Soft toys do it yourself: Simple patterns for beginners, how to sew from fabric, felt, fleece

soft toy

Soft toys do it yourself: We sew and get pleasure from the result

soft toy

One of the fascinating classes is an independent tailoring of soft toys. However, not everyone is solved for this experiment, motivating this inappropriate, the lack of special tools, such as a sewing machine.

In fact, there are no big problems in sewing soft toys with their own hands - a little practice and enthusiasm, and everything will work out!

Useful Tips, Simple Toy Patterns

In the photo Interesting soft toys, stitched with their own hands:

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed Toys Stuffed Toys Stuffed Toys Stuffed Toys Stuffed Toys Stuffed Toys Stuffed Toys

If you sew soft toys with your own hands to have the first time, you should prepare in advance both material and morally, otherwise the process can delay. The material base is to prepare the necessary materials and tools necessary for work:

  • suitable material, pieces of multicolored fabrics, cuts of ribbons, lace, leather, etc.;
  • Threads of different color;
  • filler - syntheps, wool, holofiber, etc.;
  • special accessories in the form of eyes and nose, or suitable buttons;
  • Auxiliary tools - needles, sharp scissors, pliers, spice, etc.;
  • Materials for pattern - paper, soap or chalk, meter, etc; To create a pattern, it is better to use a dense cardboard than fine paper;
  • iron;
  • Sewing machine or hand.

It is necessary to prepare to prepare for the fact that the first homemade soft toy can be not so luxurious and beautiful as in the picture or in the master class. But if you attract children to your needlework experiments and entrust them part of the work, then the final result will not be so important. At the same time, do not forget about the safety technique: sharp objects are issued only at appropriate age and under the supervision of adults.

In the photo different patterns of toys for beginners:


Pattern Pattern Pattern Pattern Pattern Pattern Pattern

You can start creating small - buy a ready-made master class in the store, where all the necessary materials and detailed instructions are offered. After the manufacturer of the first soft animal or dolls, you can move to the "free" flight of fantasy and self-work.

From the materials, first of all, pay attention to natural or hypoallergenic fabrics, safe fillers, as most of the toys still fall into the hands of children, and not dust on the shelves and chest.

Useful video on how to make a pattern:

Soft toys do it yourself from fleece

Fleece has long been used for factory making toys, so it is not surprising that he gained popularity and needlewomen. By itself, it has a number of advantages compared to other materials: unpretentious, soft, well stretches, due to which it is easy to hide the small flaws of the pattern or the irregularity of the seam. In addition, it is easy for it, and its cost is quite low. Of course, there are small disadvantages that will not make it refuse to refuse: Fleece has a property to roll and electrify. If you choose the fleece of more expensive, then its quality is significantly better.

In working with this popular material it is necessary to take into account the following nuances:

  • The fleece stretches along the transverse, so with a string, we take into account the direction of the pile;
  • Choose acute needles and polyester threads;
  • Seams make small, approximately 2 mm.

For sewing from the fleece, most of the cuttings presented in free access are suitable.

Cat or cat

Cattle pattern

Faby family is loved by both adults and children, so there are a lot of options for execution. It may be not only cute animals, but also the heroes of popular cartoons, for example, cat Simon.

Master class of sewing Cat Simon from Flis:



Hares are performed in various types and techniques, but a specially popular tilde bunnies won with long ears. If there is another material for the lining of the ears, for example, a bright sieve, then the toy will be even more interesting.

Video about how to make a hare from the fleece with your own hands:


Bear - the main character of Russian fairy tales in the presentation does not need, but to sew him on their own under the power almost to all. The patterns are not completely complex, while the muzzle can be issued in any available way: to embroider, sew, beads, butt, etc.


A very interesting character who is not found too often. Therefore, if the appropriate pattern failed to find, you can take a conventional horse, which you only need to lengthen the neck.

Giraffe patterns:




The owl is sewn very simple and easy, and for decoration you can use bright and rich shades, and in one toy several at once! Perhaps that is why the Sovice loves the children very much - here you can implement almost any color preferences.


Pattern Pattern


The cow or bull is usually performed on the basis of completely simple patterns, where the base of the hoofs and horns can be cut down together with the torso, or to felt separately from the other material. For sewing, fleece is usually used or natural thin fabrics, such as cotton.



A fox

Toy patterns:


Pattern Pattern

Fox-redhead sister is very easy. For her, it is not even necessary to need a complex pattern, quite simple enough - everything will be recognized in bright red color. Most often, it is sewn for a finishes of a fleece or felt.

All considered patterns are suitable for any fabric, except for probably felt due to its high density and rigidity.

Sew from plush

Plush is a stuff with a short soft, even velvet, a pile that really likes children. You can sew from it and you need any animal that wants to use the standard patterns.

We sew your own foxes from plush:

Of fetra

Felt is very popular now the material from which they offer to sew almost anything. In addition to all its advantages, for example, brightness, great density, it also keeps the form, which is especially relevant in some cases. For example, when you sewing toys for the puppet theater, it is simply indispensable. In addition, the cutting edges from this material do not harvest and do not crumble, therefore do not require additional processing.

Large soft products from it is still unlikely to work, as a rather tight hard felt will not be very comfortable to fill. It is more suitable for small animals, or dolls for a finger theater, where the ability to keep the form is important.

Master class, how to make a cow of felt without a sewing machine:

How to sew a kitten from felt do it yourself:

Soft toys from fur

Fur is an excellent material for self-sewing, because compared to other tissues it has one important dignity - among the long hairs of fur it is very easy to hide the seams. And even if they turned out to be imperfect, no one would notice. In addition, it is not necessary to work out very small details on the pattern, too, very small "protrusions" are still lost in this material. At the same time, the larger the prepared product, the easier it is to work with patterns, since with the firmware of small parts it will be necessary to suffer, especially at the beginning of work.

Many needlewomen refuse fur, because it has a property to be powered, leaving small hairs everywhere, causing some irritation in the eyes. In addition, a certain skill will be required in strip.

Instead of scissors, it is recommended to use a special tailor knife, or a sharp stationery. Cutting movements must be short, avoiding deep penetration of the tool into the fur, so as not to damage it.

Also, this material requires special care, since most types of fur will need to be erased very carefully, or undesirable.

How to sew toys of fabric

Sew textile toys with their own hands easily both with patterns, and without them. From the most affordable fabrics for sewing soft toys, you can use the most familiar to us with your own hands: cotton or knitwear. It is for them that can be started to train in sewing, as trimming or pieces of this material are almost in every home. Use in the work of the sewing machine is much more convenient than to do it manually, as it is quite difficult to do small, inconspicuous stitches. Easy these fabrics are easy, which is a weighty argument for their choice, considering that children have a habit of all soch.

At the same time, the knitwear is elastic, which helps to easily form the form of future toy. A large number of colors gives greater freedom of creativity. Among the disadvantages can be distinguished by a rather high price for it. Most often, he goes for the manufacture of dolls and developing toys.

Cotton is no less popular for its availability, low price, variety of colors. However, he does not hold the form and does not stretch.

Before starting the process, the selected fabric is recommended to wash and stroke. So it will be more convenient to cut and sew, and the product will ultimately get smooth and neat.

Master class on sewing owls from old jeans:

Several videos on how to make different toys from the fabric with your own hands:

Pillow toys do it yourself

One of the easiest options for self-sewing remains decorative pillows, which have recently gained special popularity. It is very not surprising: bright colors, interesting designs and high-quality materials allow for a matter of hours to decorate the interior of the nursery, and the baby give a lot of joy from a soft acquisition. In addition to the usual game, such pillows are worn and practical - you can sit on them and sleep.

In the work of the pillow, you can call the most simple - there are almost no small details, patterns are simple, it is almost no additional decor in the form of eyes, beads, mustache, etc. From a possible form, you can choose almost any idea. Recently, not only animals, flowers, clouds, but also letters, of which most often lay out the name of the baby are common. Such pillows first simply decorate the nursery, perform the function of the sides in the crib, and then you can begin to teach the alphabet.

If the finished product is intended for young children, it is better to abandon the use of solid materials for the decor, for example, buttons, beads, etc. Or you can sew a special developing pillow toy that will be used only under the supervision of adults, and not for sleep.

Master class, how to make a toy pillow in the form of owls with your own hands:

"Tilda" do it yourself

It is unlikely that you can find at least one woman who would not hear about Tilde toy. She began the conquest of the world back in 1999 and does not charge turnover so far. Tilde can depict almost any animal made in a specific technique, and more accurately stitched by certain patterns.

From the main features you can call: a small head and a rather large body, long ears, eyes - points or "buttons". In the paper use any natural fabrics: cotton, flax, flannel, wool, etc. The ornament for clothes choose a simple, close to rustic style: flower, cage or strip. If the toy is planned to be used for the decoration, then it can be done from it and Sasha - add cinnamon or vanilla pod to the filler.

The most popular tildes were hares and dolls, but it is possible to make practically any animals in this technique: deer, cats, etc. The finished tildes are invariably obtained by cute and gentle, since most often pastel tints of the tissue are chosen for the manufacture of the main body. Clothes for them are performed from any, even bright pressed.

We sew clothes for toys do it yourself

Small detail on the toy is paid at no less attention, so the clothes for them are of the same importance. Often it is quite small sizes, which means "to create" a little more difficult. But if you come to the matter responsibly, the result will be excellent. There are several tips here, significantly facilitating the process:

  • Choose dense, not bulk fabric - cotton, cooling, thin fleece;
  • Almost any imperfection in clothing for toys can be corrected, sippyling and poring it;
  • All patterns should be simplified, not necessarily sew in the example of a person;
  • If clothes are not supposed to be removed, then all the nuances are even easier to perform, sewing some details to the "carp" of the toy itself.

Of course, it is easier to make clothes that you will not need to shoot. But many children will be interested in the possibility of changing the beloved bunny to sleep or walk. In this case, dresses and T-shirts must be sewn not in the bunch, so that the child can cope with this task itself or with a small help.

Video on how to make clothes for a teddy bear:

An interesting occupation can not only diversify leisure and help fun to spend time with children, but also to find a matter of life. Many women liked this entertainment so that they began to engage in the manufacture of soft toys professionally. What is especially relevant, given the love of modern society to manual work and individuality.

Flis toysIn modern stores you can buy almost any toy from the fleece. All of them are very beautiful, but, as a rule, the same type, very expensive and do not differ in good quality. Parents seeking to provide their baby with unique and high-quality toys, make soft toys with their own hands. Working with a fleece cloth does not require virtuoso possession of sewing technique and is available even to novice masters.

Necessary materials and tools

Before starting work on creating soft toys, a novice master must be prepared all the necessary materials and tools for work. From their proper selection depends on the course of the sewing process and the end result.

Fabric selection

Fleece is the most common material used for sewing toys. This is due to the large number of positive qualities of this material:

  • low price;
  • Brightness and variety of color palette;
  • unpretentiousness in work;
  • Easy to care for the cloth.

Fleece for toysIt should be noted that for the manufacture of toys it is necessary to choose a high-quality material with a density of at least 200 mg / m2. The disadvantage of some fleece fabrics is their tendency to rolling.

Most of the masters recommend using pieces of fabric from old things from fleece . This will gain experience in the manufacture of soft toys without large financial costs.

Filler material

An important component of a soft toy made with your own hands is its filler. The main criteria when it is selected is its safety and correspondence to the baby's age.

Filler SinteponThe most common types of filler for toys and crafts, designed for children of all ages, are synthesis and holofiber . For beginner masters and with a limited budget, it is permissible to use cotton wool for packing small crafts. It should be borne in mind that this type of filler can be knocked into dense lumps during operation and after washing.

In developing toys, crooked cereals are often used as a filler. They act as a weight loss and help develop tactile sensations from kids. During the game with such crafts, it is important to strictly follow the integrity of the toy and not allow a random hit of small parts into the respiratory paths of young children.

Decorative elements

Toys should be bright, interesting and attracting the attention of kids from the first minutes of the game in them. For this, the finished products are decorated with ribbons, lace, applique. Dress them into clothes, sewing from the remains of the fabric used in other works. To make the craft finished species, buttons, beads, beads often use.

Required tools

If we sew the toys from the fleece with your own hands for personal use, you can do without a sewing machine. About her acquisition should be thought about the manufacture of crafts for commercial purposes.

Before starting work on soft toys, you should cook:

  • needles;
  • scissors (large and small);
  • Threads of various colors and shades;
  • sewing pins;
  • centimeter tape;
  • A piece of soap or marker.

Creating patterns

Creating copyright - a rather complicated and time-consuming process that is not always quickly mastered by novice masters. Starting to create a toy from a fleece, patterns to them can be searched in several sources. .

  • The Internet, where you can find not only patterns, but also recommendations for the choice of fabric, filler and decor.
  • Specialized printed editions of needlework and sewing, in which patterns and instructions for them are given.
  • Sets for sewing soft toys that are sold in stores for creativity and needlework.
  • The source of the pattern can be the old toy. It can be resolved and disassembled on the details, the silhouettes of which are transferred to a new tissue.

Separately, it is worth paying attention to the material for the manufacture of patterns for grids. The most acceptable material for them is cardboard. Silhouette with such blanks is easy to translate to the fabric. They do not require additional consolidation and more durable compared to paper or tracing patterns.

Fleece crafts for beginners

Prepare all the necessary materials and tools, you can move to creating toys. What can be sewed from the fleece to the novice master? Start acquaintance with the world of fleece crafts stands with simple toys consisting of 1-2 details.


This toy consists of only 2 paired parts: a torso and tail. To sew it, you will need:

  • Pipe patterna piece of bright fleece;
  • small piece of pink or red material;
  • scissors;
  • marker or a piece of soap;
  • threads of blue and black;
  • Sintepon.

The pattern of this toy is quite simple, and it can be painted independently on a sheet of paper suitable size.

The fabric must be folded in half the front side inside. Locate the pattern on it, which is needed on the tissue with pins. Cut the silhouette of the cat's body and its tail, leaving 5-7 mm on the execution of seams. Carefully cut the details of the crafts.

Flis PillowPaired details folded face side to each other and flash. If we sew a toy from the fleece manually, the details should be stitched by a loop line, leaving a small area for packing toys.

Stitched parts are turned off face and fill the filler. The degree of packing should be adjusted, based on its own preferences. The main thing is that the filler is evenly distributed throughout the product. For the convenience of filling the tail of the tail, it should be rolled out like a stocking and deploy as being filling.

Filling the tail part, its end is stitching and sewn to the torso with secret stitches. To complete the work on a cotton pillow from a piece of red cloth, a nose is cut and sew it with a sprayer line. Black threads on the torso embroidered arcs of closed eyes, fruit and mustache, denoted ears and tummy.

Bear with a bow

Even with young children, able to hold a pencil in the hands, you can make crafts from the fleece with your own hands. Patterns to such crafts should be small and consist of one detail. Such a joint toy can be a small teddy bear decorated with a bow. To fulfill it, you will need:

  • Bear with a bowFleece cut 30 * 30 cm in size of any color;
  • small piece of black fleece;
  • Two small butchers of black color;
  • Two - three color buttons;
  • scissors;
  • needles;
  • threads;
  • satin ribbon;
  • filler.

Work on the fleece teddy bear begins with the transfer of patterns on the fabric. This work can be entrusted to the child. For a joint work with the child, it is necessary to initially lay the allowances for the seams, increasing them to 1 cm so that you can hide the inaccuracies of cutting.

White Bear FlisCut parts for crafts can also be trusted with a child who knows how to use scissors.

The next step of creating a soft toy is decorative details. From a piece of black fleece, the nose is cut and gently sew it on the front part of one of the details. Small black buttons are sewn just above the nose. These will be a bear eye. Rotik and broth embroidered with black threads. In the middle of the body vertically sew colored buttons. Their color depends on the fantasy of the authors.

After the decoration is completed, both parts are folded with the front side and stitch, leaving the hole for packing. Putting the toy can perform a child with an adult, which adjusts the degree of packing products and helps evenly distribute the syntheps inside the crafts. The pumping hole is sewn with a secret seam.

The finished toy is decorated with a narrow satin ribbon tied to a bow.

Fleece toys from several parts

Having mastered the technique of sewing the simplest fleece toys, consisting of 1-2 parts, you can move the following level - sew multi-model toys from the fleece with their own hands. Master classes describe in detail the necessary materials, decorative elements and work move.


Bright toys like all children. And if it saves her mother with his own hands, she will remain beloved for many years. Soft lag is quite easy to sew. For her you will need:

  • two large circles of red;
  • two large and several small circles of black color;
  • Simple ladybugstrip of black fabric;
  • Satin ribbon black color;
  • black and red threads;
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • pins;
  • small toy eyes;
  • filler.

Work begins with decorating one of the red items. In the middle of the front side of the Red Circle pin the black stripes. Along both sides, there are small black circles, fixing their location by pins. Then all overhead details are stitched with the base of the spray line.

Big black circles are applied to both red items. Fold parts need to face each other. Looping line stroke in contact with part of the figures. The color of the thread at this stage of work does not matter, as they will be inside the crafts.

Ladybug do it yourselfBlack details turn away. Both billets are folded with the front sides inside and stitch the black elements.

From the satin ribbon is made for bugs for a bug. Cut the tape is cut into 6 small strips. They are folded in half and stitched with several stitches. After that, they are investing between two red items of three pieces on each side.

Red items with nested legs are stitched with each other. The resulting workpiece is turned on the front side through the hole for packing. The figure is stuffed with syntheps and sewing a hole of a secret seam. On the head of the ladybug with the help of glue attach eyes.

Bright toy is ready to delight kids.

Soft doll

A small soft doll made of fleece fabric will become for a small princess of a faithful girlfriend in daylights, will take care of the night's night's sleep. For a beautiful baby in a saravechik, the following materials will be needed:

  • Pink or bodily fleece fabric;
  • Example of soft dollBright cotton fabric;
  • yarn;
  • Children's hair gums;
  • narrow satin ribbons;
  • Toy eyes or large bispers;
  • needles;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • filler.

Making a soft stuffed dolls start with the pattern from performing, which can be downloaded from the Internet or draw from hand on cardboard. The product consists of 3 parts: torso and legs, head, hand.

The fleece material is folded in half the front side inside, distribute the templates of parts on it and distribute them, leaving the necessary allowances on the seams. Hand template will be powered twice by placing two mirrored details.

While engaging the cloth with pins, the parts are cut on the outlined lines.

Unusual fleece dollOn one of the billets for the head embroidered cilia and stick to the eyes. Then two parts are folded with the front side to each other and stitch, leaving the hole for packing. Fill in the part of the Singryteron, the hole is sewn the secret seam.

Stick and pinch the hands of the future doll. The stuffing hole is sewn. The packing should not be very dense.

The finished details of the hands are inserted between two billets for the body and fix the pins. The torso is stitched and gently turned on the front side. The item is filled with syntheps, evenly distributing it inside the figures, and the hole is sewn.

The next step is to fasten the blanks of the head and body. The head of the dolls is fixed with the pin and sewn to the main part of the secret seam.

Beautiful pigtails doll make from yarn. Bundles of yarn are the same lengths in the head of the crafts, ranging from the forehead and ending around the middle of the back of the head. Seaming curls from threads should be as close as possible to each other in small stitches. Finished hair is collected in two tails or pigtails and tie them with small rubber.

You can wear a doll in a bright sundress on strings. It is easy to sew from two rectangular pieces of fabric. Folding them face to each other and fixing the pins, cut out two trapezoids in the size of the doll. We carry out all sides of both parts and sew lateral seams. The bottom of the dress fell and stitches the hearing line. To the top sew four pieces of ribbon. We put on a dress on the doll and tie the tape with bows. Front dress can be decorated with a satin bow or beads.

Sew soft toys from fleece with their own hands - an interesting and fascinating occupation, to which you can attract even young children. Crafts made with mom, for a long time for the baby beloved toy.

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Make funny toys from fleece, photo № 1

I want to offer you the technology of creating merry and not complex toys from the fleece.

The fleece is very fertile material (it stretches and stretches the sewing of the handle-legs on it less noticeable)

We need: color fleece (white, green, brown, pink), polka dot fabric, rose fabric, felt for leaves, large beads for eyes ... Singlepus.

1.Abe the pattern .....

Make funny toys from fleece, photo № 2

.... we cut, with a breakdown on the seams, details of the toys and sew them along the contour ... Make funny toys from fleece, photo № 3 Make funny toys from fleece, photo № 4

2. To the already pawned carrots, sew the leaves of the tops (carved the felt) and embroider green dashes on it, and byverting the rose strip on the face, we turn into a roll and also sew leaves from felt ..

Make funny toys from fleece, photo № 5 Make funny toys from fleece, photo № 6

3. Highlight and pack the remaining billets, sewing packing locations. Ears hare just stroke the iron ..

Make funny toys from fleece, photo № 7

4. Accepting the handles-legs of the cat, can be carried out with the help of buttons, and at the bunny in a simple way ..

Make funny toys from fleece, photo № 8

5. Now the eyes

Make funny toys from fleece, photo № 9

6. Having enhanced the brows, draw the rudes of the cheating and embroider a mustache to the cottage, sew noses from above.

Make funny toys from fleece, photo № 10

Make funny toys from fleece, photo № 11

Make funny toys from fleece, photo № 12

7. Now the queue of the tails!

Make funny toys from fleece, photo № 13

Make funny toys from fleece, photo № 14

8. Now the guys will receive each of their own))). Boy-carrot, cat-rose!

Make funny toys from fleece, photo № 15

Everything! :) I am glad to answer the questions! :)

Flis toy

Fleece is a magnificent material from which you can make a huge number of things. It is loved for a variety of qualities: strength, ability to maintain heat, moisture resistance and others. Flis often make upper clothes, in which any bad weather is not terrible. But from this fabric you can sew not only clothes - it proves work and photos from the masters who decided that you can also perform a variety of toys from it!

Fleece toys made by their own hands will become an excellent gift for any holiday or decoration for the house. But their sewing has its own characteristics and nuances that should be taken into account during operation. How to sew a beautiful product? What else will need? All of this you will learn this in this article.

Features of fleece toys

Fleece toy

To begin with, consider the features of flies toys. They are distinguished by what to make such a craft is very simple. For some of them, it does not even need a pattern, and in other cases it is performed from one convection cut.

Fleece toys are made soft, beautiful and unpretentious in care - they can be washed, but it is important to understand that with it is still a pretty soft and fluffy fabric, so it is better not to remove with high temperatures. Thus, the toy can "sit down" or become too rigid.

In addition, another advantage will be that using this material easily hides almost any shortcomings and errors in the development of toys. For example, incorrect seams or small disproportionateness will not be as noticeable, as it would be in the case of a less volumetric thin cloth, for example, cotton.

Important! Thanks to the simplicity of the Fleece toys, you can make fun with the child - it will help him disclose his creative abilities, as well as try a new type of activity. Perhaps it will be the new hobby of your daughter or son.

Flice toys: how to build patterns and what will be required

Flice Toys Pattern

A set of materials that will be needed to work depends on each specific toy. But in most cases, this is the fabric itself, sewing supplies and some decor elements at will - tapes, cuts of other fabrics, and so on.

It is very important to understand that if you are going to give a product to the child, it is better to avoid small details that can fall off, as well as sharp corners - they can damage the child. In addition, in advance, examine the whole work process in order to understand the sequence of actions. Thus, you can easily avoid mistakes, even if you sew a toy for the first time.

You can make the pattern in two ways: the first and simplest - find a ready-made version on the Internet. In this case, you will only have to print the template, impose on the fabric and cut all the necessary parts. If you need to resize or correct something, you will have to work hard and build a sure drawing on special paper. Take as the basis of the ready-made option and just correct what you does not fit.

After the patterns are ready, you can start sewing. Consider the entire process on the example of the octopus fleece toys.

How to sew soft toys from fleece with their own hands

Flice toy do it yourselfYou will need:

  • Fleece black, blue, white, gray, as well as one cut with any pattern - for example, in polka dot;
  • sewing supplies;
  • tapes;
  • Unnecessary tennis ball.

When everything you need is ready, proceed to work. First of all, it is necessary to form a torso. To do this, place the ball in the middle of the blue fabric and the carnate is covered with threads. Then remove the threads and the ball and spread the fabric.

Now you need to cut small squares from each angle of this piece of fleece, after which make an improvised fringe - several cuts on each side.

Place the ball back and now finally squeeze it into the fabric. The resulting "limbs" of octopus can be braked in pigtails and tied up with ribbies - so the toy will be more elegant and cute. Now from the fleece of another color you need to make your eyes - just cut the mug of the fabric of each color of different sizes and stir them on each other. With the help of stitches, you can embroider a smile for crafts.

The last stroke will be a small bandana on the head of octopus - it is easy to make from any other fabric and sew. The product is ready!

Important! If the toy is donated to a small child, then the tennis ball may be too hard - waking up, the baby can hit her a friend or quit in someone. To avoid trouble, the second time the necessary ball can be formed with the help of a wool, having stuffed the fabric.

Now you know how to easily and quickly make a toy from the fleece with your own hands. Such a gift will please any child, and the finished product made by yourself will decorate any room in the apartment. Pleasant to the touch and in appearance, fleece crafts will become your favorite creations.



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Stuffed Toys

Soft toys like representatives of all floors and ages. Adults are returned to carefree childhood, and the guys become best friends and companions in merry games.

Therefore, we have prepared a selection of simple lessons for you, of which you will learn how to sew a toy with your own hands. Homemade dogs, bunks and bears carry a powerful charge of love and positive energy. And this is a wonderful and bright element of the decor of the children's room and the win-win version of the gift.

Merry Misheut Soft Flis

Does your child love soft toys? Please will be pleased with a pretty bear, which will be his favorite friend and a partner in mischievous fun.

Bear toy

To work, you will need:

  • soft fleece;
  • pins;
  • needle and threads;
  • a piece of artificial leather for nose;
  • 2 black beads for pupils;
  • filler.

Print a bear pattern or redraw it in the desired cardboard. Cut detail templates.

Picture Bear toy

Take out of the fleece 2 billets for the Taurus, 4 for the paws. From white fleece Prepare mugs for eyes, from leatherette - nose.

Make stunning soft toys: 10 master classes with patterns

Attach eyes to the body and fix them with pins. Singing manually or using a sewing machine.

Connect pairwise blanks for your feet. Purge them along the contour, leaving the bottom unimposed. Remove the obtained billets.

Align the details of the body with the front sides inward. At this stage, insert the Misheutkins of the paws between them. Lock the blank by pins.

Sustrate the toy by retreating from the edge by 0.5 cm. Leave the hole for turning down below. Remove the product on the front side.

Click the filler. Sweep the bottom of the bear with a secret seam.

It turns out a pretty little animal. It remains to turn it into the stated bear. Switch the mouth of the mouth with black thread.

You can proceed to the manufacture of large nose. Follow the edge of the edge of the neck "Forward Needle". Tighten the thread and bring the workpiece.

Success the nose to the muzzle. To the eyes of the trick beads-pupils.

Our Milestone Mishutka is ready. He will gladly settle in the children's room.

By the same principle, it is easy to sew him a whole company of funny friends: a mischievous kitten, an eared hare and a surprised peel. You will get a whole troupe of artists for a home doll theater.

Soft toys alaries

We suggest you download the work patterns of funny toys right now, without postponing this thing in a long box.






Volumeting Hippo

Shelves in the nursery are already burying from soft toys? Are there any hippos among them? If not, you need to urgently correct the oversight. A cheerful and friendly Hippo very much wants to visit you. Thanks to the step-by-step lesson, the needlework can be made even a novice amateur Handmade.

We sew Hippo

To work, you will need:

  • dense cotton fabric of two colors;
  • filler;
  • eyes or black beads;
  • 3 Small buttons for nostrils and tail;
  • A piece of ribbon.

Print or redraw the pattern of toys. Printing it on A4 format, get a pet of 22 * ​​15 cm. Details are drawn without letters on the seams.

Cut the resulting patterns and output the details of the future toy from the fabric. The material for the body is better to take a dense and elastic, so the toy will look more neat.

The abdomen and the back of the hippopotamus can be carved from one fabric or make them different colors. If you stopped on a monophonic version, spread a solid part. For this, two parts of the pattern are connecting in the muzzle area.

The first thing is to see the ears and foot, connecting the details of the face side inside. Succession of the circle-foot to the bottom of the paws.

Remove the blanks, climb the paws, leaving the free space for seamless.

If you have not taken a very dense fabric, in place of the eye on the reverse side, cover a piece of fliseline.

In the case of using two parts for the torso, scratch them on the muzzle.

Note the side parts to the body, starting to sew from the ear to the rear. Then again from the ear to the bottom of the muzzle. By the way, at this stage do not forget Insert your ears and foot .

In the place of the inflection of the muzzle fabric you need to learn a little. It is better to fix it with a pin, and then flash.

As a result, it should be a billet with one unimpressed seam of rear (where the priest).

Purge on the typewriter or manually all the seams, besides the left opening at the bottom of the back. Remove the toy.

On the muzzle, make cuts on the place of the eyes and secure them. You can do beads or glue semobusins.

Fill the toy with sintecon.

Left earlier hole. Wear a loop from braid on the spot of the tail and a button on it.

Do not forget about nostril-buttons. As you can see, make this cutie quite simple.

An unusual handmade pet is ready to settle at your home. He will also become an excellent gift for loved ones. They will definitely appreciate your efforts and care.

Gray Bear in a vest

Want to make a soul gift for a child and not only? Sure a pretty bulk bear. This textile toy will definitely become a beloved - the children at the subconscious level feel the positive energy from things made with the love of her mother's hands.

Thanks to our phased leadership for beginners, you can independently sew a cool bear.

To work, you will need:

  • gray linen fabric;
  • needle, pins and threads;
  • filler;
  • Embroidery threads;
  • eye beads;
  • scissors;
  • pattern.

First thing Download Pattern of toys or redraw. Do not forget to apply the markup on the scheme, it will facilitate your work in the future.

Fold the cloth twice, lay out the details on it, placing the part with a fold to the collapse of the web. Circle them with a small or special marker. Do not forget about the allowance for the seams. Cut the blanks.

For convenience, we recommend transferring the main markup lines to the outdated parts.

At the initial stage, take the body seams by folding the front side of the face inside. Leave an unimposed about 10 cm seam from the back toys and upper cuts.

On the side details of the head, sharpen the wrappers and start the seams in one direction. Smealance the details of the head, without forgetting to combine checkmarks.

Purge all the seams on the head, except the lower cuts. Remove the workpiece and recruit the filler, leaving a little space for further stitching with the torso. Sceress of pests-beads, out the bear with a spout and mouth. Insert your head in the torso through the head left on the back.

Manually enter your head to the body and only then turn it out. Vide a toy filler and suture on your back.

Fold the two parts of the ear front sides to each other and take them. In the middle of each ear, fold and notice the fold. Remove the obtained billets. Sing them to the head, having exposed the lower cuts inside the ear.

Fold the blanks for the paw pairly and sharpen them. Leave the top of the lapt. Also do not sew the bottom of the hind paws, there will be a foot.

Success soles to the hind legs. All blanks are removing and score. Now you can sew all the left places.

Sew all finished paws to the body. To do this, it is better to use thick threads and a long needle.

Handsome Mishutka is ready to conquer children's hearts. You can independently sew a stylish and beautiful outfit for him, at the same time choosing the floor of the pet.

Bear toy

If you use a plush for making toys, get a real plush bear. Such homemade favorite will delight not only for the baby. Any adult will be happy to the guest from his childhood.

Toy zoo do it yourself

Popular cattle and dogs offer to sew every second master class. And we found more interesting ideas for inspiration. Meet: spotted giraffe, cute floral hare with long ears and blue whale.

To work, you will need:

  • any knitted or hb fabric with an interesting print;
  • patterns;
  • needle and threads;
  • filler.

You can download all animal templates for free. If the image printout uses A4 format, the size of the finished toys will be such:

  • Giraffe - 29cm;
  • Chiten - 14 cm Length and height 9 cm;
  • Bunny - 15 cm without taking into account the ears.

The size of the legs of the giraffe can choose arbitrary. Cut out the details, give 0.5 cm per battery.

Our spots on your body, and those that come on both halves toys, cut in half and place symmetrically on both parts. When combining halves of the torso, common specks should be obtained.

Stop legs, twist them and score, leaving a little free space from above. Note the workpiece to the involving side of one of the halves of the body.

Note the rope tail and sew the body of the giraffe, folding the facelight to each other. Do not forget to leave a hole on the neck for turning.

Take the insane in the convex places of toys and remove the workpiece. Stuffing the toy, fill the neck as tight as possible, so that the giraffe proudly kept his head. Sewing left hole.

Lose eyes and nostrils toy. New homemade favorite is ready. Make it copyright: add decor elements, take a bow, use an unexpected combination of colors and textures. Any experiments are only welcome.

To start a career of the creator toys from the giraffe is scary? Need to make a bunny. It is easy to perform: complex techniques and work skills will not need.

Collect the details for the toy. Go on the abdominal decorative heart. Sust and remove the ears, entering them to one of the halves of the body.

Sustrate the workpiece, combining the details of the front parties. Leave the place below to turn out. Take the insane on the bulges of the toy. Remove the bunny and recruit the filler. Hold out eyes and mouth with a spout.

Optimal toy for newbie - pints. It is so simple and quickly that you can trust this occupation even to children.

Collect the items, align them with the front side and sew. Leave the place to turn the blank. Take the cloth in convex places and remove the workpiece. Vide a toy left. Hole squeeze, hang or draw eyes.

Such funny and cute little animals will decorate the children's room or spiritual presents of your loved ones.

Master classes with photos

We present you another number of ideas for incarnation. These crafts are so easy to repeat that they do not need an additional description. Watch on step-by-step photo instructions and act.

Felt elephants will become an excellent Christmas decoration:

elephants felt

Slices of elephant:

Lovers cat and cat will delight your half for Valentine's Day!

Scheme of cats:

A baby terrier is, in general, the symbol of 2030. Prepare gifts in advance and love.

Terrier from felt

Coffee dachshakes:

Pins schemes:

Patterns Claws for download

Do not limit your fantasy flight. We picked up a variety of toys for you. Download them, print and create. A little effort and you personally create home the whole zoo.

Pattern of the cat and kitty:

Funny cat:

Impressant cat:

Bunny Kostic Natalia:




Schemes of cats:









Create toys of soft tissue is not just an entertaining hobby. During work, the charge of positive emotions and a lot of love is invested. Try to sew your baby of a cute kitten or a puzzled hippo. You will see - it is this toy that will become his beloved.

Create, experiment, get experience and new knowledge. Believe your loved ones not just gifts, give them your love invested in your work.

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