or, as they say now, "high-dimensional." They write about dissolving in space during stretching, about the fact that they felt poured from the cosmos.

Comparisons: "Rule" and qigong

Feelings are diverse. No wonder the ancient Slavs used a lot of exercises on the simulator "Rule". Although they are unlikely to call him a simulator. This, judging by the name, was a home leak and a teacher in one hypostasis, which could incomprehensiblely correct the situation, gave joy and punishment. The main thing is not to be afraid to go beyond our modern world, leave the comfort zone, expand the boundaries of your own sensations. Intelligent practices always come to us through the century. The most effective, the developing body of the system is built on the same principles. What can Taoisk Cygun and our Old Russian "Rule"? These two practices have a lot in common. Training takes place only on the basis of a holistic understanding of the device of the human body.

Old Russian simulator Rule

This understanding of our ancestors was, and precisely because the simulator "Rule" was created. Training on it was tested by real fans of Buddhist psycho-method and Taoist alchemy, that is, those who seriously practice qigong. All of them note that the "Rule" does essentially the same: strengthens tendons, worries fascia, increases muscle strength, as well as overall endurance, improves blood supply, including internal organs, and in the process of training in the same way affects them Work quality and gradual update.

All because both practices are focused on the development of the flexibility of the spine. "Right" practice intently affects the body, as deep as qigong, working on and leaving the whole body. There is a clearly pronounced effect on the bone marrow and, actually, bones. Taoist Masters also claim that it is the bone marrow and its energy stimulation develop the internal force of a person.

Improvement external or internal?

It can be confidently to declare that the ancient Slavic simulator "Rule" works on an increase in the inner force of the body. This is how the supporters of the external recovery are so lacking, those who daily load themselves with physical workouts, increasing and increasing the load. Although even scientists have long doubted that the aging process can thus be suspended, many people still create and maintain a muscular body with lifting weights.

However, statistics tells us that no fan of bodybuilding lives longer than an ordinary person, never seriously engaged in sports. Nevertheless, the athletes, professional bodybuilders and today are universal idols. However, what is it? A giant amount of energy is consumed, the body is squeezed "to thread", and the internal support authorities are not received, but it is spent on all this external gloss, it is much faster than a person who never lifting gravity. Simulator Rule Contraindication

And as a result, the internal organs cease to keep the Athlete body at the level that he needs is simply physically can not. Therefore, the athletes are quite early refused to fight further struggle. Of course, a slightly slow down this process of falling performance special diets, vitamins, however, and this is not a way out. Age comes when the body already loses the ability to quickly assimilate food, and vitamins also cease to work almost at all.

In any case, bodybuilding with its physical exercises and even together with the organization of proper nutrition will not allow the athle to get canceled health. But the "Rule" simulator helps in this. Athletic exercises are indirectly affected, of course, and in the internal organs, but it cannot be done by targeted bodybuilding. And in this case, the exercises are rather harmful than helpful if not considered a pumped body. But the "Rule" simulator cannot be applied thoughtlessly. Negative feedback will arrive for sure more often, because it is a subtle and even dangerous.


Many people are already in a forty-year-old age, getting up from the chair, and cannot make a normal squat without an effort. They are humble: old age is not joy, and she has already begun. Others and after eighty are active, feel cheerfully, they have a clear memory, and the mood is good. The main thing is that they do not complain about malaise, sometimes they do not even notice them. They are interested in life, and they do not mind something in it to change and learn something unknown. Old age is also inner, and external. Let's try to figure it out in its manifestations.

Aging always begins inside and manifests itself in solidification, even the "infirmification" of consciousness, which loses its peculiar fluidity and is filled with images from the past years. I don't want to change anything, rather, on the contrary - consolidate the status quo, less to act, relax more. In this case, a man is unfortunate that life has practically passed, and for various reasons is not everything that has been needed. That is, life went in vain. Immediately after these manifestations, signs of bodily aging appear - the mobility is broken, everything is done slowly, increasingly sensations of pain, the body becomes sluggish and wrinkled. Is it really fingered, and you can not get the vigor of the spirit? Sure you may!

Simulator Rule learning

The design of the simulator "Rule" is exceptionally simple, and certainly initial it will seem that it affects only joints and muscles. But it is not. Its action is unique. The mobility of the entire body depends primarily on the flexibility of the joints and the spine, as well as from the elasticity of the muscles. Before trying to find your second youth, you need to tune in to act this technique will be gradually, and it is also necessary to gradually increase the load. Otherwise, after another unsuccessful classes on the simulator, "Rule" negative feedback will be replenished with another one.

The joints should gradually unload, and then special exercises will improve their nutrition. Also gradually the muscles acquire elasticity and become much stronger. But the process is not over. If the muscles become elastic, the skin also fits them more elastic, wrinkles smoothed. Village training very well strengthen tendons and work in fascia. That is why active longevity is guaranteed, and every day will be filled with ease, energy and pleasure, which freedom of movement brings.

Word about doctors

"Right" coaches quite often conduct joint meetings and trainings where doctors are present, including manual therapists. Most of them are confident that such training is nothing but harm, do not bring. Doctors are confident that with such a device they will never stay without work. Moreover, if they themselves never tried the Old Russian simulator "Rule", the reviews of doctors are better not to read. Yes, and everything else, presented in the trainings, for some reason does not take into account the doctors, but there is a lot of explanation with the presentation of the results.

Vividly remembered a similar phrase, constantly sounding from the mouth of traumatologists relative to yoga. It is difficult to disagree with such conclusions, since Yoga, and the simulator "Rule" is mostly used by people, sincerely mistaken relatively applicable methods. All success depends only on the competence of those who teach it, and those who do this. Here you can make dual findings. Yoga is the best, probably, there is humanity for the development and gain of health. But illiteracy not only does not help, but also ruins all useful undertakings.

Exercises on the simulator Rule

And the more intense incorrect classes, the sooner the problems will overtake. All these twists and deflections are brought by one exceptional benefit, improve posture, strengthen the back, add flexibility to the spine. And others get an intervertebral hernia. Similarly, it happens with the simulator "Rule". Escape (or cuffs, clamps, handrails - are called differently) are a device that reliably records wrists and ankles of training. One incorrect movement is enough, and you are guaranteed at least a stretch of ligaments, as a maximum - a bundle breaks.

Nevertheless, this simulator is effective and effective because they are checked by many who have received recovery. It is necessary to absolutely own the methodology of classes. Not only by force and flexibility go to him understanding people. The main thing is psychophysical development, as in yoga, in qigun. It is worth seeing how smart the design of the simulator "Rule" is an example of ingenious simplicity, and the load holds up to 500 kg. Doctors, who have already tried the methodology of classes, everyone speaks about the effect of beneficial if the coach is experienced and familiar with the peculiarities of the human body.

About contraindications

Nevertheless, for classes at the simulator, the "rule" of contraindications are very long row. First of all, it is injuries, especially if the spine is involved. Never a coach will never submit a pregnant woman to the simulator. And each who came should and is obliged to transfer to the coach-ruler, the most complete picture of his state of health, as well as well-being at the moment. In order not to happen during training in injury, the heating of all tendons, joints and muscles is required. For this, a rather long warm-up is carried out.

There is no bit of sharp movements on the simulator and never - they are prohibited, because they lead to injuries, sometimes very very hard. All transitions are performed very smooth here. And you need to constantly monitor well-mindedness: about any discomfort (nausea, dizziness, weakness, muscle spasms, and the like) should immediately find out the instructor to stop the exercise. Pain during training (stretching) is unacceptable in general! After classes until the next day, all power loads need to be excluded, including lifting weights, sports and even work in an inconvenient position. Any alcohol per day before training is excluded.


With the following states and diseases, the simulator "Rule" (and any simulators of the rehabilitation plan) are absolutely contraindicated:

  • Cardiovascular failure;
  • violation of cerebral circulation; thrombophlebitis;
  • experienced myocardial infarction; aortic or cardiac aneurysm;
  • after stroke or delineated state;
  • diabetes and its complications;
  • hemorrhage;
  • acute infections;
  • myopia;
  • Malignant tumor or tendency to them.

Such people are better not to start classes on the simulator "Rule". Contraindications here are not finished. It is extremely undesirable to train on any simulator with heart defects, in a state of respiratory diseases, with hemorrhoids and cracks in anal passage, with acute hypertension, especially in a hypertensive crisis.

If there is any ailment (for example, a headache), or the pressure is increasing, it is impossible to start classes. During pregnancy for more than two months, such exercises are also contraindicated. Naturally, people in alcoholic intoxication or drugs are not allowed on the simulator. With a weight more than one hundred and fifty kilograms, a person must first go through another treatment and can not be engaged in the simulator. In no case do not contact the "rule" to people with spinal cord tumors, painful syndrome in diseases of the spine, its compression fractures, injuries. If there were operations on the spine - the simulator is not for these people.

Rule Training simulator

Any fractures of the limbs, after which the bones are fastened with iron inserts are contraindicated, as well as recent fractures, muscle breaks or ligaments. It is not necessary to engage in the simulator if there are progressive protrusions or hernias of intervertebral discs, there is a constant pain in any vertebrate department - the cervical, lumbar, thoracic, sacrings, in the cock. If a person is sick with osteoporosis, in no case should exercise such exercises. Also contraindications are cardiac cards and diagnosed epilepsy. All this is the serious motives for the abandon from any type of simulators, including from such as "rule".


The method that has developed in the most ancient times, which allowed our ancestors to receive unprecedented endurance and amazing power, the clarity of the world's vision and even in some cases of super supporting, is colorfully described in artistic works. For example, Sergey Trofimovich Alekseyev in his "Wolf Wolf" and Georgy Alekseevich Sidorov in his book "For family seals" is written about the design of the simulator "Rule" in his "Wolf Stick" and Georgy Alekseevich Sidorov in his book "For family seals." In addition, there are a variety of scientific research, methods of training with practical results. All this is in online libraries, and those interested in easily these materials will find.

After attentive familiarization with the theoretical part, a much more confident person will feel, starting practice. It will understand how the muscles are filled with elasticity, and the posture is spreading. Moreover, the inner calm appears to help without fuss and with an unprecedented confidence to solve all the everyday tasks, which daily offers life to us, since the simulator will primarily contribute to psychophysical development and an increase in spirituality. Here are four verge of a holistic approach to rehabilitation - on physical, mental, social and spiritual levels. And each facet requires a whole complex of various methods and, of course, a systematic approach.

Selection of simulator

Consider the size of the simulator "Rule". The length is approximately 300 centimeters, the width is 200, the height is 100. The angle formed between the hands is equal to 90 degrees, between the legs too. For beginners, intermediate fasteners are made (not everyone can immediately sit on the twine). The height is of great importance: the lower - the more efforts to stretch, the load on the legs and the hands is very high. Working with the lower back is carried out from a low position. The average height of the simulator is from eighty to one hundred and twenty centimeters.

In the kit go cuffs (or grip) - the most simulator is an important part, since almost everything depends on their convenience. They must be soft. They are performed either on velcro, or with the bays "Samumbros". The material is used the most different, most importantly - durable. This at best can be genuine leather, it is hygienic. The skin substitute is not recommended, as it slides and does not have durability, it is not reliable. Any fabric comes and moves, and coarse - damages skin cover. Also included cables and blocks.

Once upon a time he watched a video with one good man named Misha. He told about something and mentioned a certain simulator of the ancient bogaties in Russia, called "Rule". It became interesting for me that it could be for the simulator, and even ancient warriors, and even in Russia about _o. At that time on the Internet there was no particular material on this topic at Uncle Google. I found only the book Sergey Dubrovsky "Rule" - the healing of the soul and body. After reading it, I did not find there circuits of drawings or indications of the size of this simulator. It is only clear that the whole essence of this rule, stretch a man by arms and behind the legs is horizontally. It looks like some kind of medieval torture))). I wanted to make myself such a simulator at home. But in the book, Sergey spoke along with the qualities of this simulator about injuries, which can be easily obtained not knowing what technician work with him. After a couple of years in August 2017, I got at Foure Festival in Almaty region. And there was just this most simulator. I watched a few hours as "tortured" anyone who wants for 1500KZT. Among the attempts were women, teenagers m and w, and healthy men. The excitement was broken. Many were interested in whether we had a miracle in the city. But alas, guys who organized the simulator, they said that they only have plans to open in the city. Next, I naturally stretched out. The first time the feeling just as if you were tortured, but later, some interesting feeling appears, because of him I want to repeat the procedure). The second time in the beginning was also not pleasant, but I relaxed a little and starting to breathe "correctly", this is the feeling. As a result, after a conversation with the organizers, the impossibility of obtaining injuries, subject to the simplest rules, it was decided to do this device at home. I took at the "Tastak" (local market) of various carboards, hooks, anchors, rope on 10 and winch. It came out about 30K KZT. The only room I managed to agree with my wife under this case was a small entrance hall. I thought for a couple of hours that yes, kaka, I stood the holes and twisted the anchors. The idea was such that if necessary, it was possible to hide all the elements of the rule from the eye. So it was decided the main elements to hide in a jiggle)

This is how about it should look

And that's what I did:


If someone is interested, I can draw a scheme that yes, how, where does it go)

Itself difficult to make clamps for hands and legs. The difficulty was to explain in the studio that I need it, as it should look, and most importantly for what it is to me. After explaining and understanding, they did not even take money from me)) and everything worked out:

Used this tape

Very comfortable and soft. Treger has already run rolling. Of course it is not that, and for more than 2 minutes, I can not register on it. But he gives the effect as it is necessary. In the spring, I will buy myself like this: Pravilos.com/TRENAZHER_PRAVILO_KUPIT#UL-In-130-7 80K rubles. In the meantime I will do on it)

Just imagine - this simulator more than 1000 years. No, of course, not exactly this installation, it is completely new. We are talking about the principles of training and the system of fasteners, which our ancestors have developed many centuries ago. It is called this ancient Russian simulator "Rule" - from the word "edit". He is considered a secret to the preparation of our warriors and the source of their boys. And it is also known that our warriors were preparing for the "rule" of the Kulikovsky battle. Blimey! So what, most importantly, how is he rules? I was completely unambiguously answered by the head of the club and the instructor of the "Rule" Igor Krachchenko.

Old Russian simulator "Rule"

"Uh, no! While you won't feel himself - you will not understand how it works. It needs to be experienced."

Old Russian simulator "Rule"
Old Russian simulator "Rule"
Old Russian simulator "Rule"
Old Russian simulator "Rule"
Old Russian simulator "Rule"

It is necessary, it means! Although, to admit honestly, the feelings were mixed. The simulator itself looks like a pouch, and I was right. Only the sequence of inventions was different. At first there was a "rule", which for a special order was redesigned to the terrible torture instrument.

I climbed into the middle of the carcass. A special thick cuffs were put on his feet and on my hands, karabins closed to each, which in turn were attached to the rope. And here I am lying in the posture of the star, torn by hand and legs, I consider the ceiling. From the instructor, Gagarinskoye "went", and the winch began to gradually pull the cable. To say that I was worried, it means not to say anything. The feeling of more than strange, the body was stretched in different directions against the will, until I completely broke away from the ground. Actually, training began.

Old Russian simulator "Rule"
Old Russian simulator "Rule"
Old Russian simulator "Rule"

It turned out that the whole workout is to slowly twist in different positions and can be able to fix them for a while. At this point, the veins, muscles stabilizers begin to work. And this oh, how not easy. I tried to pull the knees to the chest, more than 10 seconds did not have enough. Hmm, presses should be swapped. I tried to pull up on my arms, and it came out with grief in half. But for the first workout it is absolutely normal - Igor reassured me.

Old Russian simulator "Rule"

"The first workouts can last from 5 to 15 minutes. I have been doing a year and a half and can live more than an hour. Everything comes with experience. I'll tell you short and in my example. Before the" Rule "has a terrible spine curve. Now He is smooth as a string. It turns out that our ancestors knew a lot about therapy. "

Old Russian simulator "Rule"
Old Russian simulator "Rule"
Old Russian simulator "Rule"
Old Russian simulator "Rule"

And still stretching on an old Russian simulator relieves fatigue, improves performance, improves memory, breathing, gait, sleep. Not only muscles, but also bones and tendons, and the strength of the Spirit are strengthened on the "rule". By the way, such express training is very suitable for our modern rhythm of life. My feelings after 10 minutes of classes are: ease of back and smooth posture. What is needed after the daily seating of the company.

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