7 effective ways to pull up spelling and learn to write without errors

7 effective ways to pull up spelling and learn to write without errors
How many beautiful quarries did not work out how many opportunities are missed due to elementary illiteracy! What do you think, will a serious investor will accept the INTETIVE CHANGE about joint activities? And what will happen to an employee who agreed outdoor advertising with an obvious mistake that the whole city is discussed now? Does the girl agree to go to sleep? If you feel that spelling is not your horse, we offer several ways to pull it out.

7 effective ways to pull up spelling and learn to write without errors

How many beautiful quarries did not work out how many opportunities are missed due to elementary illiteracy! What do you think, will a serious investor will accept the "INTETIVE CHANGE" about joint activities? And what will happen to an employee who agreed outdoor advertising with an obvious mistake that the whole city is discussed now? Does the girl agree to go to sleep? If you feel that spelling is not your horse, we offer several ways to pull it out.

If there is no time to sit on textbooks, you can pump knowledge using a online program. As they say, in war, all means are good.

📚 Read high quality literature

We write correctly not because every time I remember the rules, but because most words have seen hundreds of times and remembered their writing. Therefore, the best way to "pump" spelling skills has always been considered to read fiction. During this process, visual memory develops, that is, the brain simply remembers what a word looks like, and will not let you be mistaken, even if you do not remember the spelling rules. But you need to read high-quality books, and not a correspondence in the messenger or forums and it is not clear whose texts on the Internet - here's there it's risks to say your head all the mistakes that only are in Russian. Read more desirable from early childhood. This method is also good because it does not only increase literacy, but also enriches the vocabulary.

✍ Rewatch texts

You can not learn to skate, without leaving. Similarly, for a competent letter not only read. Take the rule daily 15-20 minutes to devote to the rewriting of texts from artistic or popular science books. It is better to write a handle - it will not only work, but also a mechanical memory. Usually two or three months of classes are enough to pull the spelling to a decent level.

✍ Write dictates

A letter to dictation is developing a phonmematic hearing and teaches to determine the mistakes. Stumbled, it means to check. In the age of total computerization, this can be done in a matter of seconds, the main thing is to develop a spelling flair, and the dictates of this just contribute. After dictation, make a complete analysis of your mistakes, and you will see that with each new text they will become less and less.

🧠 Repeat the rules

No, you do not need to memorize them. You are still not at school. The rule is fairly carefully read, realize, disassembled on the examples and is a little practicing in writing words with this orphogram. Ideally, you need to repeat one new rule every day, but taking into account employment at work, at home, you can restrict ourselves to 2-3 occupations per week. On complex or volumetric rules, take a few days to secure the studied. You can engage in school textbooks or use special books where the material is generalized and systematized. For example, textbook Ditmar Rosental "Russian Language" or the allowance of the same author "Write, please, competently!".

👀 Watch video tutorials and lectures

If you are better perceive visual information, video tutorials and popular science lectures in the Russian language will be a good help, which are the great set on the Internet. You can find lessons on a specific orthogram, for example, "Tusa" and "Us", doubled "NN" in the communion, fusion and separate writing different parts of speech. Those who want to improve not only literacy, but also the stylistics, we recommend listening to the lectures of the famous popularizers of the Russian language Irina Levtontina, Anna Vall, Marina Korolev. It will be not only informative, but very interesting.

🖋 Re-read and edit

Accustomed to write in the Messengers "ATP", "Pasibeks", "I have Liu"? If you want to increase literacy, it is better to abandon such a way of communication, because your brain is confused and at an inappropriate moment may appear an erroneous option. Write competent messages and, before clicking on ENTER, reread them, correct errors. If you doubt the writing of some word, you will thugrate it, do not know where to put a comma, - break this piece of text to individual offers. Especially this skill is important when writing business letters. Optend to break through the text in the text for a long time, and your reputation will not suffer.

🎓 Do the tutor or online courses

In any case, the system is important. If you feel that regular self-education is not about you, do the tutor. This is especially effective when spaces in spelling are too large or need to be eliminated in a short time. Personal teacher will build an individual classes program, will help quickly and point to deal with the main problems. At the same time, he will be the external stimulus that will not let you get away from the distance. It should be noted that classes with a tutor are not seeking. If they do not afford you, instead of a real teacher, you can use the services of a virtual to some of the profile Internet platforms.

For example, you can pass the express program in the SMART University online school. If you just need to tighten the written speech, choose the "spelling for all" course, you want to plunge into the language environment. Slightly deeper - sign up for the "competent blogger". Programs consist of short lessons, video, check tests. You can do in Smart University online through a computer or smartphone. You can find express programs in your personal account on the site in the section "Courses without a teacher", authorized by phone number. And remember, it's never late to learn!

7 effective ways to pull up spelling and learn to write without errors

During the years of study at school, you safely missed the ears of all the rules of the Russian language, but the presentation and dictation wrote better than everyone in the classroom? You're lucky! Most people literacy is not so easy. And many do not even try to write correctly, considering that the opponent and so everything is clear. Well, to understand what we are talking about, and indeed it is not difficult. But it is nice to read the text that is replete with errors - the question is controversial. This speaks of disrespect for the addressee and, oddly enough, to itself. Competent, beautifully constructed speech produces a deep impression on any audience. To an even greater extent, this concerns the speech in writing. If in a conversation you emphasize the significance of words by intonation, eloquent pauses, then the punctuation marks are served on the letter of emotions. The same phrase written by a competent, felt language or a set of symbols turned into arm, produces different impression. Compare: "I adore you! You are the best thing that is in my life! " And "I am abaging the Tibya you are the most the most that is in May Zhyzni." As they say, feel the difference!

How to learn to write without errors at any age

Learn to write without errors or, at least, significantly reduce their number, you can not only a child, but also an adult. The mature person has even more benefits:

He learns literacy consciously, at its own request;

he has much greater vocabulary than a child;

An adult has much more patience and preferably than the most exemplary first grader, it is capable of not just to grab the rules, but can think about them and analyze.

To learn how to write competently, it is not necessary to finish a specialized university. It suffices to follow several simple rules.

Rule 1: Love Reading

It is not about the ladies of novels or periodicals, which has long ceased to be a reference speech standard. Read the classics! Moreover, if possible, not modern editions, but those that came out in the middle of the last century. It also applies to translation literature.

How to learn to write without errors at any age

Choose what you especially close: historical novels, detectives, fiction ... The main thing - the process should bring you pleasure. Why do you need to read a lot? The fact is that during the reading process there is a training of visual memory. The first time when you try to remember the spelling of certain words, the number of errors allowed may increase. But do not fall into despair! Stop memorizing difficult words and just enjoy an exciting book. As soon as the memorization process goes to the subconscious level, write competently to you much easier.

Rule 2: Break down to rewrite!

Remember your student years. On the night before the exams, you did not shuffled textbooks, trying to remember for two hours what there was no time for a whole year. You wrote crib! And, oddly enough, teachers sometimes did not even interfere with this useful occupation. Why? Yes, because in the process of rewriting (and even in a state of quite an explanatory stress!) The memorization goes automatically. Surely you did not take advantage of any prepared "bomb", because and so everything was well remembered?

How to learn to write without errors at any age

Take the rule to rewrite every day from the hand of one or two pages of literary or popular science text. You will not only become more erudite, but also a competent person.

Rule 3: Write under dictation

You can check your achievements in the easiest way: I wrote a dictation. Ask a wife or schoolchild son to be in the role of the teacher. By the way, with a child of medium or older school age, it would be nice to write dictations in turn. It will benefit from both: a child, carefully, in compliance with all the signs of punctuation, reading the text, remembers how to write complex words and turns properly, and you will try not to hit the face before more competent offspring.

Rule 4: Keep the dictionary

Want to write correctly? Then let your table always lie two dawn: sensible and spelling.

How to learn to write without errors at any age

Professional corrector, worked for many years in a large publisher, - and he, having met the Word, in the correct writing of which he is not sure, not ashamed to look into the dictionary!

Rule 5: Tutorial to help you!

We are not talking about school textbooks that are designed for a child of a certain age. There are many directories in the Russian language for entering universities. Be sure to check yourself, performing exercises or having a short vocabulary dictation.

Rule 6: memorize the poems and prose

On time and to the site, the quotation used is the right way to make a pleasant impression not only for a beloved woman, but also on the harsh boss.

How to learn to write without errors at any age

Having met in the book an interesting phrase, rewrite it in a notebook and memorize. Over time, you have a chubby quote pad, who is not sin to convey to the younger grandchildren.

Rule 7: Enter the Diary

Record significant events from your life in a special notebook. It can be revelation in the style of Jean-Jacques Russo or funny tricks of the beloved cat. The main thing is to teach yourself competently and literary to express your thoughts. Do not like to write from hand? Get the blog. Share with readers with stories about yourself or about your loved ones, favorite recipes, just sketches from nature. In a few years you will be interested in recalling what was in the distant "Two thousand Mokhnat." And the readers will take care of your records, readers will take care of.

Rule 8: "Dictionary of Nightmares"

No, this is not a horror book, as a person with a rich fantasy can assume. Having met on the novel page of the XIX century "College Assistor" or having heard about the eruptions of a volcano with a long, completely indispensable name of Eyyafyadlayukyudl, you okhnet: "What a nightmare!" Widow hung up, write a new word for yourself. Diligently, spellers, withdrawing it in a notebook, you will re-remember how it is written. Is it really nothing complicated? Put yourself a goal and methodically, step by step, approach its implementation. You will see, soon your literacy can only be envied!

How to learn to write competently

Today, a rare person boasts competent presentation of his thoughts on writing and error-free writing. If you want to achieve something in life, constantly learn, Improve yourself, even when you are on top of success. In one film, the main character said: "Before something to solve, think if there is a heater of the dressing." In this case, without oscillations - "Sheepbank is worth a release." Since the educated person is a useful person, and all the ways open to the useful person.

Next, you will learn how with pleasure and without boredom you can learn to write competently. Only existing tips, repeatedly proven experience. And no languages ​​overcrowded by scientific terms. Only facts!


Take the patience and move it morally

If there is no desire to improve your Russian language, there will be no result. The more competent person, the higher he occupies a place in life, becomes more independent, leading. Keep these thoughts in my head every time you want to quit classes.


Read a lot

So you train the visual memory. Read only the classics, in old book bindings that everyone remembers from school. Since in modern publications, with the mad rhythm of today's life and eternal hurry, numerous errors are inevitable. When reading books, you not only remember the writing of words, but also unconsciously postpone the main literary techniques in memory. It is important to choose a book for reading your interests. From this will be directly dependent success and the time you spend on training. It may be fantasy (Jules Verne, "Aelita" A.K. Tolstoy, "Solaris" S.Loma and others). Someone loves adventure, someone - poems. The main thing is to read with pleasure and in silence, without being distracted.


Read aloud

Such a reception hits the auditory memory. Read as written in the book, saying words by syllables. For example, a proposal "The dog fled" with the usual conversation you say: " Pa Field Fucked Sabaca " Reading a book, voicate so - "By in Liu Be-Zha Li Soca Ba" . When you read the book, you do a pause in the place where the comma is worth. Therefore, with the signs of punctuation in the future it will be easier.


Rewrite every day 10 pages from the book

This method helped the student to pass the exam in the Russian language. The boy did not pass attestation after the eighth grade. He knew the rules, but wrote always with numerous errors. The teacher advised him all summer every day to rewrite ten pages from the "war and the world" L.N. Tolstoy. In the autumn, the student successfully passed the exam, making only two mistakes. Since then, there have been no problems with literacy.


Learn by heart texts

It is useful to memorize the rules of writing in Russian. And you can teach interesting, strong poems. It will well stimulate your memory. No one knows the possibilities of the human body. Text learning at first scares. But after the first learning works, you will remember without difficulty, after reading several times. There was a living example: the guy came to the faculty of Russian philology, externally in no way associated with the culture of speech. Slightly unshaven, on the hands of army knockers, rather like a slate. The whole group with irony surrendered. What was the surprise when, on one of the classes, he got up and had a long read the poems of Anna Akhmatova. Began with "Requiem". From how he read, tears fled the teacher. When a young man finished, the teacher asked how he remembered such a volume of information. The guy replied that he taught in the army, when there was nothing to do.


Do regularly

Check yourself, systematically write dictations, text and vocabulary. After reading the story, write the presentation. Remember: competently write is not God's gift, but the result of stubborn workouts. The main thing is made with interest.


Engage in a pare

The results will be better if you attract someone else to your classes. You will argue, straighten each other. Drive dialogue.


Purchase spelling dictionary

Check the spelling dictionary to be sure for sure that they write without errors. With any difficulty, it will always be at hand.


Create a dictionary of your hard words

Create a dictionary of your hard words, whose writing can not remember. And periodically look into it, gradually remembering them.


Use school reception

Read the rule, make exercises, correct errors. Analyze where you make more mistakes, and work only with the rules of writing in Russian. This can be done, for example, on our course in the Russian language.


Complete our course "Russian language"

Thop, in which people most often allow mistakes, not so much - approximately 20. It was these topics that we decided to devote the Russian language course. In class you will get the opportunity to work out the skill of competent letters on a special system of multiple distributed repetitions of the material through simple exercises and special memorization techniques.

Read more Buy now

All people possess different abilities. One person has a well-developed visual memory, the other is the auditory, the third motor. Mixed prevails: either visual-hearing, or visual-motor, etc. Therefore, choose those tips that are most effective for you. This is the basic rule and secret of your future success in learning the Russian language.

Reviews and comments

You can leave your feedback and comments below. And if you are interested in developing further, then pay attention to our literacy rate.

Author: Evgenia Polyakova.

How to quickly learn to write without errors: Four simple lifehak

How to quickly learn to write without errors: Four simple lifehak

A person who writes competently cannot calmly look at messages written with errors in each word - this is a fact. Amazing but with current opportunities not every person can write without error . And if a specialist with higher education perfectly owns its specialty, but writes illiterately - his authority falls in the eyes of a simple secretary, who thoroughly knows all the rules of the Russian language.

First of all - the desire to learn to write without mistakes

As they say, the main thing is desire. The educated person does not stop on the achieved - he constantly seeks to improve his knowledge, learn something new or improved old. And in order to increase your literacy, you should stick to simple rules that will help learn how to write without errors.

Reading books

Reading trains visual memory. It is important to give preference to old books - they set up for a measured pastime in a cozy atmosphere for a careful study of the content. In addition, the classic works are written by the Russian language that is called True. Such texts are a kind of personification of all norms and writing rules. Modern prose, unfortunately, can not boast of eloquence and sophistication, which means that it can only be used for a non-tax ride in public transport. In addition, there are often cases when in modern texts are found grammatical errors that very overshadows the impression of the current writers and corrector.

In the process of reading classic works, not only the correctness of writing certain words and phrases is postponed, but also speech turnover that can be useful in the future. It is also important to choose the books corresponding to the interests of the reader. Do not force yourself to reread all the classics, but several works are better to read. There are many people who can be proud of their reader achievements - they read almost all the works of Russian and foreign classics, but they could not alienate the "war and the world" of Tolstoy. There is nothing criminal. The main thing is to enjoy reading and enjoying this process in a relaxed atmosphere.

Reading out loud

It trains not only visual, but also the auditory memory. Reading "To myself" eats some words and expressions. As a result, the reader simply does not sharpen attention to pronunciation and writing specific words. Even a simple expression "in the meadow fled a cow" sounds like "on the Lu-Ga Bija La Ka-Ro-Va". Pronounce this expression loud, the reader automatically remembers the feature of writing a word. When reading in a low-voice person pauses in the place where the comma stands, which means that in the future punctational and spelling mistakes Will meet less often.

"We wrote, we wrote - our fingers are tired"

It's time to remember this children's saying and get a notebook. Yes, it is the letter that will help you master literacy .

Yes, there is nothing more to do with a modern person how to write abstracts. Surprisingly, this is a fact - drawing up the abstracts and dictations help better assimilate the rule of writing a particular word. There is even a separate category of people who specifically record an important rule or formula just to remember it better. This is such a special type of memory - designed when the material is absorbed better after transferring it to paper.


In some, especially launched, there are no cases, there is nothing left, how to sit down again for textbooks and finally learn all the rules of the Russian language. And what if the status and occupied position require elementary literacy? Study, study and study again.

You can use the services of a good tutor, which will be able to explain the simplest and most common rules in a short time. Well, if a child is growing at home - together with him you can learn Russian, and in parallel to improve your skills for reading classics.

Why do we need literacy?

The ability to competently state your thoughts not only when talking, but also on the letter - an important skill that allows you to avoid stupid misunderstandings and troubles. All the well-known phrase "execute cannot be pardon" eloquently indicates how only one comma can affect human life.

In the modern world of the illiterate director and the boss can not be called, especially when its subordinate notes incorrectly arranged commas or gross mistakes in a particular word. And what will affect partners, having received a not very competently composed letter or a commercial offer?

So judge about the benefits of a person who can competently state their thoughts on paper:

  • Good impression - this item is especially important for business people who communicate with their potential partners not only orally, but also with the help of electronic letters;
  • Elementary literacy is a powerful weapon, with which you can open completely new horizons;
  • Parents who have a schoolboy grow, will not blush to their child who brings homework to check;
  • A person who knows how to write competently and knows all the rules of the Russian language, can easily draw up a business letter, an explanatory note or a summary, which will create a favorable impression of the author of the text;
  • Even the most perfect computer program can not always recognize the error in the text, especially if it is punctuation, therefore knowledge of the basic rules of the Russian language is an integral skill of a promising specialist who dreams of career growth.

There is another positive point - a competent writing of texts and the ability to properly state your thoughts can be the basis for additional income. With modern opportunities, many milfs on maternity leave or students are freely working in copywriting. To achieve considerable heights in this area, the knowledge of the Russian language is the most important component that allows you to earn good money.


Possession of grammar basics is the key to success. In addition to the foregoing, it is worth adding a few more tips that can be helped for a short period of time in the school course of the Russian language:

  1. Notepad, in which you can record exceptions and new terms that regularly appear in Russian, can help you master the technique of competent writing.
  2. Special computer programs are an excellent practice that will consolidate the knowledge gained and be proud of new achievements.
  3. Dictations, tests, essays on a freeze theme - it's great Literacy check which is available to everyone;
  4. Reading about yourself and loud - the most pleasant training. The reading person can not be illiterate a priori.

There are a lot of special curricula that allow you to run through the main rules of the Russian language. But even the most advanced course will not be enough to study and understand the entire grammar. It is no coincidence that the Russian language occupies an honorable third place in terms of complexity - too much rules, and too much exceptions from them. But, as they say, the desire and work ...

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