How to make a paper triangle - 100 photos and step-by-step video instructions how to assemble a triangle

Triangle. This simple geometric shape is a basic element in the art of paper crafts (origami). In this review, we will consider all the most popular ways to make a triangle from paper.

Triangle. This simple geometric shape is a basic element in the art of paper crafts (origami). In this review, we will consider all the most popular ways to make a triangle from paper.

A4 leaf triangle

Such a figurine refers to the simplest variations. Paper and scissors are all that you need for its manufacture. How to make a leaf triangle A4:

Stay a sheet of paper. Top corner fold diagonally. Gently spend your hand, smoothing. We will not need a string - cut it off.

We deploy the workpiece and cut it into two parts along the fold line. You must have two an equilibrium triangles.

Do you need fallen shapes? Bending the basis in half as much time as it is necessary to get the figures of the required size.

If you take a green, yellow or other paper instead of white - triangles will be colorful and fun.

Paired paper triangle

Double triangle is the simplest element of modular origami. Here is a creation scheme:

  • Cut from paper square blank. The size can be any you like. We first form it at the same diagonal, then weighed. We repeat the procedure for the second diagonal.
  • Severate square in half horizontally.
  • Right and left upper corners gently remove inside. Figure is ready!

Modular triangle

Moreover, the design of crafts requires small blanks, for better development of assembly techniques, it is preferable to use a widescreen sheet of paper.

In the manufacture of the module, the following proportions must be observed between the parties - 1 to 1.5.

The order of steps:

  • The sheet is folded in half, to grab the central line by vertical and bend the tips to the middle aim.
  • Deploy the workpiece with the other side and raise the edges of the ears up;
  • Broast side corners through the main module.
  • Straighten the product, fold small triangles along the lines, raise the edges up. Bend the base in half. There must be an element with two angles and pockets.

If you do a lot of such modules, then you can collect quite interesting things, for example, a fabulous dragon.

Thorough triangle or pyramid

How to make a volumetric triangle of paper:

  • Draw on paper the square of the desired size.
  • Each side to doche to the triangle.
  • Make bonding points. At this stage, the creation of an extext is completed.
  • Cut the blank and glue into the pyramid on the valves.
  • Finished craft painting in the selected color or decorate in a different way. These can be stickers, stickers, painting or appliqués.

Military option

The Victory Day may need to make a thematic postcard in the form of a front letter. Here is the instruction how to make a military triangle of paper:

On the simple leaves from the notebook we write congratulations to the veteran. Next, bend the paper first to the right left, then - on the contrary.

You have to stay a free strip. It is wrapped in the first triangle inside, fastening the bottom corners. It remains to be neatly smoothed and sign.

Triangular tab

We make a paper triangle bookmark:

We take white paper and draw three squares in the corner of the sheet. The length of each side is approximately 6 cm.

In two side squares, we carry out a diagonal line from the right upper angle into the left below. The resulting extreme triangles stroke - it is not necessary to cut.

Take scissors and cut out the workpiece. It will be our template. We apply it to the color cardboard, we supply and cut out.

Turn the cardboard so that he looked at you with a white side. We begin the side triangles inside the markup of the base square and glue the curved parts of each other.

I turn over our bookmark and wait for the drying of the glue. Decorating.

Someone may seem that the information presented in this article is not very necessary. But this is not the case, because without having mastered the basics, it will not work out to create complex paper structures.

Therefore, carefully examine all the schemes recommended by our paper triangle and start making your masterpiece in Origami technique.

Photo of paper triangles

Any kind of needlework requires ownership of the basics of technology, the rules for using tools. In Origami, there are also certain conventions and concepts, without which it is impossible to sketch and create figures. Having knowledge, you can realize any idea using all your creative potential and creativity.

ABC performing paper items in the middle of the XX century. Invented a resident of Japan Akira Yoshizawa. Since then, the method began to spread throughout the world. The most simple basic form is the "triangle", is the basis of a variety of crafts. The easiest of them is a cup. This practical thing will be a good home and on the way. Many are interested in how to make a paper triangle for writing. In Origami, the method of imposing basic forms is widely used, when one of them is the basis for another. Do not know how to put a triangle, it is impossible to fully master the art of origami. There are many types of obtaining this geometric shape.

Office paper triangle

For an equilibried triangle, you will need paper and scissors. The process looks like this:

  • The top angle of the sheet is diagonally, the fold line is scheduled, the excess strip is cut off. The item unfolds and diagonally cuts into 2 parts. It turned out 2 triangles.
  • The base is repeated repeatedly bend along and across for the formation of smaller figures. Multicolored triangles look more bright and expressive. In the future, working with them is much more interesting.

Double triangle

The pair triangle in Origami technique is considered the simplest design:

  • The magnitude of the square is cut out of the paper, which is necessary to be bent and dispersed diagonally.
  • The billet folds in the middle.
  • 2 side triangles should be bent inside, after which the figure is rotated, a similar effect is repeated with another pair of triangles.

Basic form is ready.

Modular triangle

For the assembly it is better to use a large sheet of A4 format, and then design from small blanks. The aspect ratio for the module - 1: 1.5.

  • The sheet is folded in half horizontally, the middle line strokes the fingers along the vertical, the ends bend to the central mark.
  • The module turns over, the edges of the ears rise up.
  • Through the main part of the figure you need to break the side corners.
  • The base straightens, the lines are formed by small triangles with raised up the edges. The base bends in half.

The resulting modules are equipped with a pair of corners and pockets, combining which, in a different way inserting each other, you can collect a variety of bulk products.

Creating a bulk figure

To the question, how to make a bulk triangle of paper, to answer very simple. To do this, you need to make a pyramid, the side faces of which are triangles. Initially, the figure will need to make a template:

  • On a sheet of paper, a square is drawn, images of equilateral triangles are added to each side, and valves for gluing are formed. To simplify the operation, you can borrow a sample on the Internet.
  • The workpiece is cut, then folds along the lines of the fold and gluits on the specially left allowed. When the exercise dry, it should be painted or decorated with stickers, emoticons, appliqués.

Triangle for congratulations to a serviceman

Such a message during the war could be sent to the front to the fighter. How to make a letter of a paper triangle - there is nothing complicated. The assembly is absolutely identical to the origami technique:

  • A sheet of notebook is taken, on which congratulations and wishes are composed of a close person.
  • Paper should be hooked - first to the right left, and then - on the contrary.
  • The remaining strip wocks inward the upper triangle, but with the lower corners with the first ends.
  • All folds of folds are carefully smoothed to give an envelope forms.
  • The front side is signed initials.

Unusual festive offerings are handed over to the next anniversary of the Victory Day.

Step-by-step instruction of letters "Triangles cherished"

Such a reception can take advantage of: educators of kindergartens, teachers and parents. Triangles can be supplemented veteran. It will serve as an exhibit at the exhibition of crafts or will be part of the wall newspaper of military topics.

Creating a greeting card with congratulations, the younger generation gets the skills of handling paper, scissors and glue. Children develop creativity and imagination. In addition, prudence is acquired, and a sense of patriotism is brought up.


It is necessary to prepare in advance:

  • Multicolored sheets of paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Georgievskaya ribbon.
  • Plasticine.
  • Tea bag or soluble coffee.

Security with scissors

  1. Never leave them uncovered.
  2. Transfer only rings forward.
  3. In no case to play.
  4. Use solely as needed.

Rules for working with PVA glue

  1. Use a brush.
  2. Avoid set of excess, unnecessary removed with a napkin of paper.
  3. Careful application of a thin layer.
  4. Do not allow access to the items, face and eyes.
  5. Upon completion of the tube, the tube is tightly closed and stored in a secluded place.
  6. Hands and place for which they worked, wash with soap.

When decorated for greater truthfulness, it is resorted to different shades and "relief" to "be paper". The words that the author chose as a congratulation are printed and wet with a sponge from 2 sides. Next over the entire surface of the sheet, coffee is sprinkled, the grains of which are dissolved with a moistened piece of foam rubber. The sheet remains to dry.

To give the solemn moment of the message expensive participants of military events in the form of a triangle, it is not formed to decorate, drawing up a composition from the corresponding attributes. A certain length is measured in Georgievskaya ribbon, then it is applied to the corner of the paper in the form of a triangle, cut off and is glued. Chamomile cuts out of white paper, the edges of which are caught in a pencil.

Leaves are formed with green paper scissors. The stalks are located on the St. George ribbon, the flowers and leaves are glued. Middle parts are decorated with yellow plasticine, which must be rolled by balls. So that they looked spectacically, they need to press a little.

As an addition, an inscription is attached, similarly treated with a boiled bag of tea. Such "triangles" soldiers always expected as a cherished news from the house, and then re-read many times.

Stock Foto Examples and schemes for creating a paper triangle

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