How to make a glass in minecraft

Miscellaneous glass in the game minecraft
Glass в Minecraft. It is an important detail for any home. Without him, the house ceases to be cozy and it becomes not very pleasant in it, but when there is glass used for windows from which a wonderful view of the world opens Minecraft , the eye immediately begins to rejoice and do not want to think about what would be the view without the installed glass.

Miscellaneous glass in the game minecraft
Miscellaneous glass in the game minecraft

Glass в Minecraft. It is an important detail for any home. Without him, the house ceases to be cozy and it becomes not very pleasant in it, but when there is glass used for windows from which a wonderful view of the world opens Minecraft , the eye immediately begins to rejoice and do not want to think about what would be the view without the installed glass.

Firstly without him there was no colorful interior, which emphasizes blocks installed for the decor in the room.

Secondly , through the glass you will only see the mobs, players on the street that will not be able to get down to you, only through the door, but there are private on many servers, which does not allow others to interact with other people's buildings in Minecraft. .

Glass in minecraft:

  • Normal
  • Color
  • Panel
  • Color panel glass

All these species are well used for the construction, but its creator himself thinks how to realize his home, castle, or other construction. After all, he can decide: add glass or not, what and where Minecraft .

Kraft glass mescraft

Normal glass It's not difficult that it is cracked. For this, you will need: a stone stove, coal or boards, as well as sand. You need to put this sand into the top slot of the stone stove, and in the bottom, put: a tree or coal for the glass to be melted and got the glass in Minecraft. .

How to crafting glass in minecraft
How to crafting glass in minecraft

How to make colored glass in minecraft

Stained glass B. Minecraft It is not suitable for everyone, because everyone has different tastes. However, it looks quite pleasant and interesting to look at the world through the glass with color.

Stained glass in minecraft
Stained glass in minecraft

This glass is not made difficult, you just have to choose the dye you like and put it in the center of the workbench. Walk around with ordinary glass, then you will get 8 stained glass. Dye can be any color.

Kraft colored glass in minecraft
Kraft colored glass in minecraft

How to make flat glass in minecraft

Panel glass in minecraft It can also exist in your home. It is not so tight and massive, as ordinary glass, because it is cracked from ordinary glass. Having created such a glass, you will easily notice that it looks thinner.

Kraft glass panel in minecraft
Kraft glass panel in minecraft

Color panel Glass is beautiful. It is subtle, but the same durable as the usual one. It will only decorate your building, giving bright colors. You can choose what accounted for to taste and decorate the house in Minecraft.

Kraft colored glass panel in minecraft
Kraft colored glass panel in minecraft

Glass in Minecraft will decorate the game world. Also, protect the creator of the construction, because no one climbs into your home and does not make a face!

Glass in minecraft is a very interesting material of artificial origin. It has a number of interesting properties and has a special appearance, so the ability to get the glass can be useful to each player.

What is glass in minecraft and what properties

Transparent glass (as well as any other) is a block of standard size through which the game world can be seen. It is indispensable in construction, which plays the role of analogue of the windows weathered in the real world. Thanks to the panels of glass, the player can see the world outside, and light penetrates into the room. In a different way, it is impossible to force the inside of the house, only if you arrange a discovery that will not be closed.

If there are two blocks of transparent glass nearby, then it will be impossible to see through them.

An extremely important feature of the glass is to protect against monsters. Even through a transparent unit, they do not see the hero, which means they will not try to penetrate the house. The exception is only a spider, but it is in any case better than complete transparency for all mobs.

The fact that still distinguishes glass from a number of other blocks is its fragility. It is destroyed from the effects of almost any subject, and even a conventional fist. Therefore, glass blocks should be careful.

On a note. Being broken, the glass does not fall out, but disappears, that is, it is subject to complete destruction. Thus, the glass is obtained by one-time, put it in the window will turn out only once. There is a single way to return the block - use the "silk touch", which can be conspired by the glass that is broken. In this case, when breaking the unit returns, and it can be reused.

How to get a glass in minecraft

Glass cannot be mined, but only manufactured, in the terminology of the players it is called "scaffolding". To obtain a standard transparent block, it will be necessary:

  • sand or red sand;
  • Fuel for firing: coal (stone or woody), wood.

Glass can also be purchased from the librarian - for 1 emerald it gives 3-5 blocks.

Getting colored glass

Color glass crafting is very simple - you need to take eight blocks of transparent material and combine them with the desired dye. For example, to produce white glass, you need a white dye, and if the player wants black glass, then black. In this case, the output of the blocks is identical to the amount of raw materials and is also equal to eight.

Minecraft has the opportunity to get 16 different options for stained glass, among which lime, turquoise, purple and others.

The painted glass is generated in the cities of the region, though only lilac.

What is a glass panel and how to get it

In addition to conventional glass in the form of blocks in the game there is an opportunity to scaffle the glass panel. It is distinguished by its size, in particular, the thickness, which is much less than that at the block, that is, the panel is flat. This is a logical reflection in the process of crafting: laid on the bottom shelves of the workbench of 6 cubes of conventional glass, we obtain 16 blocks of the glass panel. It is very convenient with the glazing of large areas. However, here sit down one nuance: glass panels can only be put vertically.

The same as with transparent, you can also do with any color glass. When booking, the purple or green blocks the corresponding color panel is obtained.

What else can be made of glass

If you put the glass on the workbench, adding it to other elements, you can get very useful artifacts:

  1. The location of the three glass blocks in the two extreme cells of the central row and one bottom in the center gives the flask - an integral part of all magical experiments.
  2. Seven transparent glass blocks combined with the edge of the edge and a tear of the fortification will give as a result of the edge crystal, with which you can replenish the health of the edge dragon.
  3. Combination of three elements of obsidian, the stars of the lower world and five glass cubes turns out a lighthouse.
  4. Three components of the wooden blocks, glass and quartz of the lower world allow you to get a daylight sensor.
  5. When added to the glass of chemical compounds, this chemistry lesson begins. For example, the connection of transparent or painted blocks with aluminum oxide and the boron trioxide gives the reinforced glass, however, only 3 blocks. It is characterized by falling when breaking.

Thus, the knowledge of how to krafting various types of glass and its derivatives can give a player an advantage in the development of the world, as well as to make stay in the game space more diverse and fascinating.

How to make dyes


For the manufacture of red you need vegetable raw materials - poppy, red tulip, pink bush.


Blue dye is obtained from Lazarite. To obtain it, it is necessary to get a block of this mineral or ore.


You can get a blue tint, synthesizing the dye from blue orchid or mixing a lazurite ore with bone flour.


Purple color is obtained by mixing the finished red dye and lazurite.


Dandelions and sunflower are suitable for yellow color.


For the manufacture of orange, you need dyes - red and yellow, or just an orange tulip.

The black

Recreate black color from the octopus ink bag.

You can synthesize other colors. The choice of the desired player carries out its taste.


Knowledge base What is skill


Knowledge base How to sell a tank in world of tanks

In the version 13W41A, Minecraft players got it possible to krafting painted glass. In addition to the design function (which is so enough for many players), such a glass carried the echo jokes from Mojang when they released "Minecraft 2.0". Toned glass added for Fun into the game, very much liked users who immediately began to realize this in the usual version.


Crafting color (or painted) glass is simple. Enough to take the dye and eight glass blocks. Opening the workbench window, you need to install the dye into the central cell, and the rest are empty to fill with glass blocks. As a result, the dye spreads the color to all the glands, painting them into the desired shade.

Version 1.8 (final) added the possibility of experienced players and lovers of the Creative mode to aback the beacon ray, setting the glass right on it. Such an opportunity was happy to take lovers of decor on servers. Buying a lighthouse for gaming currency, they installed it, acquiring not only the effect of practical (regeneration, speed, etc.), but also decorative - now it is possible to stand out now and the beam of your own lighthouse.

Recipe: CvetnoeSekloreCept.

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Make colored glass in minecraft

very simple. First you need to do

Normal glass

. Hurry up sand, get coal, make a stove. In the furnace put coal and sand, so it turns out the usual transparent, not

colored glass


Image of

To do

Stained glass in Minecraft

we need to make a workbench and

Get dye

. The dye is mined mainly from ordinary colors growing in the meadow.

Cut the flower, then put it in the workbench - get the dye.

Image of glass

Made so. Put the dye to the central cell of the workbench, and in a circle we open the usual transparent


. That's how it is

need to do


Image of

For creating

Stained glass in minecraft white color

A, bone flour is used as a dye.

Image of

As you can see

make colored glass in minecraft

very simple!

However, if you need a thin glass, then the transparent thin glass will not turn out, you must first scream the usual stained glass, then fold it in the workbench in this way:

Image of

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